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HanBunno 26 Nov 2022 05:45
God of war cheevo
EliasPapp 26 Nov 2022 19:14
Wow, that's the first 100 pts. cheevo I ever seen.
Might be brutally hard so good luck
chocolatiel 6 Jan 2023 04:34
GG mastering L2K :D SMW HYPE!
EliasPapp 6 Jan 2023 23:11
@chocolatiel thanks, man! Yeah it was good to revisit it and try once again to master it. Wasn't easy but I got it B) give it another try and I'm sure you can beat it too.
ConfluentOhm 7 Jan 2023 20:41
Been gone awhile. A lot has happened in life, many conflicting feelings internally not to mention my Steam backlog is frigging gigantic and I got kind of burned out of cheevo hunting while playing RE:4.
I'm back though and need to get to work on a couple of games plus maybe actually developing the set I took as a part of being a junior dev.
EliasPapp 8 Jan 2023 15:37
@ConfluentOhm oh, I get it. I hope you can sort them all out soon.
Good to see you back, man, but don't overdo it. Good luck on the sets :)
OmegaVideoGameGod 31 Jan 2023 10:19
very nice
EliasPapp 1 Feb 2023 04:42
Thanks, OmegaVGG :)
HanBunno 19 Apr 2023 09:52
thanks bro, sorry for late reply but thats cool man i am sure i cant even play that game at all lol
EliasPapp 22 Apr 2023 00:35
@HanBunno, no problem
lol yeah it might be hard at the start but after beating some cups and lowering the analog's sensibility you can go really far :)
HanBunno 1 Jun 2023 09:10
Yo Thanks bro Happy 3rd ra anniversary to you too,
i see you are starting to getting more active again
HanBunno 5 Jun 2023 10:17
nice man, i am just getting back on ra again
doing Black on ps2 + maybe i gonna finish up my timesplitters future perfect.
I am still awaiting my crash bash coop cheevos manual unlock since i finished it with my friend
HanBunno 7 Jun 2023 02:00
i did a playthrough and my friend streamed the full playthrough so yea, i just give them the vods collection for manual unlock and have the dev set to see some of it for approval
EliasPapp 8 Jun 2023 19:08
Oh that makes sense. Great job on beating it and I hope they unlock the cheevos for you :)
OmegaVideoGameGod 22 Jun 2023 04:08
very good
EliasPapp 22 Jun 2023 23:12
Thanks a lot, OmegaVGG ^^
ConfluentOhm 25 Jun 2023 22:53
Heya boss, checking in. Hope you're doing well. I also just had to say I see that F-Zero X completion badge on your medal rack. Well done, well done!
EliasPapp 5 Jul 2023 03:57
@ConfluentOhm what's up, bro. I'm fine, wbu?
Thanks a lot, it was the most intense set but feels great to be the 6th to ever master it here :3 even got a time trial record on Silence but Vegan is insanely good and broke it within 3 days or so.
Nice job with the Spyro sets ;)
HanBunno 10 Oct 2023 18:48
how you doing lately bro, i mastered i guess most of the james bond set and did 2 alone in the dark. A great experience
JooJnin 27 Nov 2023 04:07