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atratus 16 Dec 2022 03:34
grats on tactics mastery
suspect15 27 May 2023 02:34
Glad you enjoyed ALttP! Thank you for the nice comment - we really appreciate it. Best of luck on your next mastery!
BenTobitt 1 Jun 2023 10:24
You have 100% average completion? Damn. There's some pretty difficult masteries in your list too, you've got top skills bro.
Dykrow 16 Aug 2023 03:09
Your video about Safari Zone in Pokemon Red/Blue helped me a lot! Thanks!
RedSpade37 18 Aug 2023 09:35
Excellent work! I'm impressed!
suspect15 3 Sep 2023 17:15
Thanks for giving the Double Dragon 2 revision a shot! I increased the point value for the achievement to beat the game without using weapons/knees/cyclone kicks to 50 because it looks like more people are struggling with the beat the game without dying achievement. I'm not good enough to do either so it's hard for me to figure out which one is tougher.
MauricioReis 6 Sep 2023 22:37
Congratulations on mastering the bonus of Battle of Olympus Jaz!!! A bonus set is always a huge victory!
MauricioReis 13 Oct 2023 19:39
Good luck on the bonus set Jaz!!! \o/
MauricioReis 17 Oct 2023 17:14
Simply breaking the limits!! Congratulations on this achievement! This Castle bonus is historic \o/
maiconrv8 6 Dec 2023 11:56
tava me achando o cara pq masterizei um jogo até que encontrei seu perfil , vc eh brabo demais