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Jacobgharibian (28074 points) (49597)
What a triumph is that

Member Since: 30 Sep 2017, 20:31
Last Activity: 15 Nov 2019, 02:09
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.77
Average Completion: 36.27%
Site Rank: 691 / 60765 ranked users (Top 2%)

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Last 5 games played:

61% complete
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-11-15 01:52:55
Earned 23 of 75 achievements, 115/425 points.
Angel in the Snow
Ready Set Roll
Rolling Rock
Running Bear
Going on a Bear Hunt
Electric Shock
Emerald Labyrinth
Most Miserable Life
Insane in the Brain
Hole to Feed
Jungle Boogie
Down in the Hole
Mad Dash Melody
Catch a Wave
Aka to Kuro
Buried in the Snow
Turtle Power
Baby Blue
Shell Shocked
Country Air
Electric Feel
Blood Brothers
Golden Sneer
Bridge over Troubled Water
Green River
The Sewers of the Strand
Creeping Through the Sewers
Paddington Bear
Bear the Burden
My City of Ruins
Race Among the Ruins
Dangerous and Moving
Nas Ne Dogonyat
Straight out the Sewer
Tiger in a Spotlight
Just Hanging Out
Hang You From the Heavens
Dig It Up
Dig! Dig! Dig!
Cold As Ice
The Snow Howling
In the Time of My Ruin
Purple Heart
Bee in Your Bonnet
Bumble Bee (Sting Me)
Rocky Top
Master Exploder
Super Sharp Shooter
The Piston Cup
Mechanical Dance
Rocket Man
Short Bursts
Your Precious Moon
Enter the Darkness
Darkness of the Unknown
Jet Pack Kicks
Robot Bird
Space Rock
A Dream into Outer Space
Perfect Enemy
Rise and Shine, Ursine!
Dark Horse
Coming Out of the Dark
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Little Secret
The Craziest Diamond

157% complete
~Hack~ Mario's Little Odyssey (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-10-26 02:03:13
Earned 11 of 14 achievements, 55/95 points.
Cloud Kingdom
Maze Madness
Maze Kingdom
Lava Kingdom
Super Box Bros. 2
Super Box Bros.
Retro Rush
Retro Kingdom
Koopa Express
Sand Kingdom
Super Star
Casual Bowser Fight
How to Odyssey

112% complete
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Last Impact (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-10-24 03:03:57
Earned 32 of 57 achievements, 158/365 points.
Lost Memories
M.R.O. - Open Up!
Wario is Number 1
School Horror
Scientist at a high Level
The Reason why the Sequel was canceled
Now I am scared
Cloud-Man between Clouds
Luckily, it\
The Dark Fortress
Deep under the Lava
Your Ruler is in another Castle
Come on, Larry!
Your Rules are lame!
The Castle Grounds
Alert in the Moon Base
Shining Crystals in the Cave
Diving like a Mermaid
Hidden Love Story
That are you waiting for?
Summer, Sun, Beach and Sea
Ancient Ruins and Snakes
Puzzle Master
Wildlife and Rainbows
Yoshi said it\
My first Star
Princess is saved!
Fight in the Space
The very last Impact
Candy Land and its Sweets
Valley of Toads
Sweating in the Cold
Inside the Beehive
High in the Sky
Dr. Mario and his Patient
No Taco Stand for Me
Looking into the Memory
Is it a Dream or a Nightmare?
Princess is saved... Again!
Super Mario Party 64
Brighten the Factory
Rolling out the Cellar
Flying like a Bee
Rainbow Dash between Candies
Rainbow Dash between Clouds
Rainbow Dash between Attractions
Why aren\
Reminds me of a Mansion
Ice Breaker to the Rescue
New Accessory for Mario

32% complete
Crash Bash (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-09-29 20:49:05
Earned 8 of 50 achievements, 80/530 points.
World 2 Boss - Bearminator
World 2 - Crystals
World 2 - Gems
World 2 - Trophies
World 1 - Crystals
World 1 - Gems
World 1 Boss - Pappu
World 1 - Trophies
World 1 -  Relics
World 2 - Relics
World 3 - Trophies
World 3 Boss - Komodo Brothers
World 3 - Gems
World 3 - Crystals
World 3 - Relics
World 4 - Trophies
World 4  Boss - Oxide
World 4 - Gems
World 4 - Crystals
World 4 - Relics
World 5 - Trophies
World 5 - Gems
World 5 - Crystals
World 5 - Relics
200 Percent - Oxide Revenge
Tournament - Crate Crush
Tournament - Polar Push
Tournament - Pogo Pandemonium
Tournament - Ballistics
Tournament - Tank Wars
Tournament - Crash Dash
Tournament - Medieval Mayhem
Battle Mode - Crash Challenge
Battle Mode - Coco Challenge
Battle Mode - Cortex Challenge
Battle Mode - Brio Challenge
Battle Mode - Tiny Challenge
Battle Mode - Kong Challenge
Battle Mode - Dingodile Challenge
Battle Mode - Rilla Roo Challenge
Battle Mode - Crate Crush Challenge
Battle Mode - Polar Push Challenge
Battle Mode - Pogo Challenge
Battle Mode - Ballistics Challenge
Battle Mode - Tank Wars Challenge
Battle Mode - Crash Dash Challenge
Battle Mode - Ring Ding Challenge
Battle Mode - Dragon Drop Challenge
Battle Mode - Mallet Mash Challenge
Battle Mode - Keg Kaboom Challenge

200% complete
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: The Green Stars (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-09-24 22:57:13
Earned 54 of 54 achievements, 467/467 points.
Secret Treasure
The end of the Overworld!
Bested Final Bowser
Secret of Bowser\
Ready for nothing?
Cannon of Bowser\
Master of Perilous Cliffs
Master of Misty Mine
Master of Rainbow Star Haven
Cannon of Rainbow Star Haven
Secret of Nostalgia Slide
Master of Dark Dank Abyss
Cannon of Dark Dank Abyss
Master of Cloudy Quadrangle
Secret of Third Overworld
Secret of Blazing Thwomp Tower
Reach next new Overworld again!
Master of Molten Magma Galaxy
Ready for final Bowser\
Cannon of Molten Magma Galaxy
Master of Giant Overgrown Garden
Cannon of Giant Overgrown Garden
Secret of Second Overworld
Master of Sandy Seaside Bay
Bested Wiggler
Master of Scorching Desert
Secret of The Secret Ancient Temple
Master of Boo\
Bested Big Boo
Cannon of Boo\
Master of Calignous Cove
Ready for second Bowser\
Master of Snow Storm Peaks
Secret of Fearful Fortress
Reach next new Overworld!
Secret of First Overworld
Master of Fiery Factory
Secret of Frost-Inferno Metal Cap
Metal Mario
Master of Whomp\
Ready for first Bowser\
Bested Whomp
Secret of The Wing Cap Palace
Wing Mario
Master of Bob-Omb Plains
Coins Damageless Round 2
Red Coins Damageless Round 2
Coins Damageless Round 1
Red Coins Damageless Round 1
Bested King Bob-Omb
Journey has started!

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Site Awards

MASTERED ~Homebrew~ CrazyBus (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 16 Dec 2017, 21:22
MASTERED Color a Dinosaur (NES)
Awarded on 16 Dec 2017, 22:05
MASTERED Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 10 Jul 2018, 03:35
MASTERED Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 12 Jul 2018, 18:37
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario Star Road (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 22 Jul 2018, 21:01
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Flappy (Atari 2600)
Awarded on 23 Jul 2018, 20:48
MASTERED ~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Heroes (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 16 Sep 2018, 21:50
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario World Bros. (SNES)
Awarded on 19 Sep 2018, 00:18
MASTERED Mario Party Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 10 Oct 2018, 03:14
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Cookie Clicker (NES)
Awarded on 12 Nov 2018, 00:24
MASTERED ~Prototype~ Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Atari 2600)
Awarded on 17 Nov 2018, 22:37
MASTERED Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 29 Dec 2018, 00:47
MASTERED Crash Bandicoot Purple: Riptos Rampage | Crash Bandicoot Fusion (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 03 Jan 2019, 04:33
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 28 May 2019, 01:11
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Sapphire (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 01 Jun 2019, 19:28
MASTERED Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 02 Jun 2019, 20:19
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario Fallen Stars (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 02 Jun 2019, 23:40
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario Rainbow Road (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 10 Jun 2019, 01:53
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Shining Stars (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 06 Jul 2019, 20:50
MASTERED ~Hack~ Star Revenge 1: Star Takeover (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 24 Sep 2019, 22:55
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario 64: The Green Stars (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 24 Sep 2019, 23:24
MASTERED Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
Awarded on 11 Sep 2019, 15:07
MASTERED Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)
Awarded on 14 Sep 2019, 18:00
MASTERED Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (PlayStation)
Awarded on 21 Sep 2019, 02:09

Completion Progress

Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
88/88 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Rainbow Road (Nintendo 64)
37/37 won
Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)
7/7 won
~Homebrew~ Flappy (Atari 2600)
10/10 won
~Homebrew~ Cookie Clicker (NES)
10/10 won
~Homebrew~ CrazyBus (Mega Drive)
13/13 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Sapphire (Nintendo 64)
14/14 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars (Nintendo 64)
16/16 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Game Boy Advance)
74/74 won
Color a Dinosaur (NES)
19/19 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Star Road (Nintendo 64)
32/32 won
~Hack~ Star Revenge 1: Star Takeover (Nintendo 64)
35/35 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Fallen Stars (Nintendo 64)
18/18 won
~Hack~ Super Mario World Bros. (SNES)
40/40 won
~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Heroes (Mega Drive)
42/42 won
Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
44/44 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Shining Stars (Nintendo 64)
51/51 won
Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)
51/51 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: The Green Stars (Nintendo 64)
54/54 won
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (PlayStation)
54/54 won
Crash Bandicoot Purple: Riptos Rampage | Crash Bandicoot Fusion (Game Boy Advance)
57/57 won
Mario Party Advance (Game Boy Advance)
63/63 won
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)
64/64 won
Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)
68/68 won
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Game Boy Advance)
36/39 won
Kirbys Avalanche | Kirbys Ghost Trap (SNES)
23/26 won
Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive)
18/22 won
~Hack~ Mario's Little Odyssey (Nintendo 64)
11/14 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. Enhanced (SNES)
37/49 won
~Prototype~ Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Atari 2600)
9/13 won
Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
16/26 won
~Homebrew~ 2048 (NES)
8/13 won
Spyro - Attack of the Rhynocs (Game Boy Advance)
39/64 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Last Impact (Nintendo 64)
32/57 won
Sonic Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
10/18 won
Rhythm Tengoku (Game Boy Advance)
12/22 won
~Hack~ Tower RE | Mario Tower (NES)
6/11 won
Mario's Early Years - Fun With Letters (SNES)
9/17 won
Sonic 3D Blast | Sonic 3D: Flickies Island (Mega Drive)
10/20 won
Sonic and Knuckles (Mega Drive)
10/20 won
Tetris Attack (SNES)
24/50 won
Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64)
22/46 won
Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Mega Drive)
24/53 won
Mario Party (Nintendo 64)
26/58 won
~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix (Mega Drive)
8/18 won
Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64)
18/45 won
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
20/51 won
Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos | Sonic & Tails (Game Gear)
13/34 won
Pinball (NES)
8/21 won
Tetris (NES)
14/37 won
~Hack~ Toads Christmas Adventure (NES)
6/16 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Halloween Mayhem (Nintendo 64)
3/8 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
22/61 won
Sonic Pocket Adventure (Neo Geo Pocket)
13/37 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
25/72 won
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)
22/66 won
Pokemon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64)
17/52 won
~Hack~ Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (SNES)
16/51 won
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PlayStation)
23/75 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
7/24 won
Spyro - Season of Ice (Game Boy Advance)
10/35 won
Donkey Kong (NES)
7/25 won
~Hack~ Super Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)
8/29 won
Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)
23/94 won
~Bonus~ Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
19/82 won
Tetris (Game Boy)
3/13 won
~Hack~ Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure (Nintendo 64)
8/35 won
Super Mario World (SNES)
14/63 won
~Hack~ Sui Mario 1 (SNES)
6/27 won
~Hack~ Sui Mario 2 (SNES)
6/27 won
~Homebrew~ Princess Rescue (Atari 2600)
5/23 won
Dr. Mario (NES)
14/70 won
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)
12/60 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 74 (Nintendo 64)
11/57 won
Legend of Zelda, The - Majoras Mask (Nintendo 64)
18/96 won
Contra: The Alien Wars (Game Boy)
4/22 won
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
7/39 won
Ristar (Mega Drive)
5/29 won
~Hack~ Bowsers Jumping Challenge (NES)
2/12 won
Ms. Pac-Man (Atari Lynx)
6/36 won
Crash Bash (PlayStation)
8/50 won
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
5/32 won
Whomp Em (NES)
1/7 won
~Hack~ Romancing Mario (SNES)
4/30 won
~Hack~ Black Derulo World 2 (SNES)
4/31 won
~Hack~ Extra Mario Bros. (NES)
4/31 won
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
12/97 won
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Game Boy Advance)
7/58 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. Plus (SNES)
4/34 won
Mega Man 6 (NES)
4/37 won
Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
4/37 won
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES)
3/28 won
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)
4/38 won
1942 (NES)
2/19 won
Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)
6/58 won
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive)
3/29 won
Legend of Zelda, The (NES)
7/69 won
Frogger (Mega Drive)
2/21 won
Mario Bros. (NES)
2/21 won
~Hack~ Wario’s Adventure (SNES)
5/54 won
Donkey Kong Jr. Math (NES)
1/11 won
LEGO Star Wars (Game Boy Advance)
4/45 won
~Hack~ Super Demo World: The Legend Continues (SNES)
3/34 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)
2/23 won
Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)
5/59 won
Banjo-Pilot (Game Boy Advance)
9/111 won
Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
4/50 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
3/38 won
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (Game Boy)
2/26 won
Wario Land 3 (Game Boy Color)
3/40 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (NES)
2/27 won
~Hack~ Cartuchito World (SNES)
3/42 won
~Hack~ Metal Sonic Hyperdrive (Mega Drive)
2/28 won
Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels (FDS) (NES)
6/92 won
Mega Man (NES)
3/50 won
Mario Pinball Land (Game Boy Advance)
4/68 won
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Game Boy Color)
2/34 won
Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)
3/52 won
Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)
2/38 won
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
3/58 won
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
2/42 won
Sqoon (NES)
1/23 won
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Game Boy Advance)
3/70 won
Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)
2/47 won
Kirby's Dream Course (SNES)
2/50 won
Metroid (NES)
1/25 won
Super Metroid (SNES)
2/52 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
1/26 won
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (SNES)
2/55 won
Super Mario Advance (Game Boy Advance)
2/57 won
Mega Man X4 (PlayStation)
2/58 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
1/32 won
~Hack~ Pokemon - Ash Gray (Game Boy Advance)
4/139 won
Wario Land 4 (Game Boy Advance)
1/35 won
M.C. Kids (NES)
1/52 won
Mega Man X (SNES)
1/56 won
Doom (SNES)
1/57 won
Mario & Wario (SNES)
2/120 won
Mario's Picross (Game Boy)
1/89 won
~Unlicensed~ Action 52 (NES)
1/110 won

Recent Progress