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Sairotra 10 Jan 2022 00:00
Hello Etron, I've seen you several times in Unwanted and just wanted to say you've become a great gamer. Almost under 1000 in rank, you will certainly achieve past that I think even make it to top 300 by the end of this year if you put your mind to it. Also, thanks so much for devving Discworld, I've wanted to play this again and now that I can do it on RA is wonderful.
Etron 17 Jan 2022 19:35
Thanks for the encouragement, just got into the top 1000! Top 300 in the next year is a tall order but Im sure Ill make if I try to keep up with you and the rest of the Unwanted. Hope you enjoy Discworld, it was a blast to dev and the voice acting is top notch!
Alurith 8 Dec 2022 19:55
Congrats on being the first person to complete Vegetable Valley Nightmare!
Etron 19 Dec 2022 22:25
Thanks Alurith, it was fun to minimize the speedrun times while figuring out where the best place was to pick up an ability without losing much time. I never had much trouble playing through Kirby until I tried your set so I appreicate the challenge!
Lonoke31 16 Jan 2023 23:57
I meant to get around to this sooner but I wanted to say thanks for the two Tiny Toons GB sets you made. I never heard of them before the sets dropped but I really enjoyed them and I thought the difference in the sets complimented each other very well.
Etron 7 Feb 2023 18:16
Glad you enjoyed the Tiny Toons sets Lonoke31, beating the game in under 30 minutes is impressive. I struggled through the US version as a kid and was excited to find out that the Japanese was much more reasonable. The password system in the Japanese set made it ideal for extra challenges cut from the US set for being too cruel.
GamingWithDrew 16 Feb 2023 00:11
Thank you for the Pac-Man Championship Edition guide video for the NES demake. Helped me with that Extra Mode achievement. Mastered it last night!
Etron 17 Feb 2023 21:33
Congrats on the mastery GamingWithDrew, it's a challenging game. Throughly enjoyed Pac-Man Championship Edition while it was featured on LotM and it inspired me to dev the Ms. Pac-Man arcade. Glad the video guide helped!
Aeliana 22 Jul 2023 22:10
Oh wow, in addition to Kirby you dev'ed DISCWORLD and REZ! Major nostalgia for those two, I'll have to add 'em to my "to play" list for sure. Thanks for everything you do for RA!
Etron 23 Jul 2023 17:26
Thank you for the kind words. I'm sure you'll enjoy revisiting Discworld and Rez. They have both held up very well.