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Member Since: 27 Mar 2022, 00:09
Last Activity: 14 Aug 2022, 20:01
Account Type: [Registered]

Hardcore Points: 3808 points (7884)
Retro Ratio: 2.07
Average Completion: 21.75%
Site Rank: 5879 / 29331 ranked users (Top 20.04%)
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Last 5 games played:

85% complete
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-08-14 18:44:47
Earned 32 of 75 achievements, 192/575 points.
Galaxy Energy
Immortal, However ... I'm X-MEN
Berserker Barrage X
Rebel Swordsman
Hits Combinations 8: Hidden Blade
Brave Example
Spiritual Archrival
Shinku Charged with Energy
Battery Operable
Hits Combinations 12: Concentrated Plasma
Proton Cannon
Boiling Delicacy
Capcom Perfect Fighter
Masterful illusion
Royal Flush
Absorption Skills
Prohibiting Jumping
Magnetic Shockave
Space Adventurer
Captain Beam
Breaking Defense Barriers
Teamwork: Capcom
Patriarchal Warrior
Hits Combinations 9: Armored Shield
Teamwork: Marvel
Hyper Charging Star
Bitter Flavor of Dots
To Vary a Good Score
Mark these Points in History
Spiritual Rival
Uncontrollable Wrestler
Lady Nightmare
With Great Responsibility
Illuminated Powers
Cosmic Energy Parasite
Brutamont Scientist
Reason for Becoming Dark
Roll Roll-Chan
Envy is My Strong Point
Golden Armor
Alternative Prague
Extremely Alternative
Just With the Look of Penance
Iron Body
Eternal Slumber
Ultimate Web Throw
Saotome Cyclone
Death Bite
Gamma Wave
Venom Web
War Destroyer
Brilliant Shower
Hulk Smash
Hyper Roll
Sky Counter Crash
No Mercy
Marvel Perfect Fighter
Hits Combinations 1: Supreme Spell Loading
Hits Combinations 2: Leg Turn
Hits Combinations 3: Ring Monster
Hits Combinations 4: Bats Silhouette
Hits Combinations 5: Command in Action
Hits Combinations 6: Buster-X
Hits Combinations 7: Fists of Fire
Hits Combinations 10: Stuck in Webs
Hits Combinations 11: Destructive Earthquake
Hits Combinations 13: Letter in the Sleeve
Hits Combinations 14: Titanic Claws
Hits Combinations 15: Through the walls
Chronicles Left from Capcom
Chronicles Left from Marvel
I'll Leave My Name
Super Hero

18% complete
Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2022-08-07 17:14:28
Earned 4 of 45 achievements, 35/535 points.
Space Land
Spare Some Change
Mystery Land
Not a Mystery Anymore
Western Land
Western Land S-Rank
Pirate Land
Pirate Land S-Rank
Horror Land
Horror Land S-Rank
Space Land S-Rank
Mystery Land S-Rank
Bowser Land
Bowser Land S-Rank
Mini-Game Coaster World 1
Mini-Game Coaster World 2
Mini-Game Coaster World 3
Mini-Game Coaster World 4
Mini-Game Coaster World 5
Mini-Game Coaster World 6
Mini-Game Coaster World 7
Mini-Game Coaster World 8
Slight Overestimate
Never Go Down Without Your Cash
6 Golden Coins
Tipping Point
Slot Car Dash 3
Arrow Dynamic
Aces High
Prompt Pastry Production
Destruction Derby
Key to Victory
Contraband Dancing Technique
Complete Your Training
Toll Atoll
Beam Team
Go on a Ghost Hunt
On the House
Party Foul
Star Transfer Complete
Superstar Sweep 2
Stadium Superstar
No Contest
Perfect Partier

14% complete
Mario Party (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2022-08-05 21:11:13
Earned 4 of 56 achievements, 30/545 points.
Tropical Island
Balloon Blitz
Gimme a Lift
Birthday Cake
Jungle Adventure
Jungle Adventure S-Rank
Birthday Cake S-Rank
Tropical Island S-Rank
Battle Canyon
Battle Canyon S-Rank
Engine Room
Engine Room S-Rank
Rainbow Castle
Rainbow Castle S-Rank
Magma Mountain
Magma Mountain S-Rank
Eternal Star
Eternal Star S-Rank
Coin Superstar
Mini-Game Superstar
Superstar Sweep
Mini-Game Island World 1
Mini-Game Island World 2
Mini-Game Island World 3
Mini-Game Island World 4
Mini-Game Island World 5
Mini-Game Island World 6
Mini-Game Island World 7
Mini-Game Island World 8
Mini-Game Island World 9
Slot Car Dash 1
Slot Car Dash 2
Crowned Cutter
Cash Aways
Paddle Pacifist
Bobsled Speedrun
Chomper Stomper
Plus Block
Minus Block
Speed Block
Slow Block
Warp Block
Event Block
Mecha Fly Guy
Talking Parrot
Lucky Box
Casino Box
Magma Map
No Koopa
No Boo
Mini-Game Master

109% complete
Tekken 3 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-08-03 20:02:16
Earned 44 of 81 achievements, 396/907 points.
Team Battle Iron Fist
Zebra Skin Costume
Lady in Red
Weapon of Destruction
Tank Top
Fist of Fury
Short Temper Dinosaur
I Can Play Fighting Volleyball
2,000-year Old Oak Tree
Iron Fists
Pool Side
Winning Run
Protect Mother Earth
Expert Combo
Skillful combo
Blood Talon
Game of Death Outfit
Panda Bear
Survivor #10
TA Under 10
Wandering Fighter
Capoeirista em busca da verdade (Fixer)
A Grandson's Fall
Last Laugh
Nuevo Campeon de Lucha Libre (Destiny)
Body Slam
Middle Age
Ogre's Blood
Afternoon Nap
Dirty Blood
Perfect! #3
War Between Sisters
Combo Finish!
Big Brawler
Mechanized Space Ninja
Drunken Master
Newbie combo
Mestre dos Paranaues
Lethal Fighting Style
High Spirited Girl
Lightning of Fate
Rage Bear
Snake Eyes
The King of Iron Fist
Baby Dino
Doctor Bosconovitch
Monstrous Ogre
Loyal Pet
Disco Dancing
Secret Love
Supa Fly
The Beast Awakened
Failed Experiment
Survivor #18
Survivor #25
Secrets Revealed
TA Under 5
The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3
When It's Over It's Over
The Iron Fist Tournament 3 is Complete
The Scientist
Copper Key
Silver Key
Gold Key
Tiger Jackson
Mishima Polytechnical School Seifuku
Mishima Polytechnical School Uniform
Iron Legs
Knock! Knock!

7% complete
Spider-Man (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-08-03 19:08:22
Earned 2 of 60 achievements, 8/700 points.
You Serious??
Safe and Sound
Stealthy Spider
Nobody Would Know... Nobody
Get Over Here!
Follow the Cold Shiver Running Down Your Spine
I'm Not the Bad Guy!
Toro, Toro!
A Venomous Relationship
Personal Space
I'm Trained for This
It's Not Easy Being Green
The A-Maze-Ing Spider-Man
Suck Out the Venom
Went Up the Water Spout
What's My Name?!
I'm On Fire Today!
People Need to Believe
Show's Over, Beck!
This Place Blows
I'm Not a Water Spider
A Gift, Not a Privilege
No Idea What You're In For
Maximum Carnage
Minimum Carnage
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
Now Dig On This!
I'll Make Him INfamous!
No Ticket!
You're Lucky I'm Not Armed
One Less Day
The Two
Don't Look, Peter! Keep Your Eyes Shut!
Full Speed Ahead Mr. Parker, Full Speed Ahead
Dirty Dancing
We Told You So!
Small, Green and Gruesome
Three Minutes of Playtime
Go Web!
Up, Up and Away, Web!
Thrill of the Hunt
Exzipit A
It's Rude to Point!
Back in Black
Universe Man, Universe Man
Unlimited Power!
I Think I'm a Clone Now
That's Just Like You
Some Things Never Change
Any Questions?
The Golden Age
With Great Power...

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