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Koopazoid3011 (30622 points) (58850)

Member Since: 20 Jan 2016, 16:37
Last Activity: 24 Nov 2019, 20:02
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.92
Average Completion: 46.45%
Site Rank: 618 / 61542 ranked users (Top 2%)

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Last 5 games played:

60% complete
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure (Mega Drive)
Last played 2019-09-03 15:17:30
Earned 21 of 70 achievements, 65/337 points.
Flapping Wacky Life
The Wacky Land Special III
Earthy Carrot I
Bunny Drift Combo
Mossy Carrot IV
Mossy Carrot III
Floating Wacky Life
The Wacky Land Special II
The Forest
Mossy Carrot I
Grassy Carrot IV
Kitty Bunny
The Grasslands
The Wacky Land Special I
Hunny Bunny
Grassy Carrot I
Grassy Carrot II
We Earn Our Toon Degree
Carrotus Maximus
The Caves
The Volcano
The Lake
The Glacier
The Fasctory
The Wacky Land Special IV
The Wacky Land Special V
The Wacky Land Special VI
The Wacky Land Special VII
Cannon Bunn
Grassy Carrot III
Mossy Carrot II
Mossy Carrot V
Mossy Carrot VI
Earthy Carrot II
Earthy Carrot III
Earthy Carrot IV
Roasted Carrot I
Roasted Carrot II
Roasted Carrot III
Soaked Carrot I
Soaked Carrot II
Frozen Carrot I
Frozen Carrot II
Frozen Carrot III
Frozen Carrot IV
Sooty Carrot I
Sooty Carrot II
Sooty Carrot III
Bouncing Wacky Life
Bunny Bound Combo
Bunny Milionaire
Buster Bunny\
Montana Max\
Babs Bunny\

183% complete
Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
Last played 2017-12-17 20:49:01
Earned 18 of 18 achievements, 400/400 points.
Tyris Flare
True Hero
Legendary Golden Warrior
Ax Battler
Blazing Dragon
The Golden Axe
Gilius Thunderhead
Death Adder Is Waiting...
Enter The Castle
Fight Through The Dragon\
Into The Dragon\
Legendary Strength
Destroy The Headless Knight
Defend The Ravaged Village

93% complete
Adventure Island (NES)
Last played 2017-12-17 19:22:05
Earned 7 of 15 achievements, 80/280 points.
Epic Start
No Hammer Challenge
World 1 Completed
Skate is Life
By Hudson
Losing Time, Too Much Time!!!
Playing with Fire
World 2 Completed
World 3 Completed
World 4 Completed
World 5 Completed
World 6 Completed
World 7 Completed
Save Tina

109% complete
Wolverine (NES)
Last played 2017-12-12 19:30:52
Earned 6 of 11 achievements, 65/200 points.
4th Stage
1 UP
3rd Stage
2nd Stage
The prologue
5th Stage
Defeat Magneto
Goodbye Saber Tooth

7% complete
Konami Wai Wai World (NES)
Last played 2017-12-12 18:13:02
Earned 1 of 29 achievements, 2/400 points.
Eye Candy
Metal Madness
Avenged Fuuma
Konami Hero
Shmup Pro
Like the Real Red Falcon
That Legendary Whip!
Hey Donkey Kong!
Demon Slayer
Gradius Moai
The Metal Idol
Laser Gun
Heat Gun
Moneki Neko
Energic Rice
Gotta Fly
Glowing Armor
Glowing Gradius
Cute-em-up PRO
Bill and Lance would be Proud

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Site Awards

MASTERED Flintstones, The (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 20 Jan 2016, 18:05
MASTERED QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 21 Jan 2016, 19:40
Completed Altered Beast (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 27 Jan 2016, 17:47
Completed Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 28 Jan 2016, 06:40
Completed Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 30 Jan 2016, 11:10
Completed Mickey's Dangerous Chase (Game Boy)
Awarded on 30 Jan 2016, 16:44
Completed Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 31 Jan 2016, 10:48
Completed Felix the Cat (Game Boy)
Awarded on 03 Feb 2016, 17:20
Completed Columns (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 06 Feb 2016, 13:23
Completed Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break (Game Boy)
Awarded on 07 Feb 2016, 15:27
Completed Battletoads and Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 07 Feb 2016, 20:12
Completed Battletoads (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 08 Feb 2016, 20:19
Completed Midnight Resistance (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 08 Feb 2016, 21:11
Completed Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 08 Feb 2016, 23:11
Completed Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 09 Feb 2016, 18:46
Completed Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 11 Feb 2016, 11:12
Completed Sunset Riders (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 11 Feb 2016, 15:51
MASTERED Wacky Races (NES)
Awarded on 12 Feb 2016, 10:55
MASTERED Top Gear 2 (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 20 Jun 2017, 15:50
MASTERED Little Mermaid, The (Game Boy)
Awarded on 25 Jun 2017, 15:31
MASTERED Duck Tales (Game Boy)
Awarded on 28 Jun 2017, 17:32
MASTERED Little Mermaid, The (NES)
Awarded on 28 Jun 2017, 20:35
MASTERED Comix Zone (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 01 Jul 2017, 12:44
MASTERED Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 01 Jul 2017, 21:49
MASTERED Fantastic Dizzy (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 03 Jul 2017, 12:37
MASTERED Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 05 Jul 2017, 19:55
MASTERED Addams Family, The (NES)
Awarded on 06 Jul 2017, 17:51
MASTERED Wild Gunman (NES)
Awarded on 10 Jul 2017, 15:44
MASTERED Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (SNES)
Awarded on 18 Jul 2017, 06:01
MASTERED Earthworm Jim 2 (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 18 Jul 2017, 09:14
MASTERED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 19 Jul 2017, 06:00
MASTERED Fist of the North Star (Game Boy)
Awarded on 19 Jul 2017, 06:42
MASTERED DEcapAttack (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 19 Jul 2017, 19:21
MASTERED Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (SNES)
Awarded on 23 Jul 2017, 11:22
MASTERED Cadash (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 08 Sep 2017, 12:45
MASTERED Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (NES)
Awarded on 12 Sep 2017, 12:05

Completion Progress

Earthworm Jim 2 (Mega Drive)
40/40 won
Altered Beast (Mega Drive)
15/15 won
Duck Tales (Game Boy)
6/6 won
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (SNES)
7/7 won
DEcapAttack (Mega Drive)
8/8 won
Fist of the North Star (Game Boy)
10/10 won
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Mega Drive)
11/11 won
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (Mega Drive)
12/12 won
Battletoads and Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
12/12 won
Felix the Cat (Game Boy)
27/27 won
Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)
13/13 won
Fantastic Dizzy (Mega Drive)
13/13 won
Sunset Riders (Mega Drive)
15/15 won
Battletoads (Mega Drive)
12/12 won
Little Mermaid, The (NES)
17/17 won
Wacky Races (NES)
24/24 won
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (SNES)
17/17 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist (Mega Drive)
25/25 won
Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive)
24/24 won
Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
24/24 won
Midnight Resistance (Mega Drive)
27/27 won
Addams Family, The (NES)
22/22 won
Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)
22/22 won
Cadash (Mega Drive)
20/20 won
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (NES)
20/20 won
Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
18/18 won
After Burner II (Mega Drive)
24/25 won
Polar Express, The (Game Boy Advance)
23/24 won
Ghouls n Ghosts (Mega Drive)
22/23 won
Garfield: Caught in the Act (Mega Drive)
28/30 won
Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (NES)
44/48 won
Street Smart (Mega Drive)
19/21 won
~Hack~ Streets of Rage 2: Syndicate Wars (Mega Drive)
34/38 won
Felix the Cat (NES)
57/65 won
Hello Kitty World (NES)
7/8 won
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Game Boy Advance)
34/39 won
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Mega Drive)
11/13 won
Mega Bomberman (Mega Drive)
24/29 won
Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (Mega Drive)
17/21 won
Turbo Outrun (Mega Drive)
18/24 won
Panic Restaurant (NES)
20/28 won
QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Mega Drive)
22/31 won
Ecco The Dolphin (Mega Drive)
29/41 won
Batman: The Video Game (Mega Drive)
12/17 won
Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive)
16/23 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
48/72 won
Gynoug | Wings of Wor (Mega Drive)
4/6 won
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (Mega Drive)
13/20 won
Mega Turrican (Mega Drive)
15/24 won
Pirates Of Dark Water, The (SNES)
13/21 won
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti (NES)
12/20 won
Super Hang-On (Mega Drive)
12/21 won
Circus Charlie (NES)
9/16 won
Comix Zone (Mega Drive)
15/27 won
Fighting Masters (Mega Drive)
12/22 won
Wolverine (NES)
6/11 won
RoboCop Versus The Terminator (Mega Drive)
17/32 won
Flintstones, The (Mega Drive)
11/21 won
Mighty Final Fight (NES)
23/45 won
Columns (Mega Drive)
12/24 won
Gun.Smoke (NES)
8/16 won
Addams Family, The (Mega Drive)
7/15 won
Adventure Island (NES)
7/15 won
Tetris (NES)
17/37 won
Contra (NES)
18/40 won
Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)
27/60 won
Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)
22/52 won
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Mega Drive)
7/17 won
Little Mermaid, The (Game Boy)
13/33 won
Golden Axe III (Mega Drive)
9/23 won
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)
20/53 won
1942 (NES)
7/19 won
Zero Tolerance (Mega Drive)
4/11 won
Road Rash 3: Tour de Force (Mega Drive)
8/23 won
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Mega Drive)
17/49 won
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES)
18/54 won
Bonkers (SNES)
7/21 won
An American Tail - Fievel's Gold Rush (Game Boy Advance)
2/6 won
Heavy Barrel (NES)
10/31 won
Alien Hominid (Game Boy Advance)
8/25 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project (NES)
13/42 won
Wild Gunman (NES)
12/39 won
Waterworld (Game Boy)
4/13 won
Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive)
7/23 won
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure (Mega Drive)
21/70 won
World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (Mega Drive)
6/21 won
Rambo III (Mega Drive)
4/14 won
Inspector Gadget (SNES)
2/7 won
Castlevania: Bloodlines (Mega Drive)
11/42 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
6/23 won
Mickey's Dangerous Chase (Game Boy)
15/59 won
Contra Force (NES)
8/32 won
Asterix (SNES)
2/8 won
Landstalker (Mega Drive)
12/50 won
Duck Tales (NES)
15/64 won
Yoshi's Cookie (NES)
10/43 won
Dick Tracy (Mega Drive)
6/26 won
Adventures of Batman and Robin, The (Mega Drive)
3/13 won
Jungle Book, The (Mega Drive)
7/31 won
Battle City (NES)
4/18 won
Two Crude Dudes (Mega Drive)
4/18 won
Pizza Pop! (NES)
2/9 won
Jungle Book, The (SNES)
4/21 won
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Mega Drive)
3/16 won
Dr. Mario (NES)
13/70 won
Balloon Fight (NES)
5/27 won
Daze Before Christmas (Mega Drive)
5/27 won
Excitebike (NES)
3/17 won
Crusader of Centy (Mega Drive)
10/59 won
Speedy Gonzales (Game Boy)
4/24 won
1943: The Battle of Midway (NES)
3/19 won
Top Gear 2 (Mega Drive)
9/58 won
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (NES)
6/40 won
Whomp Em (NES)
1/7 won
Duck Hunt (NES)
4/31 won
Aladdin (SNES)
5/40 won
Adventures of Captain Comic (NES)
2/16 won
Beetlejuice (NES)
2/16 won
Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES)
3/25 won
Micro Machines (NES)
3/27 won
Contra: Hard Corps (Mega Drive)
9/81 won
Jaws (NES)
2/19 won
Bad Dudes (NES)
3/30 won
Toy Story (SNES)
3/31 won
Revenge of Shinobi, The (Mega Drive)
4/44 won
Fatal Fury 2 (Mega Drive)
3/34 won
Ninja Hattori Kun (NES)
3/35 won
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (NES)
2/24 won
Booby Boys (Game Boy)
1/13 won
Alien Storm (Mega Drive)
1/13 won
Smurfs, The (NES)
2/26 won
Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)
3/39 won
Bump n Jump (NES)
2/27 won
Ristar (Mega Drive)
2/29 won
Dig Dug (NES)
2/30 won
Doom Troopers (Mega Drive)
2/35 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Mega Drive)
3/57 won
Sunset Riders (SNES)
1/19 won
Ikki (NES)
1/20 won
Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)
2/41 won
Smurfs, The (Mega Drive)
2/42 won
Lion King, The (Mega Drive)
1/24 won
Ghosts n Goblins (NES)
1/26 won
Konami Wai Wai World (NES)
1/29 won
Tale Spin (NES)
1/40 won
Final Fight (SNES)
1/42 won
Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels (FDS) (NES)
2/92 won
~Unlicensed~ Action 52 (NES)
1/110 won

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