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GoddessBow 11 Mar 2023 02:49
Thanks for the truthfully comment on Aria of Sorrow, the devs need to see such criticism
Glitchy88 11 Mar 2023 03:17
We have Bonus sets, subsets and subsets within subsets, if all the added achievement in the revision are playthrough the game again but with a challenge they should be in a subset.
GoddessBow 11 Mar 2023 03:58
Indeed! I completely agree
Wasted 7 hours to Remaster it and beat the stupid arena with level cap and no souls
Sabrinafelix5 8 Jun 2023 19:48
Sorry I didn't answer you earlier, after platinum glazed, I took a good amount of time from Retroarch, but answering your question about the Safari achievement: it was complete luck + A HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS! I stayed between 3 to 4 days trying with geodudes (rock smash encounter) first, then I migrated to psyducks until finally the game decided to give me a good RNG (you can't imagine the shock I got when I had caught 19 psyducks and all I had left was 1 safari ball)
Sabrinafelix5 8 Jun 2023 20:05
If I remember correctly, I entered the first lake in the Safari Zone, I was swimming up and down until I found the psyducks (the place I was swimming was near the lake shore), I selected ''go near'' 1 time and hit safari ball, but when I got it, I was already so stressed that I was on ''autopilot''. This achievement gave me a headache, and I wouldn't care if it was replaced by something else that wasn't lucky.