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FlamingDoom 10 Jan 2022 16:03
Hey, congratulations for mastering the Batman- video game. I hope I helped you,and you can ask me f you have any other questions about games I played.
Kazama168 10 Jan 2022 16:09
Hi,yep,the video helped for the hitless fights,ty vm pal
DryIce53 3 Feb 2022 23:52
bud on lion king try scream some mokey to swap the direction...also that game is the nightmare of childhood...take care
LeoArcie 17 Mar 2023 14:26
Hi, sorry bother you, but how did you get the “Really. DAMN Good!” achievement on RE2? I’m using Duckstation too and it seems like it’s not counting πŸ€”
Kazama168 17 Mar 2023 14:38
Hi,no problem pal.I had to do 2 playtrough on retroarch,it doesnt keep the count of the kills from one playtrough to the next on duckstation sadly...
DryIce53 17 Mar 2023 21:37
bettle psx use for manager problems of ps1 xd and find the bios of the emulator xd
LeoArcie 22 Mar 2023 18:17
I got the achievements, thanks for the tip 🫢🏻
VSilverwings 26 Apr 2023 22:55
Wow we have a lot of games in common. We're both working on mgs2 substance right now and thought I'd check on your progress. Finished VE and E but wondering if I'm ready to take on the Normal+ achievements or maybe do the extra content. Judging from your profile I doubt you'll have as much trouble as me.
Kazama168 27 Apr 2023 03:02
Yep,we like similar games^^And about trouble...well,its gonna take time.Specially big boss run,also those vrm,and snake tale,never did,got songs of liberty version as kid,not substance,so will be new for me^^
chocolatiel 14 May 2023 22:42
Yay Kazama, so close to your 100th badge, keep the cheevo hunt on! GL friend!
Kazama168 27 May 2023 03:28
Thank you choco^^ GL to you too pal^^
TrashGang 13 Jul 2023 18:26
Hey, how did you get BS F-Zero to run?
Kazama168 31 Jul 2023 18:28
Oh,sorry @TrashGang ,didnt notice until now.
Tarq 21 Oct 2023 23:09
Congratulations on Sonic Unleashed.
Kazama168 5 Nov 2023 13:22
Thank you Tarq^^
KnockerKrazy 14 Jan 2024 03:29
GGs on getting that Bonk badge!
Kazama168 14 Jan 2024 07:17
Thanks mate^^