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    SuperMeatBro 22 Feb 2024 20:31
    '' I'm not sure how many games I'll use''
    Ez answer : just play everything :D
    KingMikedas 22 Feb 2024 21:00
    LOL! After getting heavily involved in this the past few days. That's an accurate statement @supermeatbro
    MisterRetro 25 Feb 2024 19:04
    Welcome to RA!
    Ethunboo812 1 Mar 2024 06:36
    Happy your here King!! ✨✨✨
    KingMikedas 1 Mar 2024 20:05
    Thanks Mister Retro and Ethun! Been a great ride thusfar!
    Deansrule 4 Mar 2024 22:11
    Can't wait to see your progress!
    KingMikedas 5 Mar 2024 02:45
    Goai is to hit the top 10% by the end of the year Maybe get in the top 5% someday, but damn you guys are all so ahead haha! Thanks again dude for all your help Dean!
    Ethunboo812 5 Mar 2024 06:07
    I got to use my account more lol, haven't touched it since maybe 2019? I brought it back up again recently because of Mixer, Goten, and you King! lol
    DuggerVideoGames 26 Mar 2024 06:32
    As of this post, you're in the top 10.45% already. Nice start!
    Ethunboo812 26 Mar 2024 07:40
    already? wowwww ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
    KingMikedas 26 Mar 2024 18:41
    Haha alright very cool! Couple more smash bros and a few more games and I'll be right where I wanna be and grow some more

    Thanks Dugger and Ethan
    OppaTOM 28 Mar 2024 23:53
    I like wrestling games also
    KingMikedas 29 Mar 2024 00:28
    Excellent! TOP I'm having trouble trying to figure out why I cannot get the Bret Hart Raw Endurance To Activate. Do we need to choose his partners and have him lose? Or just him alone? I've clicked Bret and forfeited all my teammates on 5 and 10 difficult and still haven't gotten it to pop. Thanks for the follow if ya stream on twitch or you-tube I'll also drop you a follow happy hunting!
    Tertuvinsmoke 2 Apr 2024 02:36
    In Raw Endurance, the character alone selects his fighter with [A] then press [Start]