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Member Since: 16 May 2020, 19:25
Last Activity: 21 Jan 2021, 06:28
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Retro Ratio: 3.31
Average Completion: 72.84%
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Playing Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

Last 5 games played:

83% complete
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color)
Last played 2021-01-19 22:30:07
Earned 15 of 36 achievements, 80/257 points.
Water Magician
King Of Dragons
Darkness Consumes You
Black Belt Hero
Fashion Sense
The First Ending
Ice Ice Baby
Hulk Hogan
Breaking The Unbreakable
Spooky Scary Skeleton
Whiney Whitney
Mascot Madness
Soaring Speed
Bald Eagle
Caterpillar Construction Zone
Balls Of Steel
Waterfall Meditation
Sending You To The Retirement Home
Did Not See That Coming
I Am The Antidote
Karate King
Black Birds Bring Bad Luck
Uprising Popstar
Chapter Zero
Sentret Walk
Ancient Omelet
Wall Outlet

186% complete
Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-01-19 21:19:29
Earned 54 of 58 achievements, 460/560 points.
25 More and I can go Super... Oh, wait...
Unlike Sonic I Don't Chuckle
Comix Zone
I'm not Blaze, I've only got ONE life!
Houston, We have a Problem (Amy)
Houston, We have a Problem (Knuckles)
Houston, We have a Problem (Sonic)
Houston, We have a Problem (Tails)
Shield Paradise
Super Sonic Finish
This is not over!!!
Chaos Control!
Tails Just Don't Care
The Classic Duo
Hammer Fight
Untouchable Hedgehog
The Hammer Girl
Space Race (Amy)
Are You...? (Amy)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Amy)
What Happens In Casinos... (Amy)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Amy)
Like Old Times (Amy)
Neo Green Hill Speedrun
Foxes Can Swim, but Hedgehogs Can't?
The Master Emerald Guardian
Space Race (Knuckles)
Are You...?! (Knuckles)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Knuckles)
What Happens In Casinos... (Knuckles)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Knuckles)
Like Old Times (Knuckles)
Eggman Toy
The Power of Chaos
The Two Tailed Fox
Prepared for the Worst.
Space Race (Tails)
Are You...? (Tails)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Tails)
What Happens In Casinos... (Tails)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Tails)
Like Old Times (Tails)
The End?
The Fastest Thing Alive
Space Race (Sonic)
My precious!!!
Are You...? (Sonic)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Sonic)
Nine Hedgehogs
What Happens In Casinos... (Sonic)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Sonic)
Like Old Times
Like Old Times (Sonic)
Collector of Rings.
Secret Base Speedrun
Casino Paradise Speedrun
Ice Mountain Speedrun
Angel Island Speedrun

200% complete
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-01-14 20:00:50
Earned 64 of 64 achievements, 528/528 points.
Can't Stop Me Now
2003, A Space Catastrophe
Some Kind Of Rock Pun
Well, You Tried
Solid Gold Standard
Crunch 'n' Munch
Mr. N.'s Wild Ride
A Fire In Your Pants
Flying Through The Night
King Medium Rare
We Are Floating In Space
Boss Casaba
Slidin' Through Egypt
Blister Lava Lava
Crash Unlogged
Istanbul Gets The Works
Sunaway Bandicoot
Magmanimous Marauder
A Blockful of Strollers
From The Grave To Your Plate
Marathon of Torture
Rugaway Run
Around The World In 80 Seconds
More Like Runhouse
Like Old Times
I Wanna Get Off
Crash Fiwalker
Flying A Knight
Fast Forensics
Platinum Standard
Entrance Through N. Trance
Curse of King Toot
You Red My Mind
Don't Lose Focus
Casaba Diet
Live On, Brave Bandicoot
Ahead In The Game
It's Kinda Easy Being Green
Tough To Be A God
You Sure Blue It
Rock Cruncher
Finally Found You, Faker!
All A Mirage
Logged Drain
Lava Little
Go, My Sun
Not Constantinople
Hot Coco
A Fistful of Ballers
Living Dead Bandicoot
Crunch's Big Break
Paint And Mahogany
Crunching The Numbers
No Strings Attached
You Float On A Head
Jester of Dunk
Alone In The Desert
What's Up, Dock?
Finger Prince

96% complete
Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-01-13 21:43:16
Earned 92 of 192 achievements, 410/1077 points.
Master of Hazy Maze Cave
Moneybag in the Maze
Bouncing Off Mushrooms
Perfect Prediction
Bowling for Bob-ombs
Bombs Away
The Better Target
Mario's Revenge
Yoshi, you can do!
Yoshi vs. Goomboss
Master of Big Boo's Haunt
Moneybag in the Haunt
You Can't Eat Ghosts!
Bowser's Damageless Round 1
Bested King Whomp
Master of Jolly Roger Bay
Just jump onto the Stone Cliff
You're strong enough!
Moneybag in the Roger Bay
Fire Yoshi Challenge
Master of Cool, Cool Mountain
Moneybag in the Cool Mountain
Not only walk kick works!
Master of Whomp's Fortress
Moneybag in the Fortress
Need Backflips!
Secret of the Fortress
Yoshi and the Fortress
Super Mega
Master of Bob-omb Battlefield
Moneybag in the Battlefield
Luigi's Breathtaking Hike
I don't need to fly!
Red Coin Damageless Round 3
Real Wario is here
Luigi vs. Chief Chilly
Rolling Away
Good Shell Action
Curling Champion
Dead Center
Sliding to the Star
Falling Heads
The Art of Remembering
Real Luigi is here
Thanks for playing! [m]
Ready for final Bowser's Round
Secret of the Water Town
Secret of the Giant Snowman
Hoot in the Tall Mountain
Road to Floor!
Submarine is gone!
Really Loves Me!
Destined to Be Alone
Dragging Out the Inevitable
Really Loves Me... Not!
Desperate for Love
An Eye for Spots
More Time to Observe the Wiggler in His Natural Habitat
A Knack for Faces
Taking Toad's Money
Professional Bounty Hunter
All the Time in the World
Like in Kindergarten!
Clean up!
Metal Wario
Reach the Lobby at the Top
Secret of the Desert
Secret of the Molten Area
Road to Basement!
Vanish Luigi
Courtyard Damageless [m]
Ready for second Bowser's Round
Balloon Mario
Just chill!
Fire Yoshi
Hoot in the Cool Mountain
Secret of the Snowy Mountain
It's time to use Power Flower
Secret of ? Switch [m]
Real Mario is here
Ready for first Bowser's Round
Hoot in the Fortress
Ready for Mario
Bested King Bob-omb
Secret of the Battlefield
A New Journey
It belongs to me!
Welcome to inside the Castle
The End of Journey
Master of Lethal Lava Land
Master of Shifting Sand Land
Master of Dire, Dire Docks
Master of Snowman's Land
Master of Wet-Dry World
Master of Tall, Tall Mountain
Master of Tiny-Huge Island
Master of Tick Tock Clock
Master of Rainbow Ride
Secrets of Castle
Master of Cannon
What a surprise?!
Full Access [m]
Secret of the Rocky Mountain
Secret of the Island
Secret of the Rainbows
Luigi's Revenge
Wario's Revenge
Mario vs. King Boo
Bowser's Damageless Round 2
Bowser's Damageless Round 3
Moneybag in the Volcano
Moneybag in the Desert
Moneybag in the Dire Docks
Moneybag in the Snowman's Land
Moneybag in the Town
Moneybag in the Tall Mountain
Moneybag in the Island
Moneybag in the Clock
Moneybag in the Rainbows
Hoot in the Snowman's Land
Hoot in the Island
To the exit is the best Shortcut
It smells good!
Hot in the Volcano
Lava's Challenge
Wario vs. Big Bully
Luigi's Desert Expedition
Yoshi vs. Eyerok
Hot in the Pyramid
First fast then slow!
Wario vs. Chill Bully
100% Accurate
Hoot, you're my friend!
Here's no Mysterious Mountainside!
Just catch them!
No Metal!
No Carpet!
Be aware!
Yoshi's Challenge Red Coins Round 1
Yoshi's Challenge Red Coins Round 2
Red Coin Damageless Round 1
Red Coin Damageless Round 2
Luigi's Mansion
Bested Eyerok
Bested Wiggler
The Power of all 150 Stars
Both are fat!
Big Party
No way!
Wrong way!
You failed!
Where's the Poltergust?
Panel Proficiency
Perfect Hearing
Treasured Voices
The Power of Observation
Yoshi's Savior
Staying Calm
All Bounced Out
Precision Pouncing
Separate But Equal
No Mario Left Behind
Budget Cuts
Suicide Prevention
Staying Airbourne
Endless Bouncing
Ring Combo
Mario Quadruplets
The Goomba Card
The Bowser Card
A Safe Bet
Full House
4 of a Kind
Raising the Blinds
Straight Up Bet
Red or Black
The Sound of Rain
Higher than Luigi
100 Pairs
Modest Memory
Super Mario Slot Star
The Full Experience
Slots Shot Jackpot
Slingshotting Spinies
Scraping for Change
The World's Largest Snowball

118% complete
Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
Last played 2021-01-10 01:49:28
Earned 30 of 51 achievements, 166/463 points.
World 6
Flamer Only
World 5
Fryin' the Ice
One Up Over The Competition 5
World 4
World 1 Mushroom Collector
One Up Over The Competition 2
Shortcut To The Frosty Ice
Full Body Pull
High Jumper
World 3
One Up Over The Competition 3
World Master
Level Master
An Unlikely Shortcut
World 2
Triple Threat
Fire Bow
One Up Over The Competition 4
World 1
Explosive Mouse
Slot Winner
Mushroom Power
Classic Jumper
He or She?
Time Freezer
One Up Over The Competition 1
World 7
Mario Master
Luigi Master
Princess Toadstool Master
Toad Master
Crab Meat
Frog Legs
Dream Master
Dream Team
World 2 Mushroom Collector
World 3 Mushroom Collector
World 4 Mushroom Collector
World 5 Mushroom Collector
World 6 Mushroom Collector
World 7 Mushroom Collector
One Up Over The Competition 6
Shortcut To The Night
Shortcut To The Sands
Shortcut To The Clouds
Superstar vs. Birdo
Making Birdo See Stars

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