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Alurith 15 Nov 2021 00:08
Pretty bad ass how you patched Debug out of Light Crusader. Any chance you could do the same for for the game gear Shining Force games?
voiceofautumn 3 Feb 2022 09:29
Hey you legend, you've been doing some of the most work on this site the past year and I really like how you've evolved. Keep up the good work!
Bartis1989 3 Feb 2022 15:44
Thanks for the kind words good sir :)
Alurith 26 Mar 2022 16:50
Thanks so much for making patches for the Shining Force games!
DryIce53 11 Jun 2022 18:52
you can check wiz n liz megadrive?
ModelZGolden 14 May 2023 02:24
congratulations to mastery my set! (Megaman 1: Speed Bomber)
Bartis1989 15 May 2023 20:52
Thanks for the set! It was a fun one :)
Tvr77 24 Sep 2023 22:10
Hey... New to the scene so not sure how it all works exactly. I noticed you claimed Assassins Creed. Does that mean your working on it and have to finish by the date of or is that just a guide. Just a question, I have zero expectations. It's awesome that folks like you are doing this.
Omka 3 Oct 2023 11:58
Bartis1989, I have been watching Assassins Creed: Bloodlines and your progress for a long time and I see that you have not even entered this game for several months. It's been a long time since you even added notes to the RAM. This is an expected set, if you don't want to work on it then discard it.

(sorry for mistakes, I don't speak English)
Tvr77 4 Oct 2023 23:42
Omka... That's not what I wanted to hear. Hopefully it still gets done. Fingers crossed Bartis is still working on it. Iv heard it can be tricky working on some games.
Bartis1989 5 Oct 2023 18:43
Hey, sorry for the late response. To answer your question Tvr, When someone claims a game to work on, they will get a 3 month time limit before that claim expires. It is possible to extend the claim if you haven't finished the set yet, but generally if it takes too long without any progress are done, the claim will have to be dropped. I am working on the set, but I am not using libretro because of how unstable the psp core are at the moment So I am rather using the ppsspp standalone emulator and it's debugger. I know the progress have been slow, but I do intend to finish the set :)
Tvr77 9 Oct 2023 13:55
Hey.. No problem, thanks for responding. That's great to hear your still working on it, good luck on that. I'm learning how it all works and the effort that goes in to creating these sets. Honestly, I think it's bloody brilliant guys like you are taking the time to do this. So.. Thanks man.
chocolatiel 20 Mar 2024 00:34
Yo Bartis! GG on many cool a tuff badges and also thanks a lot for all your hard work as a Dev. I really appreciate it!
Loved the AC Bloodlines set! Thanks Bratis you Legend