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Kev (15852 points) (48466)

Member Since: 05 Apr 2019, 02:48
Last Activity: 25 Oct 2020, 01:46
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Retro Ratio: 3.06
Average Completion: 91.84%
Site Rank: 1863 / 81853 ranked users (Top 3%)
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0% complete
Jackal (NES)
Last played 2020-10-23 15:02:16
Earned 0 of 32 achievements, 0/350 points.
Twin Tanks
Statues Crumbled
Super Destroyed
The Juggernaut
Perfect on Stage 1!
Perfect on Stage 2!
Perfect on Stage 3!
Perfect on Stage 4!
Perfect on Stage 5!
Perfect on Stage 6!
Jackal Unleashed!
Mission Accomplished!
Filled lives!!!
Extra Jeep!
50K (1P)
90K (1P)
140K (1P)
Corporal Rank!
Sargent Rank!
Lieut. Rank!
Colonel Rank!
Extra Jeep! (2P)
60K (2P)
200K (2P)
STAGE 2! (2P)
STAGE 3! (2P)
STAGE 4! (2P)
STAGE 5! (2P)
STAGE 6! (2P)
Beat the Game! (2P)
Nice Gameplay!

0% complete
~Hack~ Mega Man CX (NES)
Last played 2020-10-20 23:56:23
Earned 0 of 94 achievements, 0/1000 points.
The War with Light
Cheat Servel
Dead Ringer
Ringo Shield
Fire Ball
Print Cutter
Mega Buster
Rider Kick
Power Bomb
A Clockwork Boomerang
Boomerang Clockwork A
Demolition Maharaja
Tesla's Testimony
Robot's Best Friend
Doctor Thomas Light
Ultra Light
This Is Really It!
Vital Augmentation I (Cheatman)
Vital Augmentation II (Fire Mario)
Vital Augmentation III (Mega Man)
Vital Augmentation IV (Bomberman)
CX Headhunter I (Fire Mario)
CX Headhunter II (Mega Man)
CX Headhunter III (Bomberman)
CX Headhunter IV (Ultraman)
CX Headhunter V (Quick Mman)
Mega Man E-Abstinence
Dyna Blaster
The Duel
Mega Buster Expert I (Cheatman)
Mega Buster Expert II (Airman)
Mega Buster Expert III (Whispy Woods)
Mega Buster Expert IV (FireMario)
Mega Buster Expert V (Yoshinoman)
Mega Buster Expert VI (Mega Man)
Mega Buster Expert VII (Kamen Rider)
Mega Buster Expert VIII (Bomberman)
Mega Buster Expert IX (Ultraman)
Mega Buster Expert X (Quick Man)
Mega Buster Expert XI (Guts Man)
Mega Buster Expert XII (Elec Man)
Mega Buster Expert XIII (Rush)
Mega Buster Master I (Cheatman)
Mega Buster Master II (Airman)
Mega Buster Master III (Whispy Woods)
Mega Buster Master IV (Fire Mario)
Mega Buster Master V (Yoshinoman)
Mega Buster Master VI (Mega Man)
Mega Buster Master VII (Kamen Rider)
Mega Buster Master VIII (Bomberman)
Mega Buster Master IX (Ultraman)
Mega Buster Master X (Quick Man)
Mega Buster Master XI (Guts Man)
Mega Buster Master XII (Elec Man)
Mega Buster Master XIII (Rush)
CX E-Saver I (Cheatman)
CX E-Saver II (Airman)
CX E-Saver III (Whispy Woods)
CX E-Saver IV (Fire Mario)
CX E-Saver V (Yoshinoman)
CX E-Saver VI (Mega Man)
CX E-Saver VII (Kamen Rider)
CX E-Saver VIII (Bomberman)
CX E-Saver IX (Ultraman)
CX E-Saver X (Quick Man)
CX E-Saver XI (Guts Man)
CX E-Saver XII (Elec Man)
Quick Man's Battle Record I (Guts Man)
Quick Man's Battle Record II (Fire Man and Ice Man)
Quick Man's Battle Record III (Elec Man)
Quick Man's Battle Record IV (Cheatman)
Quick Man's Battle Record V (Airman)
Quick Man's Battle Record VI (Whispy Woods)
Quick Man's Battle Record VII (Fire Mario)
Quick Man's Battle Record VIII (Yoshinoman)
Quick Man's Battle Record IX (Mega Man)
Quick Man's Battle Record X (Kamen Rider)
Quick Man's Battle Record XI (Bomberman)
Quick Man's Battle Record XII (Rush)
Quick Man's Battle Record XIII (Dr. Light)
CX Survivalist I (Cheatman)
CX Survivalist II (Airman)
CX Survivalist III (Whispy Woods)
CX Survivalist IV (Fire Mario's' Stage)
CX Survivalist V (Yoshinoman)
CX Survivalist VI (Mega Man)
CX Survivalist VII (Kamen Rider)
CX Survivalist VIII (Bomberman)
CX Survivalist IX (Ultraman)
CX Survivalist X (Quick Man)
CX Survivalist XI (Guts Man)
CX Survivalist XII (Elec Man)
Don't Tempt Me Again

0% complete
~Hack~ Rockman 4: Burst Chaser X Air Sliding (NES)
Last played 2020-10-19 00:50:35
Earned 0 of 75 achievements, 0/555 points.
Ring Boomerang
Dive Missile
Skull Barrier
Pharaoh Shot
Flash Stopper
Rain Flush
Drill Bomb
Dust Crusher
Quick! Turn off the lamp!
Playing with sliding puzzles
Everyone's brave until the cockroach starts flying
Keep trying Cossack
Big boi
Tako Smashed
Machine today, junk tomorrow
Dream-Colored Chaser
Let's Go Away
Dark Knight
Fire Field
Stand Up to the Victory
Go Go Toho Team!
Metal Squad
Holy Lonely Light
Hunger Made Them Desperate
Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night
Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night (Hypelion)
Abandoned Memory
Wandering through the corridors of Wily Castle
Sinistral Battle
Double Dragon
Hard Rock
Chakram Master
Underwater Assault
Right to the Shadow Realm
It's not gonna be easy, sorry
DIO look-alike
Heavy rain
Trigger happy
It's time to bite
Aren't moths cute?
Your size does not match your AI
This is getting out of hand. Now there are 2 of them
Catch machine broke
Like son, like father
Time to take out the Tako Trash
This old man never learns
Will you give up now?
Robots are friends, not junk - Ring Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Dive Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Skull Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Pharaoh Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Bright Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Toad Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Drill Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Dust Man
Robots are friends, not junk - Cossack 1
Robots are friends, not junk - Cossack 2
Robots are friends, not junk - Cossack 3
Robots are friends, not junk - Cossack 4
Robots are friends, not junk - Wily 1
Robots are friends, not junk - Wily 2
Mega Collector - Ring Man
Mega Collector - Dive Man
Mega Collector - Bright Man
Mega Collector - Toad Man
Mega Collector - Dust Man
Mega Collector - Cossack 2
Mega Collector - Cossack 3
Mega Collector - Cossack 4
Mega Collector - Wily 1
Mega Collector - Wily 2
Careful Man

0% complete
~Hack~ Rockman 4: Minus Infinity (NES)
Last played 2020-10-19 00:49:23
Earned 0 of 70 achievements, 0/900 points.
Bone Wheel
Robot Full of Bones
Highway to Hell
Metal Blade V2
War Submarine
Fasty Torpedoes
Powerful Chakram!
The Lord of Rings
Quickman with Rings
Tunnel Keeper
Drill Master
Super Toad
Crop's Guardian
Toad Toad Toad
Mega Cleaner
Solar Power
The Sovereign of Egypt
The Pharaoh Has Left the Tomb
The Power of 1 Million Watts
Let The Show Begin!
Secret Bones
Secret Underwater Room
Secret Space
Secret Tunnel
Secret Pipes
Secret Garbage
Secret Egypt
Secret Brightness
Deep Treasure I
Deep Treasure II
Critical Star
Honest fight
Rescuer of Birds
Rescuer of Birds II
Rescuer of Birds III
Intimidating Wire!
Bone Challenge
Underwater Challenge
Ring Challenge
Tunnel Challenge
Toad Challenge
Dust Challenge
Egypt Challenge
Bright Challenge
Puzzle Challenge
One Robot Army
Dr. Wahwee
Super Wahwee
Wily's Hideout
For The Fourth Time...
Goodbye, Wahwee...
Legendary Hero
Hard Rock
Going Hardcore
Mechanical Arena
True Arena
Healthy Robot
Minus Infinity Heads

0% complete
~Hack~ Metroid: Rogue Dawn (NES)
Last played 2020-10-19 00:38:49
Earned 0 of 72 achievements, 0/400 points.
Taste of Water
The Mighty Jungle
Dancin' in the Ruins
Science in the Mind
Broken Bones
Into the Hive
Skillful Precision
Lofty Stilettos
Explosive Personality
A Familiar Trick
Double Dribble
Sine Operation
Stay Frosty
Barrier Engaged
Battle Ready
Well Equipped
Loaded Arsenal
Prime Capacity
Around the World
Someone Set Us Up the Bomb
Cherry Picking
Power Fist
Block Full of Queries
Into the Frying Pan
Emergency Supplies
Spring of Life
Maws of the Beast
The Most Dangerous Game
VIP Entrance
Unlocked the Backdoor
We're Not On SR388 Anymore
Flawless Ruined Soldier
Flawless Science Soldier
Flawless Covert Soldier
Flawless Tech Soldier
Explosive Ruined Soldier
Explosive Science Soldier
Explosive Covert Soldier
Basic Ruined Soldier
Basic Science Soldier
Sequence Breaking 101
Alternative Possibilities
Reproduction Cart
Second Moon
Brief Trek
Moderate Jog
Experienced Traveler
Clean Face
Mission Aborted
Grand Collector
Fastest Aran There Is
Professional Collector
Underprepped Victory
No Need For Heels
These Are My Work Clothes
One Life To Live
Our Bounty Is In Another Castle
Like a True Plumber
See You Next Mission

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