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    kolman7 1 Oct 2022 09:05
    awesome friend, a lot of cool games completed
    IzaNamiZX 7 Oct 2022 03:41
    Thanks man!
    CassetteCobra 26 Mar 2023 19:36
    Crazy set of games you've mastered Izanami! Nice one completing Banjo Tooie and Kazooie, the former must be the most ram shackled set I ever played!

    I finally surpassed you in rank btw lol. I remember looking at the leaderboards months ago and we were relatively neck to neck before suddenly you exploded in points and left me in the dust.
    IzaNamiZX 26 Mar 2023 23:17
    Thanks Cobra! Both games had tough challenges but Tooie was a blast to work through despite its length, and the time trials weren't as annoying as I thought they'd be.

    Shout-outs to your advice on the Kirby Super Star RNG meme achievement, too, it definitely helped me out. Let's keep the competition going dude!
    CassetteCobra 27 Mar 2023 01:21
    Tooie was fun by my word there is some frame-rate issues going on in the game, I also struggled with doing some of the challenges because the dead zone was such garbage back in the day. You're also lucky you didn't have to play Kazooie 3-4 times like I did lol; first normal, then no health ups, then the doors, then all 1 ups. That was the game that caused a grief towards revisions lmao.

    Glad to be of help, that advice is my most popular words of wisdom I guess lol. I posted quite a few other comments on the games I mastered so stay on the look out for those in case you play them.

    My proudest achievement by far is mastering most of Action 52, it's by far the most difficult set I've played. I was expecting a pretty easy 1k points, but the first page alone almost made me tear my hair out! The only cheev I have yet to get is the one for Micro Mike, but I think that one needs to be changed because it's way too RNG dependent. But I may sound like a whiner who couldn't do it, after hours upon hours of attempts :p.

    And yea I would love to keep our friendly rivalry going on!
    suspect15 31 Mar 2023 03:24
    Congrats on remastering Zelda 2 and thanks for the feedback on the revision. Nice work stacking the challenges!
    IzaNamiZX 1 Apr 2023 01:18
    Thanks dude! It was tough but worth it, and I learned more about the game too.
    EthanLikezCatz 1 Jun 2023 08:41
    You have so many good games mastered! You make me feel lazy.
    suspect15 11 Oct 2023 15:20
    Much thanks for the very thoughtful comment! I'm very glad that you've enjoyed the revisions. I'm doing my best to keep RA as awesome of an experience as possible :)
    AfroRyan 14 Oct 2023 03:37
    Hey, I hope you had fun with Guzzler. Sorry about Pachinko II! That's some pretty extreme game-quality whiplash.
    IzaNamiZX 14 Oct 2023 15:59
    Whiplash is the perfect word to describe it; Guzzler is probably the best game on the SG-1000, and I thought the set was REALLY creative, but Pachinko II is definitely smelly. Still praying to RNGesus lol

    Thanks for the sets dude, looking forward to more!
    wormdrivepro 1 Jun 2024 03:51
    Congrats on being the first person to master my first set!
    IzaNamiZX 3 Jun 2024 00:24
    Thanks dude! It was good fun!
    Cassievania 14 Jun 2024 12:19
    Omg thank you!