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Droneando (560 points) (925)

Member Since: 03 Jun 2021, 04:59
Last Activity: 21 Sep 2021, 06:20
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Playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 | Street Fighter Zero 3

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0% complete
Street Fighter Alpha 3 | Street Fighter Zero 3 (Arcade)
Last played 2021-09-21 06:20:29
Earned 0 of 70 achievements, 0/695 points.
Street Fighters [Arcade, 2-Normal, 3 Credits]
Alpha Fighters [Arcade, 2-Normal, 3 Credits]
Final Showdown [Arcade, 2-Normal, 3 Credits]
The Man, The Myth, The Legend [Arcade, 1-Easy, 1 Credit]
Hyper Alpha Taunt Turbo [Arcade, 2-Normal, 1 Credit]
Prepare Yourself [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Air Guard [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Air Recover [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Ground Recover [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Alpha Score Attack [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Arcade Professional [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Arcade Time Attack [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
X-ISM Style [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
A-ISM Style [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
V-ISM Style [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
X-ISM Strike [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
A-ISM Strike [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
V-ISM Strike [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Final Strike [Arcade, 2-Normal, 3 Credits]
No Goal Too High [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
No Pain, No Gain [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
No... ...Escape... [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
No Time (To Play A Round) [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Quick, Change The Channel! [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Reach YoU (Final Fight) [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
...One Can... ...Death [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Go For Broke! [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Triumph Or Die! [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Rigged Match [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
All Or Nothing [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Schools Out (Choose Your Path) [Arcade, 2-Normal]
Boxing Champion [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Kickboxing Champion [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Regular Combo [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Throw Combo [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Chain Combo [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Super Combos (A-ISM) [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Non-Super Hit Deluxe [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Non-Super Throw Deluxe [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Non-Super Combo [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Variable Punch Combo (V-ISM) [Arcade, 2-Normal]
Variable Kick Combo (V-ISM) [Arcade, 2-Normal]
Variable Combo (V-ISM) [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Multi Variable Combo (V-ISM) [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Cranked [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Stay Cranked [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Caught In The Matrix (V-ISM) [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Animal Instinct (A-ISM) [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Final Judgement [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Never Give Up [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Never Guard Down [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Vitality Redefined [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Survival Of The Fittest [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Fight.Score.Recover.Repeat [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Lets Party! [Arcade, 2-Normal]
Late To The Party [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Remember The Name [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Back In The Game [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Beta Blocker [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Alpha Strike [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Wasted (X-ISM) [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
High Voltage (X-ISM) [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Deep Impact [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Meteor Rain [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Ancient Berserker [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Satsui no Hado [Ryu starts with Taunt] [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]
Skull Crusher [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Psycho Charge Alpha (Juni) [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Psycho Charge Beta (Juli) [Arcade, 3-Hard 1]
Clash Of The Super Powers [Arcade, 4-Hard 2]

44% complete
Final Fight (Arcade)
Last played 2021-09-17 16:37:27
Earned 22 of 50 achievements, 350/850 points.
Leave me alone!
Projectile deflector
Kenshi Guy
Bushin Senpu-kyaku!
Don't mess with the mayor of Metro City.
Up Town
Don't hurt her!
Bay Area
Double Lariat!
1 Million Golden Streetwise!
Industrial Area
The War is over
Ih! Nojento!
500K Silver Streetwise
Pipe Specialist Haggar
Oh! my god!!
200K Bronze Streetwise
Slum Master
Ah para oh!
1 Credit Finish
Jessica, my love.
Glass burglar
Damn it!
Masamune owned!
Andore's trap
Don't spit on the floor!
Just like Neo from Matrix
Don't think you'll get by me so easily!
The end of the Mad Gear Gang?
Subway Rat
Industrial Revolutioner
San Francisco is my hometown
Uptown Tycoon
Knife Master Cody
Cyclone Kick!
Sankaku Tobi
Hiji Otoshi
Saturday Night Slam Master
Knee Drop
Cody's Ruffian Kick
Cody's Flying Kick

31% complete
Gaia Crusaders (Arcade)
Last played 2021-08-22 18:37:22
Earned 16 of 52 achievements, 157/797 points.
Faithful To My Character
Sand Antiquity Soil
Thirst Soil
Holding Back: Novice
Lava Soil
Are They Monkeys?
Ruin Soil
Low Health Doesn't Stop Me Combo'ing
Mechanical Soil
Failing Mechanicals
Lizards Be Gone
Dissolution Soil
Blue Soil
Oh.. Sharp!
Combo Novice
I've Got The!
Blue Soil (Hardest)
Dissolution Soil (Hardest)
Mechanical Soil (Hardest)
Ruin Soil (Hardest)
Lava Soil (Hardest)
Thirst Soil (Hardest)
Sand Antiquity Soil (Hardest)
Combo Intermediate
Combo Expert
Combo Novice (Hardest)
Combo Intermediate (Hardest)
Combo Expert (Hardest)
Holding Back: Intermediate
Holding Back: Expert
Precise Attacker
Precise Attacker (Hardest)
This Hulk Is A Big Green Fake
This Hulk Is A Big Green Fake (Hardest)
Stick'em With The Pointy End
Smashin' Goblins
Looking Spiderish? Must Die!
Lizards Be Gone (Hardest)
Are They Monkeys? (Hardest)
Smashin' Goblins (Hardest)
Looking Spiderish? Must Die! (Hardest)
Failing Mechanicals! (Hardest)
Faithful To My Character (Hardest)
Cobweb Dodger: Rank I
Cobweb Dodger: Rank II
Major Blow!
Major Blow! (Hardest)
Bring It On!
Defeated Like An Egyptian
Defeated Like An Egyptian (Hardest)
Don't Crack My Head
Don't Crack My Head (Hardest)

28% complete
Blood Bros. (Arcade)
Last played 2021-08-22 11:07:35
Earned 9 of 32 achievements, 50/310 points.
Profesional 2 - 1
For a Few Dollars More
Profesional 1 - 3
A Fistful of Dollars
High Noon
Profesional 1 - 2
Profesional 1 - 1
Profesional 1 - 4
Profesional 2 - 2
Profesional 2 - 3
Profesional 2 - 4
Profesional 3 - 1
Profesional 3 - 2
Profesional 3 - 3
Profesional 3 - 4
Profesional 4 - 1
Profesional 4 - 2
Profesional 4 - 3
Profesional 4 - 4
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Profesional 5 - 1
Profesional 5 - 2
Profesional 5 - 3
Profesional 5 - 4
The Searchers
Once Upon a Time in the West
Will Kane
Ethan Edwards
Arch Stanton

0% complete
Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)
Last played 2021-08-22 10:59:21
Earned 0 of 106 achievements, 0/919 points.
World 1 Clear (SMB1)
World 2 Clear (SMB1)
World 3 Clear (SMB1)
World 4 Clear (SMB1)
World 5 Clear (SMB1)
World 6 Clear (SMB1)
World 7 Clear (SMB1)
Game Clear (SMB1)
World 1 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
World 2 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
World 3 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
World 4 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
World 5 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
World 6 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
World 7 Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
Game Clear [2nd Quest] (SMB1)
Shortest Route (SMB1)
Steadfast Platformer
Warp Zone
Super Mario Bronus
15 Lives (SMB1)
World 1 Clear (TLL)
World 2 Clear (TLL)
World 3 Clear (TLL)
World 4 Clear (TLL)
World 5 Clear (TLL)
World 6 Clear (TLL)
World 7 Clear (TLL)
Game Clear (TLL)
World 9 Clear (TLL)
World A Clear (TLL)
World B Clear (TLL)
World C Clear (TLL)
Game Clear [2nd Quest] (TLL)
Shortest Route (TLL)
15 Lives (TLL)
Lost and Found
Super Mario Brostar 2
Bonus Slots
Bonus Chances
20 Lives (SMB2)
Long Life
Bested Pink Birdo
Bested Mouser
Bested Tricylde 1
Mouser 2
Bested Mouser 2
Bested Fryguy
Bested Clawgrip
Tryclyde 2
Bested Tryclyde 2
Bested Hawkmouth
Bested Wart
World Expert (SMB2)
Mario Expert
Luigi Expert
Princess Toadstool Expert
Toad Expert
Shortest Route (SMB2)
Sweet Dreams
Desert Hill
Sea Side
Big Island
The Sky
Iced Land
Pipe Maze
Castle of Koopa
... The Harder They Fall
Dominated Grass Land
Dominated Desert Hill
Dominated Sea Side
Dominated Big Island
Dominated The Sky
Dominated Iced Land
Dominated Pipe Maze
Dominated Castle of Koopa
Take Me Higher
Music Box
Full Set
Stocked Up
Stars Aligned
Goomba Massacre
Dry-bones Dance-off!
Hammer Time
20 Lives (SMB3)
Blue Mushroom 1
Blue Mushroom 2
Blue Mushroom 3
Blue Mushroom 4
Blue Mushroom 5
Blue Mushroom 6
Blue Mushroom 7
Coin Ship
Shortest Route (SMB3)

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