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Member Since: 24 Aug 2019, 00:22
Last Activity: 26 Sep 2021, 13:16
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Retro Ratio: 1.89
Average Completion: 20.40%
Site Rank: 3093 / 33500 ranked users (Top 9.23%)
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34% complete
Mega Man 5 (NES)
Last played 2021-09-26 09:23:32
Earned 6 of 35 achievements, 33/300 points.
Fallen Star
Shooting Star
I'm Razor Sharp
Wall of Bricks
Ultra Quality Oil
Napalm Bomber
Weapon Enthusiast
Buster Duel
Gravity Switcher
Here comes the choo-choo train!
BubbleMan v2.0
Big Propeller
Wind Breeze
Fortune Teller
Most expensive robot
GutsMan is disappointed
Earth at sight
Go Jet!
Straight Forward
Dark Prototype
Defense over Offense
Armcannon fighter
That was Wily all along?What a relief...
Can I stand on you?
Walking in circles
Garbage Crusher
Megaman is too slow!
Ambush the Base!
Mega Energy Drink
Becoming a cat
Loyal Bird
Full M.Buster

100% complete
Mega Man 2 (NES)
Last played 2021-09-25 16:57:31
Earned 42 of 84 achievements, 297/800 points.
I Prefer Dying Than Losing My Life!
The Nicest Man
A Bad Dentist
Metal Maniac
Extreme Caution
You Are Quick, but I'm Faster!
A Little Spicy, Huh?
Who Touched My Bubble?!
Cool as Ice
The Birds
The Blue Bomber Saves the Day Once Again!
Ready for the Final Fight
Wily's Endless Revenge
Shoot With Moderation
Picopico Punching
Giant Guts Man
Guts' Sewers
Picopico Hammer
The E Is for Extra Fuel
The Fall of the Dragon
Dragon's Destiny
Metal Blade
Metalic Madness
Mind the Gap
Atomic Fire
Bubble Lead
Bubble Trouble
Quick Boomerang
Faster Than Flash
Time Stopper
Flash Freeze
Crash Bomber
Crash Clash
Thrashing the Crasher
Don't Look Down...
Leaf Shield
Whispy Woods
Air Shooter
Personally, I Prefer Lemons
Aerial Adventure
Making an Entrance
A Long Walk to Home After a Difficult Journey
This Lighter Is Furious
I Will Finish This in a Flash!
Crash Man Has Stopped Working
Not Even a Dragon Can Stop This Robot!
Pity Picnic
I Got the Guts
Energy Saver
Heat Sweat
Quick Trick
Barriers Breaker
Boss Buster
Alien Attack
Dousing the Flames
Shielding the Wind
Burning Down the Forest
Popping the Bubble
Stopping Time
Shattering the Ice
Taming the Dragon
Besting the Bots
Taking on the Tank
Disarming the Traps
Wily's Wreckage
Big Fat Phoney
This Looks Like a Great Place to Fry Meat
I Can Beat Air Man's Stage Flawless but I Still Can't Beat Him
Hot Dogs in the Forest
Synchronized Swimming
Quick as Usain Bolt
The Master in Ice Skating
Rising to the Stars With Style
Prepared for the Dragon Hunt
Item 2 Surfing
Bubble Man's Stage Strikes Back
False Floors Can't Stop Me!
The Perfect Rematch
Pattern Mastered
Memory Buffer Overflow
Mega Collector

0% complete
Survival Kids (Game Boy Color)
Last played 2021-09-25 16:39:46
Earned 0 of 39 achievements, 0/410 points.
Tribal Hunt
Fishing Simulator
Straight as an arrow
Canadian Tool
A spark in the night
Good Morning Island!
An eye for a gem
Not a lotus leaf
Fish Food
Behind the fir trees
Help or Strive
Deep into the temple
Tiny gem is watching you
Back to the Island
Push'n Fish!
Hot Tube
Get Berry!
Egg Catch!
Made a Hammer
The Gift
What does the fox say?
Bear Grylls
Oh Deer!
I'm here Honey
Spice up your life!
Thanks... I guess?
Omelette du fromage
Like a frog
Berry White
Lost in Blue
The Settlers
Back on my Own
Raft of the Medusa
2 Kids 1 Boat
Me and my Monkey
Love Boat

4% complete
Mega Man X (SNES)
Last played 2021-09-25 09:35:23
Earned 1 of 56 achievements, 5/536 points.
Deja Blue Bomber
Launch Octopus
Chill Penguin
Armored Armadillo
Storm Eagle
Boomer Kuwanger
Flame Mammoth
Spark Mandrill
Sting Chameleon
Rangda Bangda
Beat the Game
Boots Upgrade
Helmet Upgrade
Body Upgrade
X-Buster Upgrade
It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!
Tanks Four Every Tanks!
Did He Just...?
Torpedos Disabled
Defenceless Armadillo
Flame Pig
This Factory Is on Fire!
Be Careful to Not Be Electrocuted!
Sending Him to the Farm
Psycho Power!
Busting the Octopus
Busting the Penguin
Busting the Armadillo
Busting the Eagle
Busting the Boomer
Busting the Mammoth
Busting the Mandrill
Busting the Chameleon
Almost a Perfect Run, but Vile Just Ruined It
Stir the Calamari
Melt the Ice
Shock the Tank
Hunt the Bird
Lock-On to the Ninja
Blow Out the Candle
Freeze the Circuits
Cut the Camouflage
Where Is Your Ride Armor Now?
I Don't Want to Play This Level Again!
Who Needs Water?
Leave the Best For The Last!
Five Mavericks, One Lifebar, One Buster
MegaMAN Mode
I Need Something Else?
Survival Mode

90% complete
Tetris DX (Game Boy Color)
Last played 2021-09-24 17:11:35
Earned 18 of 40 achievements, 119/512 points.
Game Boy is the new iPod
Line Clearer
Wasting Time
40 Lines - VS. Edition
Mach 40
Recovery Master
Take It Back
Super Rotation
Line Destroyer
I Have The Power
Unlimited Power
Infinite Loop
Keeping your Cool
Points Hoarder
Blind Fumbling
Blind Playthrough
Blind Conquering
Ultra Blind
Playing With a Handicap
Perfect Clear!
Not Quite a Grandmaster
Tetris Deluxe

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MASTERED ~Meme~ Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship (Events)
Awarded on 05 Feb 2020, 16:37
MASTERED Battle of Olympus, The (NES)
Awarded on 10 Jun 2020, 11:56

Completion Progress

Battle of Olympus, The (NES)Battle of Olympus, The
32/32 won
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)Super Mario Bros. 3
42/52 won
Tetris (Nintendo) (NES)Tetris (Nintendo)
29/37 won
Dr. Mario (NES)Dr. Mario
54/70 won
Tetris (Game Boy)Tetris
10/13 won
Legend of Zelda, The: The Minish Cap (Game Boy Advance)Legend of Zelda, The: The Minish Cap
46/67 won
Pokemon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR! (Game Boy Color)Pokemon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!
51/76 won
Bust-A-Move (SNES)Bust-A-Move
18/27 won
Pokemon Trading Card Game (Game Boy Color)Pokemon Trading Card Game
23/35 won
Adventures of Lolo (NES)Adventures of Lolo
15/24 won
Mega Man II (Game Boy)Mega Man II
12/21 won
Eight Man (Arcade)Eight Man
17/30 won
Bubble Bobble (NES)Bubble Bobble
42/75 won
Kirby's Avalanche | Kirby's Ghost Trap (SNES)Kirby's Avalanche | Kirby's Ghost Trap
14/26 won
Mega Man 2 (NES)Mega Man 2
42/84 won
Donkey Kong (NES)Donkey Kong
12/25 won
Super Mario Land (Game Boy)Super Mario Land
17/37 won
Tetris DX (Game Boy Color)Tetris DX
18/40 won
Double Dragon (NES)Double Dragon
13/29 won
League Bowling (Arcade)League Bowling
11/25 won
Puzzle Bobble 2 | Bust-A-Move Again EX [Neo-Geo MVS] (Arcade)Puzzle Bobble 2 | Bust-A-Move Again EX [Neo-Geo MVS]
26/60 won
Snake Rattle n Roll (NES)Snake Rattle n Roll
18/42 won
Alien Crush (PC Engine)Alien Crush
17/41 won
Evolution (ColecoVision)Evolution
5/13 won
Final Fight 2 (SNES)Final Fight 2
17/45 won
Legend of Zelda, The (NES)Legend of Zelda, The
26/69 won
Track & Field II (NES)Track & Field II
15/40 won
Mega Man 3 (NES)Mega Man 3
31/83 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)Kirby's Adventure
22/61 won
Duck Tales 2 (NES)Duck Tales 2
26/74 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)Super Mario Bros.
27/78 won
Columns (Mega Drive)Columns
8/24 won
Super Mario Kart (SNES)Super Mario Kart
15/47 won
Mario Party Advance (Game Boy Advance)Mario Party Advance
19/63 won
Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)Super Mario Bros. 2
15/51 won
Popeye (NES)Popeye
7/26 won
Duck Tales (NES)Duck Tales
17/64 won
Dragon Ball: Shen Long no Nazo (NES)Dragon Ball: Shen Long no Nazo
5/19 won
Fantasy Zone (Master System)Fantasy Zone
8/31 won
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES)Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
8/33 won
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES)Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
13/55 won
Little Mermaid, The (NES)Little Mermaid, The
4/17 won
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
14/60 won
Magical Drop 2 (SNES)Magical Drop 2
5/22 won
Addams Family, The (SNES)Addams Family, The
10/46 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)Sonic the Hedgehog
5/23 won
Super Mario World (SNES)Super Mario World
14/67 won
Dragon's Curse (PC Engine)Dragon's Curse
9/44 won
Star Parodia (CD) (PC Engine)Star Parodia (CD)
9/47 won
Super Smash T.V. (SNES)Super Smash T.V.
4/22 won
Journey to Silius (NES)Journey to Silius
2/11 won
Gauntlet (NES)Gauntlet
3/17 won
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari 2600)Raiders of the Lost Ark
3/17 won
Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, The (SNES)Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, The
8/46 won
Mega Man 5 (NES)Mega Man 5
6/35 won
Adventures of Lolo 2 (NES)Adventures of Lolo 2
5/30 won
Kabuki: Quantum Fighter (NES)Kabuki: Quantum Fighter
5/30 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)Sonic the Hedgehog
4/24 won
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (NES)Gremlins 2: The New Batch
3/18 won
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Game Boy Advance)Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
9/55 won
Gyruss (NES)Gyruss
8/50 won
Klax (NES)Klax
7/44 won
Wizards & Warriors (NES)Wizards & Warriors
14/90 won
Castlevania (NES)Castlevania
6/40 won
Pinball Quest (NES)Pinball Quest
4/28 won
Steam Hearts (CD) (PC Engine)Steam Hearts (CD)
5/36 won
Bubble Ghost (Game Boy)Bubble Ghost
4/29 won
Monopoly (SNES)Monopoly
4/29 won
Tetris (Tengen) (NES)Tetris (Tengen)
7/51 won
Final Fight 3 (SNES)Final Fight 3
8/59 won
Mighty Final Fight (NES)Mighty Final Fight
6/45 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
3/23 won
Duck Hunt (NES)Duck Hunt
4/31 won
Blades of Steel (NES)Blades of Steel
6/47 won
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (NES)Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
5/41 won
Super Valis IV (SNES)Super Valis IV
3/26 won
Super Mario Bros. 2 | Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (FDS) (NES)Super Mario Bros. 2 | Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (FDS)
10/92 won
Adventures of Lolo III (NES)Adventures of Lolo III
4/37 won
1943: The Battle of Midway (NES)1943: The Battle of Midway
3/30 won
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Master System)Wonder Boy in Monster Land
5/51 won
Mega Man 4 (NES)Mega Man 4
4/41 won
Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)Little Nemo: The Dream Master
5/52 won
Puzzle Bobble | Bust-A-Move [Neo-Geo MVS] (Arcade)Puzzle Bobble | Bust-A-Move [Neo-Geo MVS]
1/11 won
Super Tennis (SNES)Super Tennis
4/45 won
Robotron 2084 (Atari Lynx)Robotron 2084
2/24 won
Spike (Vectrex)Spike
2/25 won
Monster In My Pocket (NES)Monster In My Pocket
2/25 won
Bubble Bobble: Part 2 (NES)Bubble Bobble: Part 2
2/25 won
Kick Master (NES)Kick Master
2/26 won
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES)Tiny Toon Adventures
4/54 won
Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color)Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages
4/55 won
Chase H.Q. (Game Boy)Chase H.Q.
1/14 won
F-Zero (SNES)F-Zero
1/14 won
Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)Ardy Lightfoot
3/44 won
Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen) (NES)Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen)
2/30 won
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (NES)Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
2/30 won
River City Ransom (NES)River City Ransom
3/48 won
Out Run (Master System)Out Run
1/16 won
Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)Street Fighter II Turbo
1/16 won
Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck (Master System)Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck
2/34 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
2/36 won
Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive)Alisia Dragoon
2/39 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
4/80 won
Double Dribble (NES)Double Dribble
1/20 won
Parodius (NES)Parodius
2/42 won
Final Fight (SNES)Final Fight
2/42 won
Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)Super Mario All-Stars
5/106 won
Kickle Cubicle (NES)Kickle Cubicle
1/23 won
Cobra Triangle (NES)Cobra Triangle
1/24 won
Ms. Pac-Man (SNES)Ms. Pac-Man
1/24 won
Strider (NES)Strider
1/25 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. 3: A New Journey (NES)~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. 3: A New Journey
1/25 won
Ghosts 'n Goblins (NES)Ghosts 'n Goblins
1/26 won
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (CD) (PC Engine)Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (CD)
3/78 won
Ikari Warriors (NES)Ikari Warriors
1/27 won
Jimmy Connors Tennis (NES)Jimmy Connors Tennis
1/30 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project (NES)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
1/30 won
Asterix (NES)Asterix
2/61 won
Ninja Gaiden (Master System)Ninja Gaiden
2/62 won
R-Type (Master System)R-Type
1/31 won
Super Star Wars (SNES)Super Star Wars
1/31 won
Trojan (NES)Trojan
1/31 won
Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)Mario Kart 64
2/64 won
Pocky & Rocky (SNES)Pocky & Rocky
1/32 won
Wario Land 4 (Game Boy Advance)Wario Land 4
2/65 won
Phantasy Star (Master System)Phantasy Star
2/66 won
Firepower 2000 (SNES)Firepower 2000
1/34 won
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (SNES)SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
1/35 won
Mario is Missing (SNES)Mario is Missing
1/36 won
Gradius (NES)Gradius
1/37 won
Psycho Fox (Master System)Psycho Fox
1/40 won
Pin Bot (NES)Pin Bot
1/42 won
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (Master System)Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
1/42 won
Asterix & Obelix (SNES)Asterix & Obelix
1/42 won
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (NES)G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
1/49 won
Darkwing Duck (NES)Darkwing Duck
1/56 won
Mega Man X (SNES)Mega Man X
1/56 won
~Hack~ New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs (SNES)~Hack~ New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs
1/58 won
Lone Ranger, The (NES)Lone Ranger, The
1/59 won
Road Fighter (NES)Road Fighter
1/61 won

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