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Come hang at The Gallows

Member Since: 17 Apr 2016, 00:04
Last Activity: 20 May 2022, 12:07
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F is exploring the Liquid Crystal Johto/Kanto.

Last 5 games played:

138% complete
~Hack~ Pokemon Liquid Crystal Version (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2022-05-08 15:15:22
Earned 51 of 74 achievements, 235/410 points.
One Last Time?
Fired Up Volcano Badge
Earth Shattering Earth Badge
Team Saturn's End
Rocky Bolder Badge
Wet Cascade Badge
Aaaaand Again
Friendly Competition
Poisonous Soul Badge
Stop Following Me
Grassy Rainbow Badge
Psychic Marsh Badge
Electrifying Thunder Badge
The Best Trainer in Hoenn
The Champion of Johto
Rival for the Fourth
Lt. Surge Ripoff
Dragon Tamer
Water of the Legendary Trio [m]
Back to the Past
Oh, You Again.
Blocked Radio Signal
Rival, Round 3
The Coolest Gym Leader
Fighting Type Master
The Girl of Steel
Executive Decision
Executively Defeated
Mythical Red Gyarados [m]
The Other Rival ... Again
The Fight Amongst Friends [m]
Mystical Man of Suicune [m]
The Gym of Invisible Floors
Rival at the Burnt Tower
Kimono Girl of Electric
Kimono Girl of Water
Kimono Girl of Dark
Kimono Girl of Psychic
Kimono Girl of Fire
Trouble at the Lab
The Road Blocking Tree [m]
Just a Normal Girl
Fight Against the Rival, Round 2 [m]
The Other Rude Red-head [m]
You Really Bug Me
The Kid in Black Returns [m]
Team Rocket in the Well
No Rest for the Winged
Sprout Tower Complete
Who Are You?
Mysterious Boy Who Stole a Pokemon
Legendary Pair of Dragons [m]
That's Too E4sy for Me [m]
A ... Dead Gengar? [m]
Pair of Devs
Literal Roadblock [m]
This is not the End
The Ex-Champion
That's Still Too E4sy for Me
I'm tired of You
This is Enough
Legendary Guardian of the Sea [m]
Another Aquatic Girl
Mister Z Is Waiting for You
Bond, Danny Bond
Cute Guardian of the Forest [m]
So it's real? [m]
Electric of the Legendary Trio [m]
Fire of the Legendary Trio [m]
Rainbow-Coloured Pokemon [m]
Legendary Bird, Lugia [m]
Under the Sea [m]
The Wish Pokemon [m]

0% complete
Star Wars: Dark Forces (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-03 10:20:17
Earned 0 of 76 achievements, 0/550 points.
[Objective] Planet Killer
[Objective] Leaving the Imperial Base
[Objective] Power Restored
[Objective] Dark Weaponry
[Objective] Leaving Talay
[Objective] Moff Rebus
[Objective] Phrik Metal
[Objective] Leaving the Research Facility
[Objective] Sequencer
[Objective] Leaving the Mines
[Objective] Crix Madine
[Objective] Tracking Device
[Objective] Infiltration
[Objective] Sequencer Again I
[Objective] Sequencer Again II
[Objective] Sequencer Again III
[Objective] Leaving the Robotics Facility
[Objective] Navigational Evidence
[Objective] Gear Recovery
[Objective] Nava Card
[Objective] Jan
[Objective] I.S.O. Building
[Objective] Cracking the Valut
[Objective] Meeting
[Objective] Inside the Smuggler Ship
[Objective] Hijacking the Ship
[Objective] Reaching the Cargo
[Objective] Shuttle System
[Objective] Into the Hammer
[Objective] Sequencer Yet Again I
[Objective] Sequencer Yet Again II
[Objective] Sequencer Yet Again III
[Objective] Hammer Down
[Secrets] Imperial Supplies
[Secrets] War Leftovers
[Secrets] Forgotten Goods
[Secrets] Research Materials
[Secrets] Mining Equipment
[Secrets] Interrogation Gear
[Secrets] Smuggler's Stash
[Secrets] Industrial Stocks
[Secrets] Illicit Hoard
[Secrets] Stolen Goods
[Secrets] More Imperial Supplies
[Secrets] Hidden Supplies
[Secrets] More More Imperial Supplies
[Secrets] More More More Imperial Supplies
[Hard] Secret Imperial Base
[Hard] Talay
[Hard] Anoat City
[Hard] Imperial Research
[Hard] Gnomas Mines
[Hard] Imperial Detention
[Hard] Ramsees Hed
[Hard] Robotics Facility
[Hard] Nar Shaddaa
[Hard] Jabba's Ship
[Hard] Imperial City
[Hard] Fuel Station
[Hard] The Executor
[Hard] The Arc Hammer
[Weapon] Stormtrooper Rifle
[Weapon] Imperial Repeater
[Weapon] Mortar Gun
[Weapon] Jeron Fusion Cutter
[Weapon] Stouker Conc. Rifle
[Weapon] Assault Cannon
[Weapon] Thermal Detonators
[Weapon] Mines
[Item] Red Key
[Item] Yellow Key
[Item] Blue Key
[Item] Augmented Vision
[Item] No Sliding
[Item] Clean Air
[Item] Rebel Fighter

84% complete
Jetpack Joyride (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-04-12 00:32:21
Earned 16 of 38 achievements, 47/187 points.
For Science
Gold Digger
Fuzzy Locks
Not So Green
Spice of Life
Alpha Charlie Echo
Good Work, Woody
Blinged Out
Big Spender
James Who?
Good Work, Sierra
Pretty Woman
Tee Hee Two
Good Work, Muscat
High Roller
Road Trip
Romeo Alpha Delta
Foam Party
Angry Wings
Crazy Freaking Skills
A Man, My Son
Class Act
Dragon Fruit
Another Way In
Mix 'n' Match
Special Ability
Take Out
Mission Cleared

0% complete
Star Wars - Episode I: Jedi Power Battles (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-04-11 23:23:14
Earned 0 of 46 achievements, 0/750 points.
Hello There
Yousa Follow Me Now, Okeyday?
That's Why I'm Here
Are You An Angel?
I Don't Like Sand...
Go Home And Rethink Your Life
Don't Make Me Kill You
This Is Where The Fun Begins
Diplomatic Solution
Duel Of Fates
I Have The High Ground
Taken Too Soon
I've Had It With These Sith Lords On This Republic
Not A Sith
Not Expendable
From My Point Of View The Jedi Are Evil
She Can't Do That! Shoot her... Or Something!
This Is A Battle We Can Win
The Negotiations Were Short
The Ability To Speak Does Not Make You Intelligent
Their Fate Will Be The Same As Ours
Your Presence Is Soothing
I Slaughtered Them Like Animals
If You're Not With Me, You're My Enemy
Now This Is Podracing
Agressive Negotiations
Sith Lords Are Our Speciality
What Have I Done?
Order 66
Roger Roger
So Uncivilized
This Will Make A Fine Addition To My Collection
Is It Possible To Learn This Power?
My Powers Have Doubled Since The Last Time We Met
The Force Is Not Strong On This One
No One Can Kill A Jedi
You Underestimate My Power
Jedi Knight
Jedi Master
Jedi Grand Master
Force Ghost
The Chosen One

192% complete
Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2022-04-11 13:25:13
Earned 97 of 101 achievements, 531/574 points.
Dragonball Warrior Monsters [m]
The Collector
Robopon: Ball Version
Earning Your Stripes
Digimon World DS
Scouting Journey Has Started!
Pokemon Spin-off
Outer Space
Mixed Martial Arts
Just A Friend
Trademark Move
Demonic Power
Wet Wave
Forceful Energy
Mentor And Pupil
Trademark Race
Generic Punches
The Way Of The Monk
Legendary Saiyan
Immortal Legend [m]
Green Man
The Hyena
Son Gohan Jr.
Bounced Piercing Bolt
Goku's Legacy [m]
Low Class Saiyan
Hunger Strike [m]
I Wish For Destruction
Busted Baldie
Muscle Show-Off [m]
Let The Games Begin!
Don't Set The Tree On Fire [m]
Mechanized Mercenary
Third Eye Mastery [m]
Growing Pains [m]
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! [m]
Steampunk Era [m]
Battery Charged
The Balls Are Inert
I've Been Through The Desert On A Horse With No Name
Evolutionairy Battle [m]
Big Brain
The Gauntlet [m]
Army Tactics [m]
Save The Forest!
Nullify [m]
True Colours
Antidote [m]
Defy Beauty
Make-up Can't Make Up For Beauty [m]
Yokozuna [m]
Father's Instinct [m]
Size Doesn't Matter
Tons Of Carrots
Aqua Man
A Thirsty Boy [m]
The Wolf Fang Fist Returns
Ice Ice Baby [m]
Crusaders Of The Light
Big Brother Is Watching You [m]
Stop Global Warming
Inner Demons [m]
Hyper Uppercut!
Some More Carrots
Some Carrots
Up Next!
First Up!
Through Fire And Flames [m]
Extra Pocket Space
Cancel The Bloodline
Physical Beam Cannon! [m]
The Way Of The Fist [m]
Eat Your Vegetables
Don't Eat Your Vegetables [m]
Muscles Over Ki [m]
Tutorial Mastery [m]
Easy Mode [m]
Medium Mode [m]
Universe 7 Talent Scout
Gotta Catch Them All! [m]

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