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PassolargoProds 15 Feb 2023 23:10
very strenuous, good luck with the cheevos bro ! :)
JasonFyre2k 16 Feb 2023 05:54
Thx man, I need luck for some of these RE1 cheevos! Some of them are scary! Like the 'Don't Call the Doctor' cheevo for RE1 on Saturn -- beat the game without healing OR saving in one session! o.O
nietscape 24 Feb 2023 01:08
Hey Jason just wanted to let you know I ended up getting a manual unlock for that Ring achievement on the RA discord. Think the dev is fixing it but just thought I'd throw that out there in case you wanted to try the same.

Also nice taste, gave you a follow. You gonna be the first to master illbleed?
JasonFyre2k 24 Feb 2023 10:44
Thx man, I'm following you back! :)

I'll think wait a few days and see he can get it fixed before asking for an unlock on that Ring achievement. I got my saves backed up and I'm not in a hurry.

Well I could've mastered Illbleed over a week ago now, but I can't get the Story of... achievements for lvls 1, 3 and 4 to work. So I just stopped playing it. Kinda ticks me off because it took me between 5 to 6 playthroughs to get enough upgrades to max out all the characters, plus I wasn't reloading saves to play each level with each character on the same cycle or reloading saves to reuse the upgrades on different characters for easy cheevos; I was playing it straight with normal progression so yeah... 6 New Game pluses in a row(could be 7 if I beat the final boss again...) and I can't master because of those Story of... cheevos.
JasonFyre2k 26 Feb 2023 04:57
Update: The Illbleed devs finally fixed those 3 cheevos, but mkluis77 beat me to it, haha.
nietscape 26 Feb 2023 05:08
RIP X_X well congrats man very well done!
PassolargoProds 2 Mar 2023 07:12
i guess i´ll try the re1 after recv, oh man, there 1 cheevo specific that almost got my insanity xD, that one that you need to complete battle game playing as wesker only using knife, oh bro, that took about 6 hours +/- cause always when i reach alexia she gave me a big hug lmao. It´s not so dificult, but tiring... And as this don´t be enough, my pc screwed up and it's in repair, so i´m doind SH4 in my cousin´s pc... But the things keep going. Awesome work, everyday more cheevos :P all the best.