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Skuall 8 Jan 2021 17:33
Very impressive.
theplayerxyz 20 Feb 2021 01:03
wow, very cool
atratus 14 Apr 2021 02:34
Nice job with the remaster of aria, dude!
DarknessMan 8 Feb 2022 14:14
Hello Andrevus, how are you? How did you get the cheevo to kill the twin dragon zombie without starting the fight? I'm having a lot of trouble and I can't at all, can you help me please? I will be very grateful if you can help me
CassetteCobra 12 Apr 2022 21:41
"Tuesday's are great!!" hehe, nice amount of achievements you have dude! Your tips are also useful.
CryoProtea 7 Oct 2023 18:06
Hey there. I tried to message you but it doesn't look like that's working at the moment, so I just wanted to ask, what tips would you give a beginner who wants to hopefully get sub 55:00 for Metroid Fusion one day? I don't know if I have the patience or skill, to be perfectly honest, but if I could get sub 55:00, I could be in the top 100 players in the world, and I'd really like to at least try.