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JetForceGeneric (19260 points) (110466)

Member Since: 25 Feb 2019, 22:05
Last Activity: 07 May 2021, 23:05
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Retro Ratio: 5.74
Average Completion: 89.33%
Site Rank: 1793 / 97351 ranked users (Top 3%)
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Adult Link is on the Death Mountain Trail [❤️16] [🕷️77/100]

Last 5 games played:

134% complete
Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2021-02-02 04:22:17
Earned 65 of 97 achievements, 280/600 points.
Eternal Brothers
Hot Hot Hot [m]
Kiss that Frog [m]
A Breath of Fresh Air
Bring Me to the Bottom of the Oceans
The Fabulous Froggish Tenors
Wind Runner
Bunches of Twigs
Cuccos Revenge
Seeing is Believing
Ultimate Horse Master
Gerudo's Fan Club
Poe Collector
My Broken Heart
Sniper Elite
Heat Resistant Tunic
Pierre the Wanderer
Mischievous Hero
Expert Angler
Drunkey Master [m]
Hook Me Away
Ghost Chaser
The Great Escape
Hero of Time
You Makes Me Feel So Good
Happy Mask Salesman
On Fire
Last Breath [m]
Damsel in Distress
A Woman's Best Friend
Wedding Band
Rolling Thunder [m]
Take Me Away
The Way the World Learns to Dive
Magic Beans
Bombchu Bowling Star
Mouse Ka-Boom
Secrets Detector
You Spin Me Round
Roll Roll and Away
Stocking Nuts
Walking On a Tightrope [m]
Soul Brothers
Bombalicious [m]
Dance Into the Fire
A Pretty Face
You Can Be A Star
Bulls Eye!!
Fishing Lessons
Super Cucco Catching
A Man's Best Friend
Shield Raider
Catch Me If You Can
A Royal Autograph
Troublermaker [m]
Rise and Shine!!
Who Let the Dogs Out
Sniper Fury
Money Solves Everything [m]
Entrusted Mission
Spider Net [m]
President Link-Oln [m]
Day of the Tentacles [m]
Bride to Be
Invisible One [m]
The Shadow of the Hylians
Infamous Silver Gauntlets
Twins of Evil [m]
To the Rescue
Home Sweet Home
King of Thieves
My Last Breath
Lifestyle and Stones
Jump Over
The Flaming Arrow
Biggorons Sword
Graduate of Gerudos Training Grounds
Nayru's Love
Plenty of Hearts
The Rock
Family Reunion
Accomplished Angler
Cartographer [m]
Dangerously Delicious [m]
Race Against the Clock [m]
Dodgeball [m]
Whac-A-Mole [m]
Tentacles of the Deep [m]
Invisible Stalker [m]
Double Trouble [m]
Dark Lord [m]
Blind Explorer [m]

168% complete
Pokemon - HeartGold Version | Pokemon - SoulSilver Version (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-01-31 23:48:56
Earned 116 of 138 achievements, 1162/1605 points.
Why Don't You Give Such Information for Free?
Without Even Jumping
Big Family
All My Wishes Came True
No Wonder I Never Heard about You
Seems like You Lost Everything
Surprises from the Game Board
A New Position Has Been Vacated
Caitlin's Disappointment
Lord of the Elements
My Own Pocket Garden
Did You Need to Prepare for the Loss?
Unbeatable Pokeathlete
Novice Team Captain
Inside the Hurricane
Ultimate Pokerush
No Chance Against My Insect Barrier
What Did You Say?
I Will Ban You Forever
Now You Have Lost
Feel My Sword of Destiny
I Send You Right into Another Ice Age
Everyone Makes Wrong Decisions
Fear My Earthquake
I Was Confident about My Win
Electric Short Circuit
I Am Going Hardcore
Don't Joke with the Darkside
Let Me Be the Fortune Teller
Clog the Volcano
Do I Get Your Cheerleaders Now?
Your Cheats Have No Use
You Should Pay More Attention to the Battles
Fashion Guru
Fulfilling an Old Man's Wish
Joining the Magikarp Competition
At Least I Can Gamble Here
Moonlight Sonata
Primo's Folder
Gifted Trainer
Buy Cheap, Sell Expensive
It's Not Unown Anymore
Call the Unown
Uncontrolled Ancients
Feels like an Antique Collection
After All That Training
Battle at the Snowy Peak
Kanto Hidden Item Finder
Spliced DNA
Kanto Item Gatherer
Kids Shouldn't Smoke
Rise of a New Champion
And the Champion Is...
Johto Hidden Item Finder
Johto Item Gatherer
Johto Master Trainer
How to Design a Pokeball
A Lost Civilization
Ring the Bell
Miltank Veterinarian
Relaxing and a Cup of Tea
Seems like a Lucky Day
Is There a Reason They Are Sold in the Underground?
I Reached the Top Just to See This!
How Could Something Like That Punch?
It Is Called Retro
Double Dragon
Ekans Charmer
A Bond That Cannot Be Broken
Roaming Lati@s
Three Birds with Three Stones
Resurrected Wanderers
Collection Trade
I Don't See a Difference
My Lucky Number
You're That Pathetic?
Preparing to Be the Real Champion [m]
Spirit Burned Out
Here Is Another Breakout [m]
Flower Arrangement
Getting Rid of the Weeds [m]
The Future Was Wrong
Lose Your Mind [m]
Rock-Hard Resistance
Smashing Rocks [m]
Like a Cold Shower [m]
Date Interrupting Pest
Like Father Like Daughter
I Am the Next Ninja Master [m]
Warning! Blackout! [m]
Final Battle... Or Is It?
Round One... Fight! [m]
Tower Guardians
Forget It, I Will Study Entomology
I Should Become a Bug Catcher
The Impeccable One [m]
Unleash the Dragon [m]
This Is Where Her Battle Ends
When the Ice and Snow Melt, Spring Arrives
Crushing Some Ice for My Drink [m]
She's Rusty
Magnetic Anomaly [m]
The Pounding Waterfall
Getting an Uppercut [m]
Does He Believe in Ghosts?
Cursed Forever [m]
She Just Lost, You Hear?
Rolled Too Far [m]
His Bugs Aren't That Tough
Breaking the Hive [m]
Mommy's Favorite
The Wind Wasn't with Him
Strong Gusts from the East [m]
Play on RetroArch 1.9.1+ or RaLibRetro!
Johto's Battle Royale
Get Potential out of Everything
Professional Team Captain
Greatest Pokeathlete of All Time
Look How Good I Am
Silver License of Pokemon Catching [m]
Gold License of Pokemon Catching [m]
Captain's Collection
Kanto Master Trainer
Resistance Is Futile
Tough Words
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Ball
Apricorn Farmer
Cameron's Personal Model
Stranded From the Rest of the World [m]
Passionate Trader
Ultimate Copycat
Creator of the Universe [Event]
A Special Forest Dwellers [Event]
Hero of Time [Event]
The Mystery about the Enigma Stone [Event]
Multifunctional Device [Event]

0% complete
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-01-25 09:27:56
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

200% complete
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2021-01-10 02:07:53
Earned 38 of 38 achievements, 475/475 points.
Boot Jacket!!
Kirby The Hedgehog
Better than Stone Man!
Be Careful Not To Cut Yourself!
That Burns!!!
The TRUE Arena Champion
Gotta Catch em All
The Arena Champion
Remember! For Kids!
Default Kirby Against Miracle Matter
Dynamite Against Lava
Melting Ice Cube Against Shark
Fireworks Against Polygons
Ice Skates Against Tree
King of the Hill
The Most Greedy Wins!
Gotta Go Fast!!
Ripple Star Restored
The "Final" Boss
Ripple Star Completed!!
Bomber Man
Spark Against Mecha
Shiver Star Completed!!
The Floor Is Lava! Literally!!
Neo Star Completed!!
Aqua Star Completed!!
I'm Invincible!!
Rock Star Completed!!
The Tree That Never Gives Up
Selfish Penguin
Pop Star Completed!!
Magic Painter of Evil!!
Kirby Dream Land 3 [m]
Waddle Doo Origin?

197% complete
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-01-02 21:11:57
Earned 145 of 147 achievements, 865/915 points.
Forge: Demon Circlet
Forge: Darksword
The Rusty Blade
The Rusty Sword
The Worn Bow
The Old Mace
Summoning Tablet: Iris
Defeat Dullahan
Summoning Tablet: Charon
Crossbone Pirate
Summoning Tablet: Catastrophe
Defeat Ancient Devil
Sol Door I
Summoning Tablet: Daedalus
Defeat Ogre Titan
Sol Door II
"The End...?"
Defeat Chaos Chimera
Family Bonds
Huntress' Bow
Critical Master[m]
Umbra Goggles
Summoning Tablet: Azul
Defeat Star Magician
Heartfelt Gifts[m]
Forge: Excalibur
Forge: Herculean Axe
Forge: Mythril Armlet
Forge: Levatine
Forge: Mythril Clothes
Forge: Hover Greave
Forge: Verdant Sword
Item Scavenger: Champa
Kaocho's Treasures
Ayuthay's Treasures
Umbra Knuckles
Umbra Cloak
Lady Moons Ring
Sound the alarm[m]
Umbra Cowl
The New Warriors of Vale
Item Scavenger: Yamata
Item Scavenger: Tonfon
Umbra Gauntlet
Summoning Tablet: Coatlicue
Item Scavenger: Harun
The second point of no return
Chandelier Dragon[m]
The Dark Dawn
Item Scavenger: Belinsk[m]
Summoning Tablet: Eclipse[m]
Defeat Blados and Chalis
Summoning Tablet: Haures[m]
Defeat Mountain Roc
Tree of what-dom[m]
Secret Treasure of the Teppe Ruins[m]
Item Scavenger: Kolima[m]
Wisp [m]
Defeat Sludge
Sun Saga[m]
Summoning Tablet: Ulysses[m]
Item Scavenger: Port Rago[m]
Item Scavenger: Border Town[m]
Item Scavenger: Harapa[m]
Hou Jo's Lost Bag
Item Scavenger: Te Rya Village[m]
Fury [m]
Summoning Tablet: Moloch[m]
Craggy Peaks Mysteries
Warriors Gloves[m]
Summoning Tablet: Flora
Safely aloft the sky[m]
Item Scavenger: Ayuthay
Item Scavenger: Passaj
Defeat Ice Queen
Ring of Wind
The Ouroboros
Item Scavenger: Kaocho[m]
Defeat Kaocho's Generals
Insight Glass
Alchemy Well Restarted
Ancient Alchemy Well
Defeat Sand Prince
Ancient Alchemy Forge
Summoning Tablet: Magaera
The first Point of No Return
Not so friendly reunion
Decipherer of Glyphs
Summoning Tablet: Zagan[m]
Item Scavenger: Carver's Camp[m]
Item Scavenger: Patcher's Place[m]
Defeat Dim Dragon Plus[m]
Defeat Dim Dragon
The Journey Has Started
Defeat Tangle Bloom
Encyclopedic [m]
Treasure Hunter[m]

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