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Member Since: 01 Jan 2021, 18:00
Last Activity: 28 Feb 2021, 10:18
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Retro Ratio: 1.76
Average Completion: 42.01%
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At: World Map | Party: [] [Harle] [Harle] | ⭐: 23 | ⏰:17h34:54.16 | (Normal) Pip Exp: |R - 14|Y - 19|Bk - 3|Bl - 14|G - 35|W - 36|

Last 5 games played:

55% complete
Chrono Cross (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-02-28 07:53:35
Earned 76 of 138 achievements, 465/975 points.
Red Hot Chili Peppor [m]
Hi-Ho [m]
The Paradox [m]
Double Take
Finder's Keeper's
Whaddaya Want Already!?
I lost my Glasses but i Need My Glasses to Find My Glasses [m]
Winged Centipede [m]
The Path of the Rocker [m]
The Peacekeepers [m]
Escape Your Nightmare [m]
No Beginning and no End
The Dragon God
Trapped in the Past
Chrono Cross
The Goddess of Fate
Le Tresor Interdit [m]
Chrono Police
Clotho [m]
Ye Be Me...!?
Full Revival
A Total Vegetable
Cute Baby Dragon
Just a Shadow of Myself
Shrine Maiden
The Final Trial
The Cursed Hero
An Early Morning Exercise
Trial By Fire
Lunch Time
Trial By Water
Trial By Earth
Dancer Extraordinaire
The Acacia Dragoons and the Pirate Captain
Lady of Viper Manor
Cyborg Assassin
Fiery Cook
A Stray Gray
A Place Forsaken by the Gods
Aged Illusionist
Late Zelbess's Sister
Life is a Gamble
Beating the Unbeatable
Mushroom Man
Black Wind Leader
Penny-Wise Artist
Obstinate Blacksmith
The Wise Chief
Mysterious Harlequin
Lovable Old Lady
Where Lost Souls Wander
Fairy Savior [m]
Skeleton Clown
A Mariner's Worst Nightmare
A Guinea Pig Experiment [m]
Indecisive Leader [m]
Riding to Kids Rescue [m]
The Pursuit of Dreams [m]
Endangered Species [m]
The Forest Fairy [m]
Hasta La Beeba Baby [m]
A Hole that Connect Here and There
A Messenger of Love and Courage
A Scientific Genius
Miracle of Life
Psychic Ex-Wrestler
The Gambler [m]
The Chrono Trigger
The Path of the Magician [m]
Mysterious Traveler
Sweet Country Gal [m]
Nothing has Changed But Everything
Pretty-Miracle-Power-X Master [m]
Desparate Love [m]
Chasing Phantoms in One's Dreams
Our Planet's Dream is not Over Yet
Developers Room
General Kid
A True Hero
A True Hero (Alternative)
Magical Dreamers
Serge's Plan
Pride and Honour
The Record of Fate
Galaxy Night
Wicked Deeds
Ze Path of ze Swordsman [m]
King Moaman [m]
Dragon Feeder
Master Dragon Feeder [m]
Overcooked [m]
Madam Pentapus [m]
You Just Have to Have Faith [m]
Firewalkers [m]
Youu are Welcome
I Have No Eyes but Once Could See [m]
Codename Lavos [m]
Treasure Hunter [m]
The Price of Immortality [m]
A Mother's Sacrifice
The Importance of Saving
The Dark Side of a Cook [m]
You Already Forgot but I'll Always Remember [m]
Thou Wish To Fight? [m]
Riddle Me This! [m]
Twin Einlanzers
Dark Shadows
A Lost Soul
A Honorary Target
Atropos [m]
Lachesis [m]
Fate has Fallen [m]
The Noble Knight
Gutsy Mother of Two
Bunny Girl Trainer
Gladiatrix Barkeep
Delta Force
Draggy Rider
Tossed Salad
Sword Storm
Pitch Black
Dragon Spike
Vital Force
The Three Knights
Roll with Me
High Framerate
The Man Who Haunted Himself [m]
Almost Last Man Standing
Angel Tumalu
Devil Tumalu
ArchAngel Tumalu
Archdevil Tumalu
Archetype Tumalu

0% complete
Looney Tunes Racing (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-02-28 07:34:44
Earned 0 of 44 achievements, 0/325 points.
C'mere Ya Rascal
Ain't I A Stinker?
You Rackin' Frackin' VARMINT
Where Ahh Yew My French Baguette?
Rabbit Season
I Claim This Win In The Name of MARS
Space Boogie Jamming
Swashduckler in the 16th and a Half Century
Make TAZ Win Again 2020
Famishus Vulgarus
That's All Folks!
ACME Slippery Floor Wax
ACME Delivery Service
ACME Building Disintegrators
Disintegrating Pistol
Tornado Kit
Iron Carrot
Clue Collector
Giant Kite Kit
Giant Rubber Band
Ultimatum Dispatcher
Battleship Plate
Extra-Sticky Glue
Mouse Attractor
Integrating Pistol
Rocket-Powered Skates
Moi Perfect Camouflage
Conquest for the Planet Y
The Pinnacle of ACME Products
Are You, I Say, Are You Winning, Son
Sufferin' Succotash
Driving Miss Granny
S-s-son of a of abababa GUN
Hector Hinders Haters
Gossamer Grudge
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Tokens, See?
Be Vewy Vewy Careful
I Hates You Rabbit
Phenominal Cosmic Power

50% complete
BattleCity (NES)
Last played 2021-02-27 17:27:00
Earned 9 of 18 achievements, 83/294 points.
Proficient Commander I
Stage 20
Best Score!
Full Arsenal
Stage 10
Hi Score!
Vacant Battlefield
Maximum Power!
Stage 1
Stage 35
Stage 50
Stage 60
Adept Commander I
Proficient Commander II
Adept Commander II
Legendary Commander I
Legendary Commander II
Dear Noriko

0% complete
Diablo (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-02-27 17:25:37
Earned 0 of 80 achievements, 0/805 points.
What Ails You My Friend?
Psst...Over Here
Stay a While and Listen
Well, What Kin I Do Fer Ya?
I Sense a Soul In Search of Answers
The Talk of the Town
The Udder Truth
Concentration of Wealth
Rags to Riches
Finders Keepers
Full Bling
An Oddly Colored Liquid
I Really Can't Carry Anymore
Holy Helm
Charmed Armor
Unique Weapon
Chain Mail
Plate Mail
Town Warp
A Blessing or Curse?
Worship at Your Own Risk!
Spoiled Scroll
Quick Fix
It's a Trap!
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Quaternary Knowledge
Novenary Wisdom
Hexadecenary Enlightenment
Lava Cave
Chasm to Hell
Your Death Will Be Avenged!
Our Wells Have Become Brackish and Stagnant
They Would Serve Him in Darkness Forever...
Pleeese, No Hurt. No Kill.
They Ran Off, But Not Before Stealing the Sign to My Inn [m]
This Sky Rock... Was Nowhere to Be Found
Valor Awaits for the Hero of Light
Beyond the Hall of Heroes Lies the Chamber of Bone
I Can See What You See Not...
Leave Me to My Work
It's a Big, Black Mushroom that I Need
Within the Hellforge Rested the Anvil
He Lost His Humanity to His Insatiable Hunger for Blood
I Will Repay Your Efforts... I Swear Upon My Honor
The Archbishop Turned to the Darkness
The Dark Lord of Terror [Warrior]
The Dark Lord of Terror [Rogue]
The Dark Lord of Terror [Sorceror]
Bone Basher
Zombie Killer
Fall of the Fallen
Scavenger Slayer
Hidden Hunter
Goat Gasher
Winged Waster
Spitter Ridder
Overlord Ouster
Magma Massacre
Horned Homocide
Gargoyle Gutter
Lighning Lasher
Viper Vanquish
Knight Fall
Succubus Slasher
The Dust of the Magi
Unique Dungeon Creeps
Unique Catacomb Nasties
Unique Cave Dwellers
Unique Hell Spawns
New Blood
Evil Experience
Bring on the Nightmare
Ready for Hell
Wake Me From This Nightmare
A Living Hell

12% complete
Gran Turismo (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-02-27 09:53:51
Earned 8 of 68 achievements, 38/585 points.
Clubman Cup
FF Cars
Pole Position
A-Class License
Sunday Cup
First victory
B-Class License
GT Cup
GT World Cup
FR Cars
4WD Cars
US vs Japan
UK vs Japan
UK vs US
Normal Car
Tuned Car
Grand Valley 300
All-night I
All-night II
Spot Race I
Spot Race II
Spot Race III
Spot Race IV
Spot Race V
License B-1
License B-2
License B-3
License B-4
License B-5
License B-6
License B-7
License B-8
License A-1
License A-2
License A-3
License A-4
License A-5
License A-6
License A-7
License A-8
License IA-1
License IA-2
License IA-3
License IA-4
License IA-5
License IA-6
License IA-7
License IA-8
IA-Class License
Only Gold
Autumn Ring
Deep Forest
Special Stage Route 5
Grand Valley Speedway
The New Dodge
Clean Race Challenge (High Speed Ring)
Clean Race Challenge (Trial Mountain)
Clean Race Challenge (Grand Valley East)
Clean Race Challenge (Autumn Ring)
Clean Race Challenge (Deep Forest)
Clean Race Challenge (Grand Valley Speedway)

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