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bjoehanna 12 Apr 2023 09:27
GG on being first mastering FEDA and thanks for the very helpful playtesting :)
frog42 26 May 2023 01:03
It's good to meet another fan of classic JRPGs!
RionAmane 1 Aug 2023 08:19
Yep, that sounds good! I probably would've used those enemies as well if I wasn't lucky beforehand.
RionAmane 1 Aug 2023 09:32
True! :D Might be a while before I go for that version, haha. Which set for VP did you prefer, PS1 or PSP?
Aeliana 30 Sep 2023 10:45
It is an honor to be visited by the J-RPG Master!! :) Thanks Galante, hopefully we'll both make it into the Top 300 soon!
VitorKDT 17 Jan 2024 23:34
It's a pleasure to help the RPG master
Maoski 24 Feb 2024 03:49
You are welcome! I am glad i could help.
Maoski 30 Apr 2024 21:53
Hello Galante, thanks! Getting the rare drops for summons was the worst part, the bomb one was fast, but the MindFlayer took over 6 hours with fast forward at 10x. For the pink tail i used Alarms to always get a battle against the flan princess, also had luck with this one, took me less than 100 Alarms. It's a matter o time and patience, keep trying and they will eventually come.
Maoski 30 Apr 2024 22:03
Good to know, i will try that set too.