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ClockworkNinja 1 Mar 2024 03:17
Ghouls 'n Ghosts mastered good job that is no easy feat at all!
GermanWerleck 3 Mar 2024 12:23
Thank you very much ClockworkNinja
thatoneguy1851 12 Mar 2024 01:46
Same with mastering F-Zero & Battlemaniacs. Man those games were a pain. Thumbs up!
GermanWerleck 12 Mar 2024 10:46
Hello thatoneguy1851, thank you very much. Really, F-Zero was very difficult and complicated to achieve, what helped me is because it's a game I played a lot as a child and I still remember how to play it lol. I also played Battletoads a lot in the past, another very difficult one is Actraiser 2. I have a serious problem with Axelay and Batman Returns from Genesis, I've done what needs to be done several times for Mastering and simply due to a platform bug the trophies don't appear, I've tried almost every possible cores and nothing happens, it's a bug and it's really discouraging, I'm new here at RetroAchievements and I don't know how to solve this, and these things make us discouraged from continuing to play. Thanks for the message and for the visit friend.
thatoneguy1851 12 Mar 2024 14:25
You’re welcome man. That’s unfortunate that you’re having so much trouble with Retroarch. I’m fairly new here as well, but sometimes I’ve had better luck with using RALibretro for certain games when Retroarch fails. Never be discouraged though. I’m sure there’s plenty of users on here that can help you, like there are forums where you can document emulator issues and stuff like that. Those two games were favorites of mine, just very, very difficult to master. Take care.