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🇵🇱 Webdeveloper, fan of manga & anime

Member Since: 29 Jul 2018, 14:04
Last Activity: 18 Aug 2022, 07:51
Account Type: [Developer]

Hardcore Points: 4755 points (11609)
Retro Ratio: 2.44
Average Completion: 27.65%
Site Rank: 4915 / 29382 ranked users (Top 16.73%)
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Playing Volfied

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59% complete
Volfied (PC Engine)
Last played 2022-08-15 10:30:31
Earned 16 of 54 achievements, 105/500 points.
All is Working
Nothing Left to Chance
The Crew is Certain
Watching in a Trance
The Enlightened One
Hey You, Big Star
The Countdown Starts
Holy Qix
Getting a Qix Out of It
Big Number Big Complete I
No Need to Abort
But the Computer Has the Evidence
Control is Not Convinced
All Systems Are Go - Are You Sure?
The Ship is Waiting
Standing There Alone
Trying to Relax Up in the Capsule
Send Me a Drink, Jokes Major Tom
The Count Goes On...
4, 3, 2, 1...
Earth Below Us
Drifting, Falling
Floating Weightless
Calling, Calling Home...
Second Stage is Cut
We're Now in Orbit
Stabilizers Up - Running Perfect
Starting to Collect Requested Data
What Will It Affect? When All is Done?
Thinks Major Tom
Back at Ground Control - There is a Problem
Go to Rockets Full
Not Resonding
Hello Major Tom, Are You Receiving?
Turn the Thrusters On - We're Standing By
There's No Reply...
Across the Stratosphere
A Final Message
Give My Wife My Love
Then Nothing More
Far Beneath the Ship - The World is Mourning
They Don't Realize He's Alive
No One Understands, but Major Tom Sees
Now the Light Commands
This is My Home - I'm Coming Home
Sometimes You Qix
Sometimes You Get Qix
No Qixing Back
Qixing Against the Pricks
Big Number Big Complete II
Big Number Big Complete III
Big Number Big Complete IV
Six for the Qix
Qix to Kill

72% complete
DonPachi (Arcade)
Last played 2022-05-16 20:15:04
Earned 9 of 25 achievements, 35/530 points.
Queen Bee
Time To Go Home!
Make Every Shot Count
Chain Gang
Keep Your Finger on the Trigger, Rookie
Let's See What You Got
Amateur Pilot
This Is Not a Simulation
Counting Stars
Flight of the Bumblebee
Show Me the Honey!
Bumblebee Tuna
The Bee's Knees
Better Red Than Dead
Mean, Green, Fighting Machine
Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die
Do Your Best You Have Ever Done!
DonPachi Elite
Do Not Press the Little Red Button
Unleash the Chains
Ain't Nothin' Holding Me Back
Professional Pilot
Master Pilot
Squadron Leader

0% complete
DoDonPachi (Arcade)
Last played 2022-05-16 19:18:35
Earned 0 of 60 achievements, 0/1200 points.
Bay Bee Steps
What's the Buzz All About?
Killer Bees
Carpenter Bees
Hive Five
Pollen My Leg
Buck Bumble
This One's a Keeper
Flight of the Bumblebee
Can These Bees Spell?
They Don't Sting
Bee Afraid
Bee Lining Through I
Bee Lining Through II
Bee Lining Through III
Bee Lining Through IV
Bee Lining Through V
Bee Lining Through VI
Bee Lining Through VII
Bee Lining Through VIII
Bee Lining Through IX
Bee Lining Through X
Bee Lining Through XI
Bee Lining Through XII
Beekeeper I
Beekeeper II
Beekeeper III
Beekeeper IV
Beekeeper V
Beekeeper VI
Chaining Paths I
Chaining Paths II
Chaining Paths III
Chaining Paths IV
Chaining Paths V
Chaining Paths VI
Shooting Stars I
Shooting Stars II
Shooting Stars III
Shooting Stars IV
Full Power
Raking in the Dough
Compound Eyes
Rising from the Ashes
Final Attack
Squeezing Through Every Gap I
Squeezing Through Every Gap II
Squeezing Through Every Gap III
Squeezing Through Every Gap IV
Hive Score
1st Loop 3CC
1st Loop 1CC - Type-A
1st Loop 1CC - Type-B
1st Loop 1CC - Type-C
1st Loop 1CC - 2 Ships
1st Loop 1CC - Maximum HIT
1st Loop 1CC - Score
1st Loop 1CC - Bees

166% complete
~Homebrew~ Touhou Rououmu (NES)
Last played 2022-05-04 17:47:49
Earned 39 of 47 achievements, 215/400 points.
Flowery Soul "Swallowtail Butterfly"
Perfect and Elegant Servant
Hell Realm Sword "Two Hundred Yojana in One Slash"
Perfect Cherry Blossom
Border of Life
Ordinary Black Magician
Human Realm Sword "Fantasy of Entering Enlightenment"
CherryPoint Max!
Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom
Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise
A Maiden's Remains in the Other World
Cherry Blossom Sign "Perfect Ink-Black Cherry Blossom"
Subtle Melody "Repository of Hirokawa"
Deadly Dance "Law of Mortality"
Ghostly Battle on the Staircase of Hakugyokurou
The Cherry Blossom Barrier Above the Clouds
Great Funeral Concert "Spirit Wheel Concerto Grosso"
Funeral Concert "Prism Concerto"
Noisy Sign "Phantom Dinning"
Shikigami of the Yokai's Shikigami
Shiki Shot "Ultimate Buddhist"
Shiki Brilliance "Princess Tenko -Illusion-"
Shikigami "Senko's Thoughtful Meditation"
Ghost Sword "Fasting of the Young Preta"
Black Cat of Mayohiga
Hermit Sign "Shikai Immortality"
Heaven Sign "Tianxian's Rumbling"
Shikigami Sign "Soaring Seiman"
Hermit Sign "Fenghuang Egg"
Winter Sign "Flower Wither Away"
The Spring of Silvery Snow
Cold Sign "Lingering Cold"
Supernatural Border!
Full Power Mode!
Malediction "Magically Luminous Shanghai Dolls"
One Night in the Settlement of the Dolls
Blue Sign "Fraternal French Dolls"
Item Get Border Line!
Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal"
Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier"
Magic Sign "Milky Way"
Love Sign "Master Spark"
Illusion Sign "Killing Doll"
Time Sign "Private Square"
Professional Incident-Resolver
"Resurrection Butterfly"

104% complete
Raiden (PC Engine)
Last played 2022-05-04 17:41:00
Earned 13 of 25 achievements, 70/240 points.
Stage 2 Complete
Stage 2 Professional
Homing MAX
May God keep you
Laser MAX
Missile MAX
Vulcan MAX
Stage 1 Professional
Stage 1 Complete
Stage 3 Complete
Stage 4 Complete
Stage 5 Complete
Stage 6 Complete
Stage 7 Complete
Stage 8 Complete
Stage 3 Professional
Stage 4 Professional
Stage 5 Professional
Stage 6 Professional
Stage 7 Professional
Stage 8 Professional

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Game Awards

MASTERED Detective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 05 Aug 2018, 07:05
MASTERED Frogger (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 13 Feb 2021, 23:02
MASTERED Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (CD) (PC Engine)
Awarded on 10 Jul 2021, 09:44
Awarded on 15 Sep 2021, 22:43
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Santatlantean (PC Engine)
Awarded on 27 Dec 2021, 08:28

Completion Progress

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (CD) (PC Engine)Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (CD)
45/45 won
32/32 won
~Homebrew~ Santatlantean (PC Engine)~Homebrew~ Santatlantean
14/14 won
Detective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case (Game Boy Color)Detective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case
12/12 won
Frogger (Game Boy Color)Frogger
12/12 won
Kirby's Avalanche | Kirby's Ghost Trap (SNES)Kirby's Avalanche | Kirby's Ghost Trap
24/26 won
~Homebrew~ Touhou Rououmu (NES)~Homebrew~ Touhou Rououmu
39/47 won
Picross NP Vol. 1 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 1
22/27 won
Qix Adventure (Game Boy Color)Qix Adventure
13/20 won
Peggle (PlayStation Portable)Peggle
29/47 won
Puyo Puyo (NES)Puyo Puyo
36/61 won
Bomberman (NES)Bomberman
26/48 won
Raiden (PC Engine)Raiden
13/25 won
10-Pin Bowling (Game Boy Color)10-Pin Bowling
3/6 won
Microsoft: The Best of Entertainment Pack (Game Boy Color)Microsoft: The Best of Entertainment Pack
17/35 won
Tetris DX (Game Boy Color)Tetris DX
19/40 won
~Homebrew~ Black Castle (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ Black Castle
4/9 won
~Prototype~ Diablo | Diablo Junior (Game Boy)~Prototype~ Diablo | Diablo Junior
3/7 won
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color)Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
15/39 won
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (Game Boy)Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition
31/81 won
Loppi Puzzle Magazine: Hirameku Puzzle Soukangou (Game Boy Color)Loppi Puzzle Magazine: Hirameku Puzzle Soukangou
3/8 won
Dragon Spirit (PC Engine)Dragon Spirit
15/41 won
DonPachi (Arcade)DonPachi
9/25 won
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Game Boy Advance)Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
40/112 won
Tetris Attack (SNES)Tetris Attack
17/50 won
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: 2nd Edition (Game Boy Color)Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: 2nd Edition
4/12 won
Tetris (Nintendo) (NES)Tetris (Nintendo)
12/37 won
~Homebrew~ Gruniożerca 2 (NES)~Homebrew~ Gruniożerca 2
9/28 won
Raiden Trad (SNES)Raiden Trad
19/64 won
Volfied (PC Engine)Volfied
16/54 won
Gun Nac (NES)Gun Nac
7/24 won
Mario's Picross (Game Boy)Mario's Picross
24/89 won
Legend of Hero Tonma (PC Engine)Legend of Hero Tonma
4/15 won
Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)Dragon Quest I & II
18/68 won
Burger Time (NES)Burger Time
5/20 won
Aladdin (Game Boy)Aladdin
8/34 won
Sigma Star Saga (Game Boy Advance)Sigma Star Saga
21/90 won
3-D World Runner (NES)3-D World Runner
7/30 won
Advance Wars (Game Boy Advance)Advance Wars
20/92 won
Metal Slug Advance (Game Boy Advance)Metal Slug Advance
5/23 won
Castlevania (NES)Castlevania
8/40 won
Super Bomberman (SNES)Super Bomberman
7/36 won
Palamedes (NES)Palamedes
3/19 won
Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)Sonic Advance
9/58 won
Bomberman II (NES)Bomberman II
5/35 won
Sims, The - Bustin' Out (Game Boy Advance)Sims, The - Bustin' Out
7/50 won
Columns (PC Engine)Columns
2/15 won
Kuru Kuru Kururin (Game Boy Advance)Kuru Kuru Kururin
8/64 won
1942 (NES)1942
3/27 won
Shantae (Game Boy Color)Shantae
5/47 won
Jetpack Joyride (PlayStation Portable)Jetpack Joyride
4/38 won
Super Pang (Watara Supervision)Super Pang
2/20 won
Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)Grand Theft Auto Advance
4/41 won
Advanced Busterhawk: Gley Lancer (Mega Drive)Advanced Busterhawk: Gley Lancer
4/44 won
Bomberman GB | Bomber Man GB 2 (Game Boy)Bomberman GB | Bomber Man GB 2
4/44 won
Bomberman Tournament (Game Boy Advance)Bomberman Tournament
5/56 won
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater | Tony Hawk's Skateboarding (Game Boy Color)Tony Hawk's Pro Skater | Tony Hawk's Skateboarding
1/12 won
Pokemon Pinball (Game Boy Color)Pokemon Pinball
3/37 won
Mega Man Zero (Game Boy Advance)Mega Man Zero
3/42 won
Parodius (NES)Parodius
3/42 won
Super Mario Advance (Game Boy Advance)Super Mario Advance
4/57 won
Denki Blocks! (Game Boy Advance)Denki Blocks!
2/33 won
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone | Philosopher's Stone (Game Boy Advance)Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone | Philosopher's Stone
2/34 won
Adventure Island II (NES)Adventure Island II
2/35 won
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (Game Boy Advance)Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
2/35 won
~Homebrew~ Celeste Classic (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Celeste Classic
2/38 won
Crusader of Centy | Soleil (Mega Drive)Crusader of Centy | Soleil
3/59 won
Arrow Flash (Mega Drive)Arrow Flash
1/20 won
Wario Land 4 (Game Boy Advance)Wario Land 4
3/65 won
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Nintendo 64)Mortal Kombat Trilogy
2/45 won
Adventures of Lolo (NES)Adventures of Lolo
1/24 won
Mega Man (NES)Mega Man
2/50 won
Metroid (NES)Metroid
1/25 won
~Homebrew~ Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe (Game Boy Color)~Homebrew~ Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe
1/28 won
Aero Fighters | Sonic Wings (SNES)Aero Fighters | Sonic Wings
1/30 won
Super Bomberman 3 (SNES)Super Bomberman 3
1/31 won
Arcana | Card Master (SNES)Arcana | Card Master
1/34 won
Alien Crush (PC Engine)Alien Crush
1/41 won
Magical Chase (PC Engine)Magical Chase
1/50 won
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (Game Boy Advance)Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
1/68 won
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (SNES)Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
1/75 won
DemiKids: Light Version | Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children - Light Version (Game Boy Advance)DemiKids: Light Version | Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children - Light Version
1/82 won

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