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Spharius 15 Dec 2022 02:08
A help. The "The Struggle is Real" in the Pokémon Stadium.
FachaFC 15 Dec 2022 03:35
Hi Spharius, i recommend trying the achievement angaisnt bug catcher (Pewter Gym) in stadium 1 (since it has a weak team)
My strat was using a strong fire pokemon to KO his first 2 Pokemon, and then switch between 2 Pokemon that knows the move "rest" (Dewgong, Snorlax), since it both restores HP AND helps wasting Enemy PP moves.
Eventually the only Pokemon remaining will have to use Struggle and KO himself in the process.
Spharius 17 Dec 2022 04:42
I tried every variation I could think of. Weakens the pokémon and then waited for him to kill himself with the recoil. Depois não causei dano e esperei ele morrer com o recuo. I did it with Metapod first. Then I did it with the last Pokemon from Bug Catcher. I did it with transferred pokémons and then with rental pokémons. I made more than 16 attempts and nothing. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Spharius 17 Dec 2022 04:43
Over 16 attempts with specific variations on each.
FachaFC 17 Dec 2022 16:36
If you run out of PP before he can KO himself, try switching Pokemon (since it uses the turn without consuming PP) and use rest only if you are below 1/3 HP.
You can also have moves with set damage like submission so you know it will not KO the pokemon
Spharius 17 Dec 2022 17:46
I've done this. Do you have a video of this achievement?
FachaFC 18 Dec 2022 23:14
Hi, i have done one for you, DM and i will send it to you