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Embrace your dreams. (BR)

Member Since: 20 Jun 2020, 17:09
Last Activity: 02 Dec 2021, 19:17
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Last 5 games played:

196% complete
Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-12-02 16:23:56
Earned 96 of 98 achievements, 544/645 points.
Black Wing Metamorphosis
Duel of the Blades
Around the World
Crimson Jazz
Emerald Blues
Lucky Number Slevin
Strago's Tribute
Ascension to Cosmo Canyon
Final Catastrophe
Chemical Mess
Sweet Vengeance
Trigger Happy Havoc
Shout to the Top
Triple Kill!
The Gauntlet
Find Your Sword in This Land
Cut to the Chase
Broken Diamond
War: The White Weapon
Nuclear Fusion
A Spaceman Came Travelling
WOW! They're HUGE!
A Journey Through Grand Oceans
Aphrodite Oceanus
Ballad of the Sea
Sapphire Oceans
The Needle and the Damage Done
Captain of the Skies
Lost in the Depths
Night of Seclusion
The Souls of Chaos
The Harbinger of Death
Madd Forest
Canzone of Heart
Vivo Revenis
The Caves of Altamira
A Fine Frenzy
Black Hawk Down
Dragon's Run
Crystalbound Chant
Holiday Frappe
Thy Everlasting Winter Wind Blows
Frosty Wilderness
How Many Heavens Are There?
The Price of Freedom
Journeys on a Piano
Reminiscence ~ The Bitter Taste of Truth
Ultimate Curses!
Broken Mirror Reflection
Tower Defence 101
Slap Fight
Reminiscence ~ False Relations
Hasty Death
Now that Stinks!
Frozen Landscape
Reminiscence ~ Don't Forget the Child!
Valse Aerith
Last Moment
Mi Casa Su Casa
Ancient Steps Retraced
Echoes of Creation
Dragons of Paradise
Create Your Fantasy
Moulin a Cafe
Materia Junkie
Battle Symphony
Acoustic Fireworks
Poki no Tema
June Bug
Of Transformants and Brevity
Forbidden Memory (of a Forgotten Dream)
Double Kill!
Golden Feathers
Love Story
The Rules of the Road
Wrestling with Double Bass
Space Jam
Reverie of the Broken Phoenix
Sea Breeze Concerto
The Imperial March
Ravaging Reptile
The Female Ninja Joins the Team
DJ Chubby C. vs. Go Go Boco!
Basilisk Run
Reminiscence ~ Scars Carved by Fire
Beyond Midgar
The Ballad of Heisenberg
A Pimp's Destiny
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Workout Plan
Killing Hope
A Flower Blooming in the Slums
The Great Escape
Fluss der Liebe
David and Goliath

200% complete
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2021-11-25 18:35:10
Earned 238 of 238 achievements, 1590/1590 points.
Ultimate Barrier
Mailing List
SOLDIER 1st Class, Zack
[Normal] Gates of Light
[Hard] Gates of Light
[Normal] King of Beasts
[Hard] King of Beasts
[Hard] Training Missions
[Normal] Shinra Electric Power Company
Soul of a God
[Normal] Training Missions
[Hard] Shinra Electric Power Company
[Normal] Judgement
[Normal] Great Cavern of Wonders
[Hard] Judgement
[Normal] Doors to the Unknown
[Hard] Doors to the Unknown
[Hard] Great Cavern of Wonders
Infinite Knowledge
Genji Armor
To Go Even Further Beyond
[Normal] Unknown Energy
[Hard] Unknown Energy
[Normal] Realm of Demons
[Hard] Realm of Demons
[Normal] In Search of What?
[Hard] In Search of What?
[Hard] In Search of the Unknown
[Normal] In Search of the Unknown
[Normal] Monster Research Project
[Hard] Monster Research Project
[Normal] Counter-Mafia Project
[Hard] Counter-Mafia Project
[Normal] Seeking Precious Items
[Hard] Seeking Precious Items
[Normal] The Strongest Copies
[Hard] The Strongest Copies
[Normal] Genesis's Forces
[Hard] Genesis's Forces
[Normal] Zack, the Corporation Crusher
[Hard] Zack, the Corporation Crusher
[Normal] Zack, The Clean-up Guy
[Hard] Zack, The Clean-up Guy
[Normal] Genesis Evolution
[Hard] Genesis Evolution
[Normal] Special Operations Arms Laboratory
[Hard] Special Operations Arms Laboratory
[Normal] Unexplored Territories
[Hard] Unexplored Territories
[Normal] Monster Incidents
[Hard] Monster Incidents
[Normal] Stirrings
[Hard] Stirrings
[Normal] Sample Monsters IV
[Hard] Sample Monsters IV
[Normal] Hojo's Laboratory
[Hard] Hojo's Laboratory
[Normal] Annihilate the Crescent Unit
[Hard] Annihilate the Crescent Unit
[Normal] To End the War with Wutai
[Hard] To End the War with Wutai
[Normal] The Accessory Craftsman
[Normal] Seeking Priceless Items
[Hard] Seeking Priceless Items
[Hard] The Accessory Craftsman
[Normal] Plan for New Equipment
[Hard] Plan for New Equipment
[Normal] Sample Monsters III
[Hard] Sample Monsters III
[Normal] Zack, the Materia Hunter
[Hard] Yuffie's Notices
[Normal] Yuffie's Notices
[Hard] Zack, the Materia Hunter
[Normal] Invitation to the Underground
[Hard] Invitation to the Underground
[Normal] More Fun in the Sun!
[Hard] More Fun in the Sun!
[Normal] Mysteries of the World
[Hard] Mysteries of the World
[Normal] Orphans Escaping
[Hard] Orphans Escaping
[Normal] Contacts from P
[Hard] Contacts from P
[Normal] Clash With Genesis's Forces
[Hard] Clash With Genesis's Forces
[Normal] Sample Monsters II
[Hard] Sample Monsters II
[Normal] The Remnants Strike Again
[Hard] The Remnants Strike Again
Exa Flare
[Normal] Anonymous Hints
[Hard] Anonymous Hints
[Hard] Monster Reports
[Normal] Monster Reports
[Normal] Zack, The Treasure Hunter
[Hard] Zack, The Treasure Hunter
[Normal] ESP Development Project
[Hard] ESP Development Project
[Normal] Major Offensives
[Hard] Major Offensives
[Normal] Fun in the Sun!
[Hard] Fun in the Sun!
[Normal] To Become a Hero
[Hard] To Become a Hero
[Normal] Mutation
[Hard] Mutation
[Normal] Sharp Defenses
[Hard] Sharp Defenses
[Normal] Hometown Hero
[Hard] Hometown Hero
[Normal] Marksman
[Hard] Marksman
[Normal] Sniper Elite
[Hard] Sniper Elite
Wonders of Nibelheim
[Normal] Down & Out
[Hard] Down & Out
[Normal] The Chosen One
[Hard] The Chosen One
Precious Mother
Smokey Rescue
[Normal] The Jenova Project
[Hard] The Jenova Project
Laughing Safe
[Normal] Golden Flakes
[Hard] Golden Flakes
Disappearing Act
From the Ashes
[Normal] To Nibelheim
[Hard] To Nibelheim
Simon Says
[Normal] Tonberry Quests
[Hard] Tonberry Quests
Kitchen Knife
[Normal] Cactoid Secrets
[Hard] Cactoid Secrets
Super Cart 5000
Cart Mods
Cart Builder
[Normal] The Wind Sails
[Hard] The Wind Sails
[Normal] You Shall Not Pass!
[Hard] You Shall Not Pass!
[Normal] Steamrolled
[Hard] Steamrolled
[Normal] Behind The Scene
[Hard] Behind The Scene
[Normal] Midgar City Development Department
[Hard] Midgar City Development Department
[Normal] Precious Things
[Hard] Precious Things
Fully Loaded
[Normal] Weapons Development
[Hard] Weapons Development
[Normal] To Hell and Back
[Hard] To Hell and Back
[Normal] Sample Monsters I
[Hard] Sample Monsters I
[Normal] This is For You
[Hard] This is For You
Pressure Valve
You Have 23 New Voice Messages
Mail Call!
[Normal] Genesis's Forces on the March
[Hard] Genesis's Forces on the March
[Normal] The Crescent Unit
[Hard] The Crescent Unit
[Normal] Pursue The Remnants
[Hard] Pursue The Remnants
[Normal] Fate of a Monster
[Hard] Fate of a Monster
Facility Infiltration
[Normal] From a Hot Treasure Hunter
[Hard] From a Hot Treasure Hunter
[Normal] Starting Out
[Hard] Starting Out
[Normal] Recall Missions
[Hard] Recall Missions
[Normal] Monsters in Midgar
[Hard] Monsters in Midgar
Wutai Spy
[Hard] Where Is Everybody?
[Normal] Where Is Everybody?
[Normal] Behind Bars
[Hard] Behind Bars
[Normal] Eremites Attack
[Hard] Eremites Attack
Big Gains
[Normal] Run the Credits
[Hard] Run the Credits
Got Your Number
Special Delivery!
Drip, Drip
[Normal] Wallet Full of Money
[Hard] Wallet Full of Money
[Normal] World Domination
[Hard] World Domination
[Normal] You Know, An Angel
[Hard] You Know, An Angel
Token of Appreciation
[Normal] Mako Stones
[Hard] Mako Stones
[Normal] Looking for Items
[Hard] Looking for Items
[Normal] Peacekeeping Troops
[Hard] Peacekeeping Troops
[Normal] Hojo's Might
[Hard] Hojo's Might
[Normal] Dreams and Honor
[Hard] Dreams and Honor
Zack the Greedy
Missle Master
Just a Few Quick Stops
To Grandmother's House We Go
[Normal] Fight to Impress
[Hard] Fight to Impress
[Normal] Where's Angeal?
[Hard] Where's Angeal?
[Normal] One More You Owe Me
[Hard] One More You Owe Me
[Normal] Guardian Deity, Leviathan
[Hard] Guardian Deity, Leviathan
Fortress Interior: Cleared!
[Normal] SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack!
[Hard] SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack!

153% complete
Haunted Castle (Arcade)
Last played 2021-11-21 19:41:52
Earned 13 of 17 achievements, 72/119 points.
Flea Men's Nightmare
Apparently You Still Like To Farm For Points
A Belmont Using Sword?
A Religious Belmont
Nobody Touches Me
We Have Arrived At The Castle
It's Time To Stop Time
A Weapon Update
Why He Doesn't Come Back
The Fastest Belmont Ever
And It's Only The Beginning
I Think You'll Need More
Fire In The Hole!!!
Burn In The Ground
This Is A Catacomb
Mechanical Stage Can't Miss
Now We Can Finish Our Tour Of The Castle

200% complete
Tekken: Dark Resurrection (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2021-11-16 18:14:43
Earned 92 of 92 achievements, 663/663 points.
Mad Bear
Snake Eyes
The Inheritor of the Demon Sword
Silver Haired-Demon
Dancing Phoenix
Cold-Blooded Son
Stinging Hook
Silent Assassin
Super Police
Genetic Masterpiece
Nightmare Impact
Heavy Arms
Blazing Brawler
Elemental Heaven
Elemental Void
Elemental Wind
Elemental Fire
Elemental Water
Gold Digger
Art of Capoeira
The King of Iron Fist
Platinum Grace
[Command Attack] Gang Mediator
[Command Attack] Fatal Lightning
The White Angel of Death
Blood Talon
The Fighting Chef
Brutal Vale Tudo Fighter
Scarlet Lightning
Wicked Flower
Master Fighter
Reckless Great Maidenhair
Master Bowler
Gang Mediator
Who's the Dummy Now?
Master Division
Elemental Earth
Intermediate Division
Junior Division
Killing Hawk
Vengeful Demon of Prison
[Command Attack] Mad Bear
[Command Attack] Jaycee
[Command Attack] Master Fighter
[Command Attack] Merciless
[Command Attack] The White Angel of Death
[Command Attack] Brutal Vale Tudo Fighter
[Command Attack] Reckless Great Maidenhair
[Command Attack] Wicked Flower
[Command Attack] Beast Priest
[Command Attack] Scarlet Lightning
[Command Attack] Silent Assassin
[Command Attack] Snake Eyes
[Command Attack] Genetic Masterpiece
[Command Attack] Stinging Hook
[Command Attack] Super Police
[Command Attack] Nightmare Impact
[Command Attack] The King of Iron Fist
[Command Attack] Heavy Arms
I Am One With the Ball
[Command Attack] Blazing Brawler
[Command Attack] The Inheritor of the Demon Sword
[Command Attack] Silver Haired-Demon
[Command Attack] Platinum Grace
[Command Attack] Dancing Phoenix
[Command Attack] The Fighting Chef
[Command Attack] Killing Hawk
[Command Attack] Blood Talon
[Command Attack] Vengeful Demon of Prison
[Command Attack] Art of Capoeira
[Command Attack] Cold-Blooded Son
Dark Talon of Death
[Command Attack] Dark Talon of Death
[Command Attack] Devil Gene
Let's Murderlize 'Em
On the Clock
Devil Gene
Got it Done
One Shot: U.Hard
Fatal Lightning
Getting Things Done
One Shot: V.Hard
One Shot: Medium
Getting There
One Shot: Hard
Beast Priest

200% complete
Final Fantasy (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2021-11-09 17:19:38
Earned 58 of 58 achievements, 576/576 points.
Chronodia VII
Bestiary IV
Dead Line
Going in Circles
Time Crunch
Over Time
Chronodia V
Chronodia VIII
Chronodia VI
Chronodia IV
Chronodia II
Chaotic No More
Bestiary III
Chronodia I
Chronodia III
Dragon Lord
Black Hole
Man of Many Talents
Traveling Light
He's Armed!
Crucible of Flames
Tornado Alley
Hard Shell
Bestiary II
Hanging Out
Hound of Hades
Dwarven Made
Breathe Easy
War Machine
Finders Keepers
Treasure Hunter
Bestiary I
Tomb in the Depths
We're Going Under
Lock Pick
Empty Boxes
Burn in Hellfire
Row, Row, Row!
Power of Earth
Blood Sucker
Jolted Awake
All Seeing Eye
Sailing Away

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Recent comment(s):
7 Nov 2021
Brabo demais!! FF, Castle classico, Silent Hilll, soh coisa treta!! Eu to sem coragem de terminar o FF VII! Aqueles malditos mini games de Gold Saucer me dao um desanimo kkk vai platinar ele man?
7 Nov 2021
Obrigado mano! Eu estava querendo jogar o FF7 depois de platinar o Crisis Core, mas acabei adiando justamente por causa dos mini games de Gold Saucer, sei que vou ficar pistola quando chegar neles kkk. Assim que eu terminar o FF1 vou tentar a platina do VII, mesmo eu sendo pessimo naqueles mini games kkk
26 Nov 2021
opa! que bom que o guia foi uma boa dica man! alias, acho que vc eh um mestre na franquia, mas em todo caso (se o 7 nao for seu preferido), vc pode ownar o desafio roubando Right Armor daquela bomba na ponte de north corel e mais tarde dragon scale daquele verme gigante nas praias da regio desertica ao lado de Midel, e se vc abusar do glitch de duplicar itens com a W.Item, dai eh GG (desculpe se estou repetindo o que vc jah sabe de cor kkkk)Mano, alguma dica dos minigame de snowboard e da speedsquare? vi que vc fez as conquistas como se fosse nada, tudo num dia kkk brabo demais! parabens!!
26 Nov 2021
Que isso man, sou nada kkk. Eu gosto bastante do FF7, mas o meu FF preferido eh o Crisis Core, um dos melhores jogos que eu ja joguei. Otimas dicas man, o glitch do W.item realmente vai facilitar a conquista. Quanto aos mini games, eu passei a tarde inteira para pegar os 90 pontos na Course C, foi tenso kkkk. Vou te mandar uma mensagem com as dicas do Speedsquare e do Snowboard

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Awarded on 16 Nov 2021, 21:07

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