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EpicUmbreon (17246 points) (33596)

Member Since: 10 Feb 2021, 18:38
Last Activity: 24 Oct 2021, 21:02
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.95
Average Completion: 52.11%
Site Rank: 2340 / 34478 ranked users (Top 6.79%)
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Umbreon is currently training their Zuum - [💪: 141][🧠: 95][👁: 146][🦶: 161][🛡: 105][💛: 113]

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Monster Rancher Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-10-12 18:01:36
Earned 0 of 103 achievements, 0/1550 points.
The First Step
Rival's Approval
Continued Journey
You've Come Far
Sore Loser
A True Elite
Truely The Greatest
Age's Best Monster Around
Racing To The Finish Line
Winner Winner
Champion of Age
Beginner Mastery of 4-Round Robin
Beginner Mastery of 6-Round Robin
Beginner Mastery of 4-Tier Elimination
Beginner Mastery of 8-Tier Elimination
Rookie Mastery of 4-Round Robin
Rookie Mastery of 6-Round Robin
Rookie Mastery of 4-Tier Elimination
Rookie Mastery of 8-Tier Elimination
Average Mastery of 4-Round Robin
Average Mastery of 6-Round Robin
Average Mastery of 4-Tier Elimination
Average Mastery of 8-Tier Elimination
Adept Mastery of 4-Round Robin
Adept Mastery of 6-Round Robin
Adept Mastery of 4-Tier Elimination
Adept Mastery of 8-Tier Elimination
Advanced Mastery of 4-Round Robin
Advanced Mastery of 6-Round Robin
Advanced Mastery of 4-Tier Elimination
Advanced Mastery of 8-Tier Elimination
Advanced Mastery of Versus
Expert Mastery of 6-Round Robin
Expert Mastery of 4-Tier Elimination
Expert Mastery of 8-Tier Elimination
Expert Mastery of Versus
With Great Power
Brain Beats Brawn
Sharp Eyes
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Improved Health
Training Results
The Power of Golem
The Power of Hare
The Power of Mocchi
The Power of Suezo
The Power of Tiger
Living Art
A Mystical Invitation
A Headless Invitation
A Metallic Invitation
Masked Sunshine
Dragon's Teeth
Trident of Darkness
Mecha Monster
Hidden Laughter
The Great Wall
Burning Immortality
What a Bargain!
Trident of Light
Hidden Book
Going Bigger
Quite an Upgrade
The Start of a Beautiful Friendship
The Power of Friendship
Pixie Summoner
Golem Summoner
Mew Summoner
Mocchi Summoner
Dragon Summoner
Arrow Head Summoner
Suezo Summoner
Ducken Summoner
Zuum Summoner
Tiger Summoner
Naga Summoner
Octopee Summoner
Mogi Summoner
Psiroller Summoner
Durahan Summoner
Joker Summoner
Momo Summoner
Lesione Summoner
Zan Summoner
Antlan Summoner
Hare Summoner
Suzurin Summoner
Henger Summoner
Raiden Summoner
Gitan Summoner
Gali Summoner
Doodle Summoner
Monol Summoner
Phoenix Summoner
Garu Summoner
Counter This! [m]
A New Rival [m]
Wanna Be Friends? [m]
Hmm... Your Power Level Is Puny [m]
Mirror Match

114% complete
Mario Party DS (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-10-10 03:45:33
Earned 64 of 112 achievements, 401/831 points.
Bob-omb Rival
Where no plumber has gone before
Stardom Scuffle
Mario Superstar
Mastered Bowser
Supreme Boss Hunter
Enter the Bowser Zone
Monty Mole Rival
Breakin' Bombs
Bankin' Bulbs
Luigi Superstar
Mastered Kamek
Mastered Dry Bones
Whomp Rival
Mastered Hammer Bro.
Cup Conquerer
Cup Collector
Cup Hoarder
Battle Tyrant
Battle Royale
Wario Superstar
Shy Guy Rival
Self Reflection
Violince in the House
King of the Hill
Climbing the Stairs
Halfway the Stairway
Crossing Hurdles
The first step
Boo Rival
Mastered Piranha Plant
Toad Superstar
World Record
Lucky? Lottery
Unexpected Bee-haviour
Jungle Climber
Hit by Nogstalgia
Cheep Cheep Rival
The Musician
Superstar Symphony
Green Fingers
The Green Mile
Far-Flung Heroes
Waluigi Superstar
Now you're thinking!
Scuttlebug Rival
The chances of RBY
Yoshi Superstar
Beaten Bowser
Bowser Pinball Land
Flipping Control
Beaten Kamek
The Librarian
The Halls of the Magician
Beaten Dry Bones
Beaten Hammer Bro.
Goomba Rival
Beaten Piranha Plant
Thwompin' Blocks
Piece by Piece
The Party Begins
Wiggler Friend
Toadette Friend
Diddy Kong Friend
Koopa Friend
Piranha Plant Rival
Hammer Bro. Rival
Dry Bones Rival
Kamek Rival
Donkey Kong Friend
Bowser Jr. Rival
Bowser Rival
Mario Party DS Star
Mario Party DS Master
Peach Superstar
Daisy Superstar
Little shop of Caterpillars
Botanist Buddies
Nemesis of Piranha Plant
Melody of Mushrooms
Toadette's Duet
Nemesis of Hammer Bro.
To doot as I please
Its on, like Donkey Kong
Seeing Stars
Diddy for a Superstar, a Superstar for Diddy
King of Swing
Nemesis of Dry Bones
If only I could jump
Library Pass
Nemesis Kamek
Nemesis of King Bowser
Flipped, Flopped, Flung
Blast off
Wheel of Fortune
Scrooge McKoopa
Super Toad Party DS
Scuffle Shenanigans
Scuffle Simian
Scuffle Fanatic
Grandmaster of Scuffles
Super Mario Party Galaxy
Radical Rocket
Houston's Problem
Denis the Menace
Breaker of Blocks
Stickin' to it
Triangle Frenzy
Focusing on Triangles

200% complete
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! | Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-10-09 06:29:45
Earned 54 of 54 achievements, 493/493 points.
Master of Skill Points
Best Ice Hockey Match
Bested Ripto, Metal Gulp and Pterodactyl
Bested Gulp
I want to visit theatres!
100% Ripto's Arena
100% Canyon Speedway
100% Metropolis
Ox Bombing Challenge
100% Cloud Temples
100% Robotica Farms
100% Mystic Marsh
100% Fracture Hills
100% Shady Oasis
100% Winter Tundra
Portal Canyon [m]
Best Groundpound ever!
100% Gulp's Overlook
100% Icy Speedway
100% Magma Cone
Top or Bottom?!
Secret of Magma Cone
100% Breeze Harbor
100% Skelos Badlands
100% Zephyr
100% Scorch
100% Autumn Plains
Portal Speedway [m]
100% Metro Speedway
100% Sunny Beach
100% Aquaria Towers
100% Ocean Speedway
100% Summer Forest
100% Crystal Glacier
Snake Bridge
100% Glimmer
Bridge to Castle
Portal Zephyr
Yeah, I can climb right now!
100% Crush's Dungeon
Bested Crush
100% Idol Springs
I don't need to swim!
It's freedom right now!
100% Hurricos
You're Basically Immortal Now!
100% Colossus
Ice Hockey Match Time Attack
Yeah, I can swim right now!
Journey will continue!

200% complete
~Hack~ Mario Party 64 (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2021-10-04 21:55:41
Earned 20 of 20 achievements, 177/177 points.
You Are a Superstar!
Token Collector
Master of the Board Game
It's a Secret
Space ... Spaaaace!
On the Battlefield
I'mma Sleddin' Quickly
Watch Out for the Lava
This is an Engine Room?
Switched up for the Caps
On To Minigame Island!
Fruits of Different Kinds
Don't Get Burned!
Dessert Fit For a Princess
In the Sewers
Over the Castle
They're Falling!
Adventuring in the Jungle
Down the Pipe
First One is Always Free

58% complete
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-10-04 05:20:08
Earned 19 of 66 achievements, 100/730 points.
Eyerok Eyesore
Android 18-Wheeler
Bone-in Cucumber-Banana Parfait
Mario Kart 7
Waluigi Wanderer
Bully Star Bash
Big Bully Beatdown
Lightning 50cc (3 star)
Star 50cc (3 star)
Flower 50cc (3 star)
Special 50cc (3 star)
Leaf 50cc (3 star)
Banana 50cc (3 star)
A New Car!!
Shell 50cc (3 star)
Daisy Drifto
Dry Bones Drafting
Mushroom 50cc (3 star)
Everybody Super Mario Karting
Mushroom 100cc (3 star)
Mushroom 150cc (3 stars)
Mushroom Mirror (3 star)
Flower 100cc (3 star)
Flower 150cc (3 star)
Flower Mirror (3 star)
Star 100cc (3 star)
Star 150cc (3 star)
Star Mirror (3 star)
Special 100cc (3 star)
Special 150cc (3 star)
Special Mirror (3 star)
Shell 100cc (3 star)
Shell 150cc (3 star)
Shell Mirror (3 star)
Banana 100cc (3 star)
Banana 150cc (3 star)
Banana Mirror (3 star)
Leaf 100cc (3 star)
Leaf 150cc (3 star)
Leaf Mirror (3 star)
Lightning 100cc (3 star)
Lightning 150cc (3 star)
Lightning Mirror (3 star)
Goomboss Gamble
King Boo Koinage
Battle on the Big Bob-omb
Chief Chilly Champion
Wiggler Womper
Beaten Handily
Goomboss Gold Star
King Star Coins
Blackhole Bomb
Free Chilly
Wiggler Wildstar
Borrowed the Girlfriend's Car
Spring Green
I Think I Just Kidnapped Myself
Dukes of Daisy Flower Child
Toads of Thunder
Cradle to the Fossil Pit
Farmer Donkey of Kongs
Offroad Odyssey
Waluleggy Land
He's Gonna Wreck It
SAINT Number-5

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Awarded on 09 Oct 2021, 06:23

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