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Member Since: 19 Aug 2019, 19:13
Last Activity: 20 Jan 2021, 19:00
Account Type: [Developer]

Retro Ratio: 3.41
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Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Samurai Shodown (Mega Drive)
Last played 2021-01-20 17:29:38
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
Wild Arms 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-01-20 00:12:16
Earned 0 of 220 achievements, 0/1304 points.
Millenium Puzzle
Boundless Glutton Monster Olivier
Leg breaker[m]
A sorceress just getting started
Kick Boots
Parasite Colony Monster Gremalkin
No more Tripophobia [m]
A former hero now war criminal
Hurl Knife
Sealed Monster Weapon Kalivos
Where are my claws? - 1 [m]
A young man ready for action
A quest for the item of the cat [m]
Demon Ashley [m]
The hungry sorcerer
Gunnerbots destroyer
Death Row Inmate N. 666
Escapee Capture Robot GAONIM
Where are my metal claw? [m]
Secret room 1
Booty Call
Pineapple ARM
Mysterious Phantom Being Vagesta
Where are my claws? - 2 [m]
Upgrading my skill
Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea
Thunderbolt Battle Monster Elebart
Where are my claws? - 3 [m]
Secret room 2
Secret room 3
Poisonous Armored Dragonoid Trask
Shattered crystal [m]
Oh man. It's a trap!
Lord Blazer
Poisonous Armored Dragonoid Trask again
Shattered crystal - 2 [m]
Force "Access"
Heroes of Halmetz
AM Cluster ARM
Elemental Spirit Undines
Why do you hurt me? [m]
Bolt Action
The quest for the crystals
Liz and Ard
Progenitor Bird with Wings of Light Aphael
No walk allowed [m]
A strange flying machine
Tim Rhymeless
Compound Plant Monster Reguleus
Transforming Ninja Monster Gehenna Neros
Force "Combine"
Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora
Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca
Explosive Red Thunder Toad Blastodon
Two pouchs for the price of one [m]
Without powers comes greater responsibility
Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea 2
Across the seven seas
The mouth of the Likikis River
The quest for the Tablets
Noua Shax
Do you wanna trade this coupon with me?
Dead or Alive
Freeze Rod
Secret room 4
Security gray bots destroyer [m]
Security red bots destroyer [m]
Liz and Ard again
Biogenic Dragonoid Trask 2.0
Shattered crystal 2 [m]
Level 25 - Lilka
Level 25 - Brad
Level 25 - Ashley
Level 25 - Tim
Thank you Rassyu!
Magic level 1
Lawnmower ARM
High Level magic [m]
Secret room 5
Kanon Part I
I've always wanted something like this!
Antenora 2
Air Ballet
Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina
This section deserves an achievement
Kanon Part II
Secret room 6
Aru Sulato
Stare Roe
Leitea Salk
Shock Slide
Kanon Part III
Judecca vs Kanon
Wire Hook
"L" is the "L" of Lizard
Robotic Monster Assassin Arms Killer
Not so killer like that [m]
Humanoid Mirage Prisnum
Prism [m]
Diablo Pillar Antenora
Shapeless Slime Monster Drawdo
Three heads think better than one [m]
Diablo Pillar Caina
Secret room 7 - Ge Ramtos
Aggressive Poltergeist Jasoul
Where are my claws? - 4 [m]
Red-Hot Lava Monster Magmalizer
Headache [m]
Diablo Pillar Judecca
Discover Monster Island
Explosive Emperor Monster Belleclaire
Drilled [m]
Diablo Pillar Ptolomea
The fall of the Odessa
Leader of Odessa Vinsfield
Vinsfield vs Ashley
We won't be coming home together again...
Millenium Puzzle 2.0
Force "Extend"
Rad Blades
Secret room 8
Force "Gat Level 3"
Force "Divide"
What's left of Odessa
Over Knight
Fantom Fang
Nuclear Dragon Grauswein
Nuclear trouble [m]
Ashley vs Nuclear Dragon Grauswein
Nuclear trouble 2 [m]
Mini Scud ARM
Dragon Caliber Lombardia
I didn't know Dragons could speak [m]
In the wings of Lombardia, the Dragon
Force "Full Clip"
Marivel Armitage
Force "Asgard"
The Lucied quest
Change Rod
Spriggan Flam Knight
No shields allowed 1 [m]
Force "Dual Cast"
Mist Cloak
Spriggan Wing Knight
No shields allowed 2 [m]
Force "Hi-Combo"
Welcome to the Black Market!
Windup Key
Dan Dairam
The people of Filgaia needs me
My Mike
Sky Eye ARM
Spriggan Geo Knight
No shields allowed 3 [m]
Force "Boost"
Blast 'Em
Open sea
Spriggan Muse Knight
No shields allowed 4 [m]
Jump Shoes
Force "Gat Lv. 4"
Bionic Arms skills
Raypoint liberation complete!
Magic level 2
Encroaching Parallel Universe Larva
No eating allowed [m]
Flare Gun
Saucer Organism Grodine
Crab claw [m]
Secret room 9
EZ Missile ARM
Secret room 10
Rising Nova
Terrible Guardian Monster Manufestu
Achilles knees [m]
Level 50 - Lilka
Level 50 - Brad
Level 50 - Ashley
Level 50 - Tim
Level 50 - Kanon
Level 50 - Marivel
Giant Armored Bug [m]
Limb-from-limb Ripping Monster[m]
Zyclus & Zetrym
Giant Monster of Light [m]
Kobold King
Rampaging Monster Robot [m]
Frustrated departure
Force "Lucifer"
Force "Asgard 2"
Ragu O Ragula
Cutting the evil through the roots
Encroaching Parallel Universe Kuiper Core
Head & Shoulders [m]
Blaze of Disaster Lord Blazer
All of us are heroes of Filgaia...
Cards collector [m]

0% complete
Streets of Rage (Game Gear)
Last played 2021-01-12 21:22:05
Earned 0 of 21 achievements, 0/190 points.
Ha Ha Ha! Stick 'em!
I ain't your plumber
Stink boom!
S of Special
RVC Gots Muh Back
Everything that goes sometimes doesn't come back ...
Hot City Streets
City Neighborhood Hype
I'm on a boat
Dumpster factory
The top floor fiasco
Bested boomer
Busted Bongo
Mutilated Mona & Lisa
Murdered Mr. X
Axel Foley
Blaze The Cat
Lollie Break Tiem!

116% complete
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The (NES)
Last played 2021-01-12 18:33:51
Earned 29 of 50 achievements, 425/760 points.
Boss Of The Bayou
Collapse Of An Empire
Funerals At The Parlor
A Short-Lived Inheritance
The Gore Is Done
Execution At The Estate
Last Line Of Defense
Gas Shortage
Runnin' Guns Thru The Bayou
Rows Of Coffins For Murderers 1
Bourbon Street Beatdown
Gordon's French Quarter Surrender
Belmont Of The Bayou
Bayou Billy Beyond Superdome
The Big Not-So-Easy
Torched The Tor-Ture
Alley Of The Gators
Guru Of Gator Alley
Swamped With A Deadly Burden 1
Extended Line Of Credit
Supplying The Demand Of Death
Licking Your Wounds
Bulletproof Sniper
Backyard Bravado
Backyard BBQ
Lead-Free Hero
Knife Night For A Walk
Speak Loudly And Carry An Ugly Stick
Beatin' The Meat Outta Them
Ready For The Big Fight
Ready For The Rough Roads
Ready For The Shoot-Out 1
Ready For The Shoot-Out 2
Bulletproof Billy
Practice Made Perfect
No End In Gun Sight
Rising Star In The Bayou
Stay Of Execution
Getting Straight To The Points
A Man With Many Lives
Swamped With A Deadly Burden 2
Rows Of Coffins For Murderers 2
Drainin' The Swamp
Efficient Killer
Interstate Intensity
King Of The Road
Breaching The Gateway
Where My Dogs At?
Bare Knucklin' In The Bayou
Second Verse Tougher Than The First

200% complete
Barney's Hide and Seek Game (Mega Drive)
Last played 2021-01-12 16:07:45
Earned 17 of 17 achievements, 70/70 points.
No Time For Hugs!
King Of The Dinosaurs
Tuning In To Treasure
A Surprise Behind Every Corner
How Do I Play This Game?
I Love You
Farming Freebies
Cultivated Cuddles
Wet Wealth
Something's Pretty Fishy Here...
A Symphony Of Squeezes
Forest Friend
Super dee duper!
its' barney tiem u guyz!!!!!

User Wall

Recent comment(s):
30 Nov 23:46 2019
Kkk eae man, e a platina do Show do Milhao vol.2 ?
1 Dec 0:00 2019
T me preparando pra fazer esse tambm. Sabe n tem que estudar bastante kkkk vlw!
2 Jan 20:25 2020
Thanks for the upcoming Dino Crisis 2 set!
3 Jan 0:00 2020
Hope you enjoy the set my friend. Hugs!
3 Jan 16:37 2020
DC2 was one of my fav childhood games so I'm really looking forward to mastering it here, hope it goes live soon :D
18 Jan 15:08 2020
Oi, tudo bem? Dificuldades com o set do Dino Crisis 2? Esta muito complicado ou voce tem mais ou menos uma previsao de soltar de novo o set pra gente testar? Otimo dia pra voce!
18 Jan 23:20 2020
Opa amigo, ta tranquilo estou conseguindo fazer as modificaes necessrias. Estou demorando pq estou fazendo um ajuste geral de todas as conquistas e pq hj tinha ido viajar nao tive tempo. Mas creio que amanha eu consiga lanar de volta. Abraos!
19 Jan 14:02 2020
Ah, obrigada. Otimo domingo pra voce e sua familia.
8 Apr 5:07 2020
Mano, muito obrigado pelos achievements de Donald duck Goin' quackers. Namoral, ficou excelente! No PS1, eu amo os jogos da Disney kkk
8 Apr 12:35 2020
Que bom que gostou amigo, fico feliz em poder contribuir. Um grande abraco!
24 Apr 12:30 2020
best achievements developer) you make sets with my favorite ps1 games. Now I am waiting for the achievement for Tarzan
24 Apr 12:41 2020
Thanks my friend. I'm happy for have people with appreciate my Works.
23 May 15:31 2020
Vlw cara muito obrigado por arrumar as conquistas do Dino Crisis 2, espero encontrar outros achievements feitos por vc.
23 May 16:27 2020
Fico muito feliz pelo reconhecimento amigo, espero que goste das minhas conquistas em outros jogos. Precisando pode contar comigo. Um abraco!
22 Dec 15:21 2020
Um dos melhores desenvolvedores do RA, senao o melhor, cheevos balanceados para novatos e viciados poderem aproveitar os jogos, nada de insano e impossivel, o set do Saturn Bomberman estava incrivel, ansioso para ver os proximos sets que desenvolveu!
12 Jan 22:10 2021
Ouvi o seu podcast com o Thoreau, muito legal sua trajetria no site, fiquei interessado nos RPGs que vc falou, pretendo um dia joga-los RPG precisa de tempo kkk, sucesso ae Bruno.

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MASTERED Time Crisis (PlayStation)
Awarded on 22 Mar 2020, 21:16
MASTERED Crisis Beat (PlayStation)
Awarded on 23 Mar 2020, 21:08
MASTERED Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers | Donald Duck: Quack Attack (PlayStation)
Awarded on 22 Apr 2020, 01:06
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Awarded on 03 Aug 2020, 22:11
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Awarded on 06 Aug 2020, 00:48
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Awarded on 18 Aug 2020, 15:37
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Awarded on 29 Aug 2020, 00:33
MASTERED Battletoads (NES)
Awarded on 09 Oct 2020, 21:02
MASTERED Bomberman Fantasy Race (PlayStation)
Awarded on 25 Oct 2020, 22:03
MASTERED Marvel Trading Card Game (Nintendo DS)
Awarded on 25 Nov 2020, 17:09
MASTERED Rushing Beat (SNES)
Awarded on 08 Dec 2020, 15:17
MASTERED Snail Maze: Sega Master System BIOS (Master System)
Awarded on 14 Dec 2020, 00:51
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry (NES)
Awarded on 16 Dec 2020, 14:14
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Flappy (Atari 2600)
Awarded on 28 Dec 2020, 21:50
MASTERED Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (SNES)
Awarded on 29 Dec 2020, 17:25
MASTERED ~Unlicensed~ Magic Carpet 1001 (NES)
Awarded on 31 Dec 2020, 22:27
MASTERED ~Unlicensed~ Microsoft Windows 98 (NES)
Awarded on 12 Jan 2021, 14:56
MASTERED Barney's Hide and Seek Game (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 12 Jan 2021, 16:08

Completion Progress

Marvel Trading Card Game (Nintendo DS)Marvel Trading Card Game
119/119 won
Snail Maze: Sega Master System BIOS (Master System)Snail Maze: Sega Master System BIOS
13/13 won
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)Metal Gear Solid
113/113 won
Art of Fighting | Ryuuko no Ken (Mega Drive)Art of Fighting | Ryuuko no Ken
19/19 won
Barney's Hide and Seek Game (Mega Drive)Barney's Hide and Seek Game
17/17 won
Crisis Beat (PlayStation)Crisis Beat
16/16 won
Double Dragon (Mega Drive)Double Dragon
16/16 won
~Demo~ Official UK PlayStation Magazine 03 | Euro Demo 03 (PlayStation)~Demo~ Official UK PlayStation Magazine 03 | Euro Demo 03
15/15 won
Pac-Man (Atari 2600)Pac-Man
14/14 won
Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Mega Drive)Show do Milhao Volume 2
14/14 won
~Unlicensed~ Magic Carpet 1001 (NES)~Unlicensed~ Magic Carpet 1001
12/12 won
Show do Milhao (Mega Drive)Show do Milhao
21/21 won
Double Dragon (Game Boy)Double Dragon
10/10 won
~Homebrew~ Flappy (Atari 2600)~Homebrew~ Flappy
10/10 won
~Test Kit~ NES Control Deck Test Cartridge (NES)~Test Kit~ NES Control Deck Test Cartridge
10/10 won
~Test Kit~ SNES Burn-in Test Cartridge (SNES)~Test Kit~ SNES Burn-in Test Cartridge
10/10 won
Junior Developer Graduate  (Events)Junior Developer Graduate
9/9 won
~Demo~ King's Field III: Pilot Style (PlayStation)~Demo~ King's Field III: Pilot Style
9/9 won
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (SNES)Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
8/8 won
~Demo~ Official UK PlayStation Magazine 10 | Euro Demo 10 (PlayStation)~Demo~ Official UK PlayStation Magazine 10 | Euro Demo 10
7/7 won
~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry (NES)~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry
7/7 won
Tekken Advance (Game Boy Advance)Tekken Advance
21/21 won
~Unlicensed~ Microsoft Windows 98 (NES)~Unlicensed~ Microsoft Windows 98
20/20 won
Battletoads (NES)Battletoads
21/21 won
Stuart Little 2 (PlayStation)Stuart Little 2
45/45 won
Parasite Eve II (PlayStation)Parasite Eve II
77/77 won
Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers | Donald Duck: Quack Attack (PlayStation)Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers | Donald Duck: Quack Attack
65/65 won
Gex: Enter the Gecko (PlayStation)Gex: Enter the Gecko
60/60 won
Doom (SNES)Doom
57/57 won
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
56/56 won
Tomba! (PlayStation)Tomba!
53/53 won
Batman: Return of the Joker  (NES)Batman: Return of the Joker
21/21 won
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)Super Mario Bros. 3
51/51 won
Mega Man (NES)Mega Man
50/50 won
Bomberman Fantasy Race (PlayStation)Bomberman Fantasy Race
52/52 won
Tekken (PlayStation)Tekken
43/43 won
Rushing Beat (SNES)Rushing Beat
28/28 won
Medal of Honor (PlayStation)Medal of Honor
42/42 won
Bushido Blade 2 (PlayStation)Bushido Blade 2
24/24 won
Time Crisis (PlayStation)Time Crisis
26/26 won
Yu Yu Hakusho (3DO Interactive Multiplayer)Yu Yu Hakusho
22/22 won
Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Zenkai! Racer Senshi (SNES)Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Zenkai! Racer Senshi
28/28 won
Double Dragon (NES)Double Dragon
28/28 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (SNES)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
33/33 won
Contra (NES)Contra
40/40 won
Warriors of Fate (Arcade)Warriors of Fate
40/55 won
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The (NES)Adventures of Bayou Billy, The
29/50 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)Sonic the Hedgehog
10/23 won
RoboCop (NES)RoboCop
12/30 won
Fighting Force 64 (Nintendo 64)Fighting Force 64
10/90 won
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
4/38 won
~Prototype~ Resident Evil (Game Boy Color)~Prototype~ Resident Evil
1/19 won

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