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Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (NES)
Last played 2022-09-29 20:46:16
19 of 37 achievements, 140/495 points
51% complete
Witch Hunt
Fruits of Labor
Tables Turned
Who's Cabu-chan?
Hidden Fomorian
Curse Lifted
Medusa's Ruin
Welcome to Sky City
Casual Filter
Hidden Nekomata
Full Pockets
Hidden Harpy
Hidden Ghost
Leading a Team
Hidden Blob
Hidden Astaroth
Hidden Skeleton
From the Horse's Mouth
Through the Rotting Sea of Flames
Ethereal Guardian
Lord of the Flies
Fall of Devilpolis
Minotaur Revisited
Loki Revisited
Medusa Revisited
Hecate Revisited
Set Revisited
Angel Twice Felled
Last Prayer
Peak Performance
Not Excalibur
Maxed Out
Dragon Warrior II (NES)
Last played 2022-09-27 11:53:15
14 of 74 achievements, 43/465 points
18% complete
'Tis bed time already?
'Tis now a full party!
'Tis no longer a battle scar!
Thou art looking good!
Phew, 'twas closeth!
Thou hast the power to open doors!
Thou art a big boy!
'Tis time to stop!
Thou no longer need a PokeCenter!
Thou art on fire!
Thou art now buddies!
Thou hast becometh swole!
Thou hast leveled up!
'Tis dangerous to venture alone!
Thou hast conquered the Eastern Tower!
'Tis not flying! 'Tis falling with style!
A damsel in distress
Thou art a musician!
Thou hast thy power to open more doors!
Thou art the master of doors!
'Twas really well hidden
Thou let the waters flow!
Ye sacred fragment
Thou hast opened the evil reefs!
Thou hast found the demonic icon!
Thou art bootleg Moses!
Through hell and out
Thou stay up too late at night!
Thou art as vast as the ocean!
Thou art as bright as the Sun!
Thou art a lover AND a fighter!
Thou shine like a star!
Thou art charming!
Ye evil priest
Thy quest, 'tis over!
Thou shalt not be selfish!
Thou hast found peace!
Thou art a slayer!
Thou art ready for anything!
Thy power is over 9000!
Thou no longer needeth a rope!
Thou hast put on shoes!
Everything shalt now burn!
Thou art now the buff bois!
Thou art death!
Thou art life!
Thou art kerboom!
'Tis hot, or 'tis just me?
Thou hast the best sound system!
Thou stink!
Thine enemy's armor is weak!
We art not dead!
Thou possess quite a punch!
Thou art a burglar!
What couldeth go wrong?
Thou hast found the hero blade!
Thou hast found the sage stick!
Thou hast found the blade of storms!
Thou hast found the rock scales!
Ye enchanted dress
Thou hast found the hero armor!
Cannock heritage
The legendary medal
Thine ancestor's helmet
Ye olde Yggdrasil
Prithee, magic ring!
Thou art the slime rancher!
Thou hast hit the metallic jackpot!
Thou hast found the last soldier!
Ye king is naked!
Thou hast finished the wrong quest!
The name of thine ancestor
Give credit where credit 'tis due!
Final Fantasy II (NES)
Last played 2022-09-27 11:24:38
3 of 64 achievements, 7/450 points
4% complete
Royal Escort
Mad About Mithril
By Any Other Name
Fastest Thing On Two Legs
Nature's Pincushion
The Real Damage Dealer
The Other White Magic
Eye In The Sky
Ring-a-ding Ding
Burns Twice As Bright
Dragon Knights
Dragoon's Companion
Opposing Forces
Ekmet Teloess
The Big City
The Sealed Magic
This Blows
Green Majesty
Aegis You Deserve This
The Cat's Out Of The Chest Now
Kinda Rough On The Hands
The Power Of The Divine Surges Within
Bearer Of Bad News
The Sealed Power
Finally, Level 50 Attack
Berserk Bowman
The Ultimate Turtle
Previously Unrecorded Specimen
Legend Of Dragoon
A Little Help From Jo Friend
Mask Of Radiance
Mask Of Shadow
The Rod Of... Crystal
The Sacrifice
First Customers In Weeks
When Turtles Attack
Spirit Of The Flute
Let Those People Go
Goddess Light Your Path
Traitorous Fiend
Flames Guarding Flames
Brink Of Extinction
Last Thing Standing
Parasitic Showdown
Guardian Of Fire
Guardian Of Ice
Guardian Of Thunder
Blow Me Down
Welcome To Your Personal Hell
In Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee
No More Blood Shall Be Spilled
Phin's Treasury
Tropical Treasure
Crazy Maze Cave
Sealed Shut
Demon Slayer
Pink Panther in Pink Goes to Hollywood (SNES)
Last played 2022-09-27 10:14:15
5 of 69 achievements, 12/550 points
7% complete
Honey, I Shrunk the Pink (Kitchen) - Bully
Stuffing Battle (Turkey)
Stuffing Battle (Turkey) - Collector
Stuffing Battle (Turkey) - Bully
Honey, I Shrunk the Pink (Kitchen) - Safe Area
Honey, I Shrunk the Pink (Kitchen)
Honey, I Shrunk the Pink (Kitchen) - Collector
PinkinHood (Forest)
PinkinHood (Forest) - Bully
PinkinHood (Forest) - Collector
PinkinHood (Forest) - Safe Area
PinkinHood (Forest) - Fast and Pink
PinkinHood (Forest) - Inspector
Cat on a Hot Pink Roof (City)
Cat on a Hot Pink Roof (City) - Bully
Cat on a Hot Pink Roof (City) - Collector
Cat on a Hot Pink Roof (City) - Safe Area
Cat on a Hot Pink Roof (City) - Fast and Pink
Cat on a Hot Pink Roof (City) - Inspector
PinkBeard (Ship)
PinkBeard (Ship) - Bully
PinkBeard (Ship) - Collector
PinkBeard (Ship) - Safe Area
PinkBeard (Ship) - Fast and Pink
PinkBeard (Ship) - Inspector
Refrigerator (Fridge)
Refrigerator (Fridge) - Safe Area
Refrigerator (Fridge) - Slipink
Refrigerator (Fridge) - Turkey Skip
Stuffing Battle (Turkey) - Safe Area
Stuffing Battle (Turkey) - Fast and Pink
Pink Lemonade (Juice)
Pink Lemonade (Juice) - Bully
Pink Lemonade (Juice) - Collector
Pink Lemonade (Juice) - Safe Area
Pink Lemonade (Juice) - Fast and Pink
Pink Lemonade (Juice) - Inspector
Pink Chill (Icehill)
Pink Chill (Icehill) - Bully
Pink Chill (Icehill) - Collector
Pink Chill (Icehill) - Safe Area
Pink Chill (Icehill) - Fast and Pink
Pink Chill (Icehill) - Inspector
Jungle Pink (Jungle)
Jungle Pink (Jungle) - Bully
Jungle Pink (Jungle) - Collector
Jungle Pink (Jungle) - Safe Area
Jungle Pink (Jungle) - Fast and Pink
Jungle Pink (Jungle) - Inspector
Pink Ranger (Town-1)
Pink Ranger (Town-1) - Bully
Pink Ranger (Town-1) - Collector
Pink Ranger (Town-1) - Fast and Pink
Pink Ranger (Town-2)
Pink Ranger (Town-2) - Cowboy Pinky
Pinkenstein (Lab)
Pinkenstein (Lab) - Bully
Pinkenstein (Lab) - Collector
Pinkenstein (Lab) - Safe Area
Pinkenstein (Lab) - Fast and Pink
Pinkenstein (Lab) - Inspector
Polterpink (Haunt)
Polterpink (Haunt) - Bully
Polterpink (Haunt) - Collector
Polterpink (Haunt) - Fast and Pink
Polterpink (Haunt) - Inspector
Studio - Secret Bag
Bonus Catcher
Super Star
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems (SNES)
Last played 2022-09-27 09:55:27
8 of 84 achievements, 44/700 points
9% complete
Dr. Doom's Castle (Iron Man)
Welcome to Your Doom
Evil Vision
Amazon (Spider-Man)
Boston Aquarium (Iron Man)
Alaska (Wolverine)
First Victory
Alaska (Spider-Man)
Dr. Doom's Castle (Captain America)
Dr. Doom's Castle (Wolverine)
Dr. Doom's Castle (Hulk)
Dr. Doom's Castle (Spider-Man)
Amazon (Captain America)
Amazon (Wolverine)
Amazon (Iron Man)
Amazon (Hulk)
Alaska (Captain America)
Alaska (Iron Man)
Alaska (Hulk)
Boston Aquarium (Captain America)
Boston Aquarium (Wolverine)
Boston Aquarium (Hulk)
Boston Aquarium (Spider-Man)
Magus Spaceship
Egypt (Captain America)
Egypt (Wolverine)
Egypt (Iron Man)
Egypt (Hulk)
Egypt (Spider-Man)
Mt. Vesuvius (Captain America)
Mt. Vesuvius (Wolverine)
Mt. Vesuvius (Iron Man)
Mt. Vesuvius (Hulk)
Mt. Vesuvius (Spider-Man)
Arizona Mining Complex (Captain America)
Arizona Mining Complex (Wolverine)
Arizona Mining Complex (Iron Man)
Arizona Mining Complex (Hulk)
Arizona Mining Complex (Spider-Man)
Asteroid Belt (Captain America)
Asteroid Belt (Wolverine)
Asteroid Belt (Iron Man)
Asteroid Belt (Hulk)
Asteroid Belt (Spider-Man)
World Heroes
The Ever Patriot
The Brute
The Playboy Millionaire
The Green Giant
The Friendly Neighborhood
Star Spangled Explosion
Armor Flare
Web Slam
Dr. Doom Mid-Boss
Three Against One (Hawnkeye Version)
Hulk and Wolverine Fusion
Three Against One (Dwarves Version)
Evil Darkstalker
Evil Iron Man and War Machine
Head with Clown Nose
Magus The Cheater
Egypt Battle
Zombie Hulk
Fire Abobo
Majin Boo
Decesive Battle
My Heart is Pure Evil
Female Cyborg
The Guardian of The Last Gem
50 Percent  Recovery
100 Percent Recovery
Gems Power
Like a Extra Life
Professional Captain America
Professional Iron Man
Professional Spider-Man
Professional Wolverine
Professional Hulk
Invencible Hero
Not Too much War of The Gems

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