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Eltana 26 Oct 2023 00:20
If anyone viewing knows of any JRPGs I might enjoy based on my completed/played games, please let me know! <3
RedrumOverdose 31 Oct 2023 04:24
I see you're jumping into the DQ series, hope you're having a good time with them!
Eltana 5 Nov 2023 00:05
I am! With the exception of that blasted Cursed Necklace achievement for DQ1. Must have gone into that cave hundreds of times by now.
Eltana 5 Nov 2023 00:16
Haha! I literally just got it. Guess I had to complain first.
RedrumOverdose 5 Nov 2023 01:13
Cursed Necklace is brutal. On the MSX version it took me about 5 hours. Then I learned after I got it that you can do that chest grind after defeating the Dragonlord so you don't have encounters.

But no drop will ever haunt me like the Pink Tail in FF4.

And that's definitely the Murphy's Law of RNG: You'll never get the drop you want until you either complain or decide to give up.
Riddle 6 Nov 2023 19:43
Sweet Home was a pretty awesome game if you've never played it.
Eltana 10 Nov 2023 03:56
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep that in mind!