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MGNS8M 24 Apr 2023 15:12
Interesting story on finding the site, hope it goes well, you're off to a good start ~
Darkfang114 24 Apr 2023 15:22
Thank you I plan to play so much that I missed during my younger years! Aiming for top 1%
SporyTike 9 Jun 2023 14:12
I am indeed considering doing the other Puzzle sets, especially because they are technically easy to code, just a bit time consuming. Currently I am focusing on other games but I appreciate people telling me they like my sets. Maybe I will consider doing another set of those soon.
NickGoat1990 11 Jul 2023 22:58
No, I'm racing the game.
voleN 7 Oct 2023 10:49
Hey! I saw you were a Sly fan like myself, so I decided to peruse your profile. I noticed you have Sly 1 mastered, but haven't started Sly 2. So I figured I'd let ya know (if you don't already lol) that Sly 2 has a set now. It's pretty dang solid to be honest. I just wish my setup could run it better. Anywho, have a great time man. You're pretty close to your goal! Good luck!
voleN 7 Oct 2023 15:46
That's fair! It's a pretty large set for sure, and it's never fun to replay games that fast lol. I didn't even know you could follow people on here, so I followed ya back. I find it super neat there's a miniature leaderboard for between who you follow. I really enjoy that. I'm really stuck in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd right now, with the translation and HD texture pack, it looks great and is really addicting. I look forward to seeing you hit that 1% man. Cheers