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Member Since: 05 Oct 2021, 16:51
Last Activity: 16 May 2022, 01:22
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Retro Ratio: 2.06
Average Completion: 17.66%
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17% complete
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-15 21:43:52
Earned 11 of 63 achievements, 58/453 points.
Says that Sanity Hurts
 Flower of Time
Points Earned for a lot of Effort
Median and Concentrated Points
Points in your Favor
A Piece of the Future
Haru Ichiban
Fiery Shinryuken
You have Potential
Shinku Hadoken Loaded to the max
As fast as the Wind
Story of a Warrior
Fists of Fire
In Search of Revenge
Girl fan Number One
Muay Thai Style
Dance of the Caiporas
Militaristic Force
Women's Wrestling
Mastering Psycho Power
Sixth Sense
Walking Western
 Hidden in the Sewers
 Bones Turning
 Lush Wriggle
 Skull Collar Monk
 Living Samurai Armor
 The Brute force fighter
The Master of mime
Legendary brand of Kanji
Kikosho Kicks
 Cut by a thread
Super Skullo Slider
Shinki Hatsudo
Triple Break
Mirage Combo Kick
 Chouzetsu Kishin Bomb
Shun Goku Satsu
Knee Press Nightmare
Yoga Legend
Opening Gambit
Res Arcana
Final Atomic Buster
Bukyaku Zan
Home Run Hero
Inside Person is a Darkness
A Masterpiece
Tolerance is Consistency
Move Yourself
Response Silence
Efforts in vain
Leaving my Message
High Power Turning
Justice and Courage
 Scams and Crazy Phrases
Darkness in the Form of Blows
My Second Name is Evil
Revolution of a Samurai
Karma Monk Thinking
Fight without a close call
Holding Friends Fighting
Going to the limit

2% complete
Mortal Kombat 3 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-15 21:38:36
Earned 1 of 50 achievements, 4/390 points.
First Blood
Henry Like Tricks
Shang Tsung Wins
Sindel Wins
Jax Wins
Kano Wins
Liu Kang Wins
Sonya Wins
Stryker Wins
Smoke Wins
Sub-Zero Wins
Cyrax Wins
Sektor Wins
Nightwolf Wins
Sheeva Wins
Kung Lao Wins
Kabal Wins
Stage Fatality (Kahn's Tower)
Stage Fatality (The Pit III)
Stage Fatality (The Subway)
Your Revenge Failed
Black Dragon Triumphed
I've Never Seen a Kano Transformation
Finishing Strike - Dreaded Dragon
A Future Bipedal
We Have a New Champion
Shao Kahn's Temporary Ally
Resurrected to Win
Major Jackson Briggs
Arquivista Achieved His Goal
Shaolin Monk
Kano is Finally Gone
Who Will Win? Stryker or Cyrax?
Unit LK-7T2
Don't Slip
Lost in the Desert
Self Destruction
Ready to Confront Onaga
Motaro's Arch Enemy
Killer Hat
No Longer a Kano's Friend
The Miserable is a Genius
My Heart is Pure Badness
You Will Never Win
There is no Knowledge That is Not Power

30% complete
Tekken 3 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-13 22:38:10
Earned 20 of 81 achievements, 206/907 points.
Dirty Blood
Doctor Bosconovitch
Monstrous Ogre
Tank Top
Expert Combo
Skillful combo
Loyal Pet
Fist of Fury
I Can Play Fighting Volleyball
Mishima Polytechnical School Uniform
Game of Death Outfit
Panda Bear
The Iron Fist Tournament 3 is Complete
Short Temper Dinosaur
The Scientist
Secrets Revealed
Perfect! #3
Combo Finish!
Lightning of Fate
Newbie combo
Mestre dos Paranaues
Big Brawler
Drunken Master
Body Slam
Mechanized Space Ninja
Lethal Fighting Style
Blood Talon
High Spirited Girl
Wandering Fighter
Rage Bear
Snake Eyes
The King of Iron Fist
Weapon of Destruction
Baby Dino
Lady in Red
Disco Dancing
Capoeirista em busca da verdade (Fixer)
Ogre's Blood
Winning Run
Middle Age
Afternoon Nap
Nuevo Campeon de Lucha Libre (Destiny)
War Between Sisters
Secret Love
Supa Fly
Protect Mother Earth
Last Laugh
A Grandson's Fall
The Beast Awakened
2,000-year Old Oak Tree
Pool Side
Failed Experiment
Survivor #10
Survivor #18
Survivor #25
Team Battle Iron Fist
TA Under 5
TA Under 10
The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3
When It's Over It's Over
Copper Key
Silver Key
Gold Key
Zebra Skin Costume
Tiger Jackson
Mishima Polytechnical School Seifuku
Iron Fists
Iron Legs
Knock! Knock!

87% complete
Um Jammer Lammy (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-04-13 15:47:08
Earned 24 of 55 achievements, 250/660 points.
Flower Music Record VI - Music All The Night
Music Star II - Stage On Fire!
Flower Music Record II - First Contract
Leave It To Lammy!
Music Star IV - Star In The Sky
Flower Music Record IV - World Tour
Gig On the Garage III - Starway To Heaven
Gig On the Garage II - It's Oh So Quiet
Gig On the Garage -  Fire And Ice
On Friday
On Thursday
Joe Chin Co.
On Wednesday
On Tuesday
On Monday
Milkcan, That's Us!
Vital Idol
Music Star V - Woodstock
You Said Anything, Didn't Ya?
High And Lows
Now Which One Is My Left Hand?
After School Sale
B,Back Off! You're In The Way!
Now Wait A Minute! Who Is This?
Crossroads - Glowing Chords
Crossroads II - Wah Crybaby
Crossroads III - Bends To Sky
Crossroads IV - Octave Licks
Crossroads V - Pedal Point
Crossroads VI - Final Groove
Gig On the Garage IV - Harlekim Forest
Gig On the Garage V - Arpeggios From Hell
Gig On the Garage VI - As Above, So Below
Rock Wins - Pump It!
Rock Wins II - Freestyle
Rock Wins III - Metal Kids
Rock Wins IV - Saw Sambo
Rock Wins V - Like I Live In A Dream
Rock Wins VI - Music Is An Extension Of My Body
Rap N' Roll - Play That Funky Music White Dog
Rap N' Roll II - Funk Me Tender
Rap N' Roll III - Urban Rhythm
Rap N' Roll IV - Green Dance
Rap N' Roll V - YYZ Feat PRP
Rap N' Roll VI - Perfect Beat
Music Star - Air Guitar
Music Star III - Ilarie
Music Star VI - Feat. Success
Music Star VII - Back To Hometown
Flower Music Record - My Guitar Is In My Mind!
Flower Music Record III - Lullaby ~*
Flower Music Record V - Best Luthier Gift
Flower Music Record VII - 1.000.000 Copies Sold!
I Gotta Believe!!

12% complete
Tekken 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-01-28 18:24:00
Earned 10 of 93 achievements, 57/781 points.
Advanced Manji Ninjutsu
Super Killing Machine #2
Ecological Fighter
Jun Kazama
Cold-Blooded Father
Perfect Final
Heihachi Mishima
Mishima-ryu Kenka Karate
Just To Get Started
Wireframe Mode
Sky Mode
Plus Size Mode
Extra Plus Size Mode
Blue Gloves From The Mesozoic Era
There Must Be An Angel
Full Blast!
Kazama Style
Mishima Style Fighting Karate
Modified martial arts based on Judo
Martial Arts based on Jeet Kune Do
Brute Force-2
Assassination Arts based on Aikido and Koppojutsu
Pro-Wrestling Cat-ch Style
Chinese Martial Arts
Xin Yi Liu He Quan
Mishima Style combined with Martial Arts
Brute Force
Evil Pro-Wrestling "Catch" Style
Aikido based techniques and Koppojutsu based Assassination Arts
Sumo Fighting Style
Heihachi-style Kuma Shinken
Manji Ninjutsu #2
Unknown Evil Fighting Style
Unknown Good Fighting Style
Drunken Boxing based Chinese martial arts
Muay Thai Fighting Style
Taekwondo Fighting Style
Kanguru Commando Wrestling
Dinosaur Commando Wrestling
Cold-Blooded Son Encore
The Strongest Punch Brawler
The Legendary Dragon Who Has Returned
Cold-Blooded Killer
Making children happy
Helping the Innocent
Nature's Spirit
Master Fighter
Lost Memory Monster #2
Evil Flower
Femme Fatale
The Strongest Wrestler in the World of Sumo
Mishima's Bodyguard
The Devil Cat
The Devil Gene within Kazuya Mishima
Saving Others' Souls From Evil
Super Police
Nightmare Impact
Killing Hawk
Genetically Engineered Kangaroo
Genetically Modified Dinosaur
Anna Williams
Armor King
Baek Doo San
Bruce Irvin
Kazuya Mishima
Marshall Law
Lee Chaolan
Michelle Chang
Paul Phoenix
Lei Wulong
Prototype Jack
Wang Jinrei
Nina Williams
The Hard Way
No Need To Persist
The Longer Way
Team Battle
Attacking the Time
Full Power

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Tekken 2 (PlayStation)Tekken 2
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Mortal Kombat 3 (PlayStation)Mortal Kombat 3
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