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Community Pom (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-09-27 16:31:11
0% complete
PoPoLoCrois Monogatari (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-09-24 23:53:50
0% complete
Marchen Adventure Cotton 100% (SNES)
Last played 2022-09-22 00:59:07
0 of 73 achievements, 0/800 points
0% complete
Marchen Land
Temple Of Seasons
Midnight Mansion
Forest Of The Living Dead
Earth's Inner Core
Depths Of The Sugar Sea
Chamber Of Enchanted Mirrors
Little Witches Convention
I Would Like A Cup Of Coffee
Let Me Serve You Some Tea
Hey Silk! Leave Some For Me!
Awakening Of The Hidden Powers
Spiritual Enlightenment
Together We Can Do Anything!
The Veil Of Isis
Scroll Of Oblivion
Fate Is In My Favor!
It's So Little I Can Barely Taste It...
Victory Is Almost As Tasty As A Willow
Drop Of Rainbow
Is It Enough To Quench Your Thirst, Dear?
See The Funny Little Clown
What Do You Do When Halloween Ends?
Your Nectar Looks Delicious...
You Look Nothing Like Olaf!
What Large Hands You Have!
Don't Be Like That! I Got Scared!
A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies!
You Don't Scare Me Girl! I Was With Annabelle Last Week!
A Golem... What A Surprise! This Is So Original...
Can You Live Without Your Head?
I'll Take This Shell As A Souvenir
It's Kind Of Unfair A Giant Dragon Against A Little Girl...
I Loved Your Style! It's Really Very Cute!
You Won't Have Any Willow, Ugly Witch!
Life Is Sweet! - Caramel Pudding
Life Is Sweet! II - Strawberry Ice Cream
Life Is Sweet! III - Pineapple Carrot Cake
Life Is Sweet! IV -  Pumpkin Jam
Life Is Sweet! V - Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle
Life Is Sweet! VI - Creamsicle Milkshake
Life Is Sweet! VII - Ambrosia Salad
Life Is Sweet! VIII - Cotton Candy
My Favorite Game - Hopscotch
My Favorite Game II - Blind Man's Bluff
My Favorite Game III - Simon Says
My Favorite Game IV - Broken Telephone
My Favorite Game V - Hangman
My Favorite Game VI - Cops And Robbers
My Favorite Game VII - Hide And Seek
My Favorite Game VIII - Hot Potato
My Favorite Game IV - Duck, Duck, Goose
My Favorite Game X - Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
A Modern Fairy Tale - The Poisoned Apple
A Modern Fairy Tale II - Let It Go
A Modern Fairy Tale III - In Search Of My Beast
A Modern Fairy Tale IV - With A Smile And A Song
A Modern Fairy Tale V - Fly To Another Arabian Night
A Modern Fairy Tale VI - Down Here All The Fish Is Happy
A Modern Fairy Tale VII - Mirror Mirror On The Wall
A Modern Fairy Tale VIII - My Happy Ending
Try To Subdue The Elementalist!
Do You Think The Witch Can Be Stopped?
The Dark Lady Has Woken Up!
The Sorceress Who Controls Nature
The Legend Of The Tasty Willow
Not... Good... At... All!
All That Trouble Just For This Little Scrap...
I'm Sooo Tired... Ahhhh~~
Silk, You're So Boring Today... Go To Sleep!
Cotton, The Child Witch
Just The Two Of Us
Sleepy Girl
G.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe (SNES)
Last played 2022-09-09 03:55:36
0 of 116 achievements, 0/900 points
0% complete
Dancing On The Bullying's Face
Who Dares Disturb My Slumber
July 3, 1999 - The Date That All Reality Would Change
Post Traumatic Trauma
Transcendental Knowledge
The Biggest Prison May Be In Your Mind
Animals Deserve Respect
A Brotherly Bond Across Countries
Summer Breeze
Fatimaria's Cult Is Not So Different From Others
The Angelic Avatar And Spiritual Growth
Ay Ay! Who Is The Captain Now?
The Mikoto Desire
The Fearless Osore's Girl
Goal - Wish - Purpose - Frustration
Mysterious Stranger
I Have To Admit That You Really Have Style
A Miracle Amid Chaos
So, We Really Have Tiny Brains?
A Touch Of Wisdom And The Friendly Monk Basil
Everything Is Wrong In This World ...
How Can He Be So Powerful?
Please, Open The Gates Of Your Heart
Together We Are Stronger
Vatican Is Always Hiding The Important Things
So ... Marvel Comics, Right?
Ai !!! This Is For You !!!
The Power Of Connection
The 7th Divine Smile
The Last Warning
Tell Me Why I Had To Be A Powerslave
The Cradle Of Horus
Aaa-aaaah! Oo-ooh, Aa-aah!!
I'm Really Bad With Anagrams
The "Mother" Ship And The Children Of Destiny
The Sacrifice For A Greater Good - Goodbye Master
All Together Again!
The Monk's Transgressions
Yeah, Happiness ... Even Salt Looks Like Sugar
The Phantom Of The Opera
... Staff Number 4649 ...
Coup D'etat
Cataclysm - Apocalyptic Boogaloo
Created By ... Aliens?
Secrets That Heaven Keeps
I Feel So ... Vulnerable - The Golden Village
You Mean Like The Bunny?
We Do Not Forgive You
Be Quick ! It's Harvest Day
Growth Or Devolution
Ice Station Zebra
I Choose To Change That Nation
Empathy ...
Intellectual battle
Priests And Witches All Agreed,They Must Die
My Mercy Prevails Over My Wrath
Save The Bones For The Manhattan Museum
The Arrival Of Alexander
Scourge Of Fire
Emotional Shock
Friends And Rivals To The End
King Or Not, You're Just Another Alien
Shared Pain
For Michael ... For Us
Almighty Selfish
All's Well That Ends Well
Purification Of Emotions
Use Your Brain Next Time!
Luck Is Smiling
Two For One Deal
Tale Of Two Islands
Ai ... You're Alive In All Of Us
Hey Hey Hey! Do Not Drink So Quickly!
S.S. Salvation
My Hour Of Need - Capitalizing On God's Name
Mister Chatterbox
Let It Go, Let It Go, Can't Hold It Back Anymore
How Did You Find This?
Natural Habitat
Hey Basil, Look, Is That Dinosaur Staring At Us?
Prohibited Content!
Thwarted Cyber Attack
Just Another Sailor Story
Don't Worry, Be Happy!
Onsen Nightmare
You ... You're Both Disgusting, Typical Man!
Err ... Thank You Ladies ...
Next Time, I'll Cast REM On Myself
Night Games On Den Of Sins
Rain Man Is Here To Play
Varied Flavors
In Search For Perfect Taste
Hail To The New King
G.O.D Airlines
Blood Diary
Stop Heath! We're Not Going To Angel Town
It's Free, Why Not?
Why Do People Leave Their Things Lying Around?
Lets Sell Everything And Donate To Salvation House
I Just Wonder Who Left All This Behind
Link Between Pupil And Master
Correspondence Training I - Bestial Roar
Correspondence Training II - Adrenaline Rush
Correspondence Training III - Kill Or Be Killed
Correspondence Training IV - Who Cares About Names
Correspondence Training V - Last Consequences
Robin Des Bois
Lightened Heart
In Honor Of Master Lem - Monkey's Barrier
Firebrand's Inner Peace
The Grief Has Guided Me So Far
C7  H5  O6  N3
Quicksand Jesus I'm So Far Away
Super Gifted Children
Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)
Last played 2022-09-04 13:40:13
42 of 130 achievements, 273/1136 points, 20 softcore points
32% complete
My Royal Treasure II - Hero's Crown
You Are What You Wear II - Boom Boom Pow
Vanishing Vanity II - You Can't Go Up
Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant?
I Have No Pockets For Anything Else!
Guided Mighty Bomb
A Matter Of Honor IV - Requiem
My Father's Mantra Was ... R, L, R, L, R, L, R, L, L - BOOM!
Corridor Of The Damned
You Are What You Wear X - Smell Of Sulfur
You Are What You Wear VI - Napalm
Sixth Generation
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Forget The Problems
My Logbook - Strength And Resilience
Fire And Gunpowder
Eclipse In The Dark
A Matter Of Honor II - I'm Glad You're Alive
Strange Radioactive Oasis
Gift From Distant Lands VII - My Bombering Things
Gift From Distant Lands IV - Purple Rain
Gift From Distant Lands III - Short But Useful
Gift From Distant Lands II - Up Here You Look So Small
Gift From Distant Lands -  Blue Is Blue
Gunpowder Shoots
Eat You Up
None Of This Is Water
A Matter Of Honor - Better Late Than Never
Missile's Freefall
Do Not Care About Other People's Things
The Best Of Me
Out Of Thin Air - Excessive Tiredness
Vanishing Vanity - Human Poison
Carpe Diem
Radioactive Bombs
You Are Greedy!
High Sensitivity
If You Want To Be A Hero, You Must Dress Appropriately
Ignition Of Fire
Easy To Find, Hard To Get
Exploding The Crypt Entrance
You Are What You Wear - Trying To Get Noticed
Climatic Explosion
Shrapnel Grenade
Fireworks In The Sky
Highly Flammable
Some Fresh Air In The Chaos
Three Days Of Fever
Spontaneous Combustion
Burning Wick
Where's The Belzebut!?
You Are What You Wear III - Free From Dogmas
You Are What You Wear IV - Beware The False Dichotomy
You Are What You Wear V - Smoke Bomb
You Are What You Wear VII - Evading Danger
You Are What You Wear VIII - Appropriate Costumes
You Are What You Wear IX - Minerva
You Are What You Wear XI - Belladonna
You Are What You Wear XII - Carbon Fixation
You Are What You Wear XIII - Fire Pendulum
You Are What You Wear XIV - Reflection Of Yourself
You Are What You Wear XV - Dance Of Attrition
You Are What You Wear XVI - Cotton Is Lighter
You Are What You Wear XVII - The Emperor's New Clothes
Gift From Distant Lands V - Be Quick Or You Won't Succeed
Gift From Distant Lands VI - Enjoying The Ride
Don't Be A Landmine - Versatility And Different Ways To Go
Don't Be A Landmine II - Left By The Ancients
Don't Be A Landmine III-  Phoenix
Fire On The Floor - Ready To K-Boom
Fire On The Floor II - Floating Like A Helium Balloon
Be Quick Or Be Dead - Unseemly Proposal
Be Quick Or Be Dead II - Thunderbolt
Be Quick Or Be Dead III - Tropicaliente
Be Quick Or Be Dead IV - Secrets Inside Secrets
Be Quick Or Be Dead V - Silver Mountain
Be Quick Or Be Dead VI - Unfair Dynamics
Be Quick Or Be Dead VII - Volcano Of Souls
Well-Tempered Clavier - I Want More!
Well-Tempered Clavier II - Room Of Fire
Summer Breeze - Polluted Clouds
Summer Breeze II - Flying Sky High
Summer Breeze III - Vaporwave
Blue Mighty Chilli Pepper
Like A Kangaroo - Light As A Feather
Like A Kangaroo II - See What No One Else Sees
Like A Kangaroo III - Fire Flow
Where Should I Start?
Compulsive Hoarding - No Control
Compulsive Hoarding II - Midas Song
Compulsive Hoarding III - Malicious Breath
Compulsive Hoarding IV - Cacophony
Wishes - Luck or Fate?
Wishes II - In Search Of Wealth
Oh, I Finally Made It!
Taste Of Success - Don't Look Back
Taste Of Success II - Cunning As A Bunny
My Royal Treasure - Everything Is Cataloged
My Royal Treasure II - Royal Scepter
My Royal Treasure III - Love Is The Greatest Treasure
My Royal Treasure IV - All In The Family
Vanishing Vanity III - In The  Dry forest
Vanishing Vanity IV - Difficult Choice Of Future
Vanishing Vanity V - Climbing The Fire Mountain
Vanishing Vanity VI - Acquired Experience
Vanishing Vanity VII - Blackthorn
Vanishing Vanity VIII - Coliseum Columns
Vanishing Vanity IX - I Wanna Sleep In That Cotton Clouds
Vanishing Vanity X -  Incendiary Corridor
Vanishing Vanity XI - Amidst The Meteor Storm
Vanishing Vanity XII - Unknown Sculptures
Vanishing Vanity XIII - From Gray To Baby Blue
Vanishing Vanity XIV - Light Of Hope
Vanishing Vanity XV - Geomagnetic Reversal
Vanishing Vanity XVI - Barbecue Flavor
Vanishing Vanity XVII - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Out Of Thin Air II - Wind Curve~
Out Of Thin Air III - Running Out Of Trouble
Predicting And Changing The Future
A Matter Of Honor III - Your Suffering Is Over Now
A Matter Of Honor V - Hold My Hand
My Logbook II - Don't Create A New Pain, Forget All Past Suffer
My Logbook III - Success Stories
Hop Little Bunny, Hop And Stop!
Secret Of The Century
Blood Sacrifice
Tears Of Happiness
~ No Easy Way Out ~
Live Your Life To Overcome Your Demons
The Hero's Trajectory

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