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RetroSprites 16 Jul 2022 02:32
Congratulations for mastering Super Mario Land 1, 2 and Wario Land
CassetteCobra 16 Jul 2022 03:10
Thanks man, Super Mario Land 1 was a PAIN to go through. World Record Speedrun cheevs are so annoying -_-
RetroSprites 14 Sep 2022 01:21
Congratulations mate, we surpassed the TOP 1000 :D
Rulrite 12 Jan 2023 21:15
Oh, thank you! I'm just glad that Shuffle is getting a set - I'll trust the developers to go in the direction they like, and let them reach out if they want to.

You have an impressive set of achievements/awards, by the way! Great job!
Kaachow 19 Feb 2023 03:35
''Excuse me, but how exactly did you get the "Fire Bomber" cheev? I gotten to world 6 a couple times collecting as many fire ups as I go along, but I never seemed to have gotten it. I had the Supreme Red Remote Bomb equipped why I was collecting them, did you also had this setup by the time you got the cheev or not?'' hello, I got it in world 6, yes I had this configuration, I just didn't get the supreme fire, because maybe the achievement can go wrong, try to get all the fire powers without getting the supreme fire
Kaachow 19 Feb 2023 03:38
I hope this helps, good luck
MahBoi 9 Mar 2023 05:10
It is a travesty that the REAL Zelda classics are not supported yet.
DanBdC 11 May 2023 01:54
Thanks for sharing the videos on each of SpongeBob Movie Game dev times achievements, well, beating their time wasn't necessary for 100% and they didn't imagine that 19 years later they would have a website and that their records would become extremely difficult achievements haha
CassetteCobra 11 May 2023 02:07
Ahhh, that is true lol. I just researched how to find these times in-game. Yea they were not expecting kids to find those hidden easter eggs to know what their record was.

Also found out that the Patty Wagon on the GC version is also faster, which would've definitely helped beating these cheevs easier.
SuperMeatBro 23 May 2023 03:54
That average completion bro
IzaNamiZX 11 Sep 2023 01:44
Congrats on the top 300 dude!