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Hexadigital 24 Aug 2023 22:03
It's a bit tricky to balance out challenges with fun - I agree that sometimes an achievement is more of a chore to get than a fun challenge, I try to focus more on new sets than revisions, but I've gone back and revised some of my sets to make them easier or harder after seeing players play through them.

I think part of the issue is outside of achievements, with the focus on badges - I can't spoil too much about it, but there is something new coming up that will reward players for getting achievements even without doing all of the challenge achievements ;)

And glad to hear the SG-1000 games caught your eye! There's an event going on with those, so there will be a large batch of new SG-1000 sets in the near future :D
Hexadigital 13 Sep 2023 14:29
There's no shortage of games that I want to make new sets for - even just with my small list of ones that have caught my eye, there are 159 games in there!

The large number of revisions at the moment is mostly for adding non-challenge achievements - the ones that you should get for playing the game normally - in order to work with that upcoming feature ;)

Revisions do not count towards all but two of the DevQuests, and those two are for fixing achievement sets (such as only having challenge achievements, or lacking save protection) - and for those, there is no primary developer requirement either. I've seen some revisions with 0 achievements added or 5 our of 60 achievements added count towards those DevQuests.

I don't have a good estimate for when it will happen or what it will look like, but the progression rewards for beating games will be coming sooner than you might think! That's why there are so many revisions at the moment, we're all trying to make sure that every set on the site rewards players for beating the game normally :D

Also, for revisions in general - you may already know this, but unless the developer revising it is the one who originally made the achievement set, it has to pass a community vote on Discord. There are often discussions there (and in the forum thread for the game) for every revision that is proposed, where players will give their feedback on whether a revision is a good idea, or a bad idea, and most developers are happy to take feedback and suggestions before they start coding the revision.
HazelRah 20 Sep 2023 13:24
Congrats on the 400+ completed games, that's super impressive! Hopefully I'll catch you up someday lol