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5% complete
Legend of Mana (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-09-07 14:28:51
Earned 12 of 253 achievements, 102/2120 points.
Okay, I Will Destroy Humans
Duba Dubababa Ba Da! Dub?
I'm Not Just Gonna Try To Become A Hero... I WILL Become A One!
The Teardrop Crystal
I Love Salamander Days
Creator Deity
Together Once Again
Transcendental (Big Family)
Do You Know Chucky?
Little Big World
What Your Roommate Does When You're Not Home
You And Me
Read The Fine Print
Niccolo's Business Unusual
Rule The World ... With Pumpkins?
The Little Sorcerers
Monster Corral
The Wisdom Of Gaeus
The Mana Orchards
You Would Have Been A Cute Little Pet ...
Diddle's Letter
The Flame Of Hope
Niccolo's Business Unusual - Part 2
Pigeon Blood Devil
Teatime Of Danger
Dark Harvest
Mine Your Own Business
Watts Drops The Hammer
The Path Of The Blacksmith
The Infernal Doll
The Warrior's Despair
The Lost Princess
Again Lost, Dear?
Turbulent Memories
You Would Be A Nice Necklace
Pearl In The Shell
The Looking-Glass Tower
Sticking Your Eyes
The Gorgon Eye
Technology Never Beats Magic
Golem Go Make 'em
Don't Let The Lights Go Out
Professor Bomb's Lab
Faeries' Light
Ducate Hunting Season Open
Huntin' Du'Cate
A Devastated Fairytale
The Murmuring Forest
This Kind Of Story Is Getting Old ...
Two Torches
The Dark Side Of The Moon
In Search of Faeries
... Third Way ...
Pokiehl - Dream Teller
I Thought We Were Friends ... Sniff
Errr ... I Just Don't Want To Get Too Involved ...
Star-Crossed Lovers
Niccolo's Business Unusual - Part 3
Three Axes In The Desert
Reach for the Stars
Instruments 101
Glowing Agony
The Fallen Emperor
Diddle Had It!
Broom ... Snap-Snap!
Daddy's Broom
The Seven Wisdoms
Paintings In The Sky
She's Like The Wind
Dragoon Valor
The Breath Of Dragon
The Guardian Of Winds
The Field Trip
Spirit Possession
Bring A Whole Army If You Wish! You Will Not Pass!
The Bone Dragon Guardian Of The Earth
Fresh Meat On Rotten Bones
The Ghost Of Nemesis
Nightmare On Everest
Can't Look Back
Ugly Seeds Called Humans
Heaven's Gate
The Cage Of Dreams
Battle Cry!!!
Seeing Double
Pee-Wee Birdie
Crab Cocktail
Summer Lovin'
Drowned Dreams
Typical Tropical Summer Day
A Siren's Song
A Fairy Tale Untold
The Dragon Princess
Brother And Sister
Mercy Is Not An Option
The Soul Handler
The Crimson Dragon
I Wonder How That Ghost Fit Inside A Bottle ...
The Quiet Sea
Where's Putty?
As Easy As Crushing An Ant
Catchin' Lilipeas
Heart Of Darkness
Diddle Kidnapped!?
The Treasure Map
Easy Money!
Buried Treasure
The Nordic Snowfield
Taming The King Of The Seas
Gilbert - Love Is Blind
Gilbert - School Amour
Gilbert - Resume For Love
Niccolo's Business Unusual 4
Niccolo Calls It Quits?
Looks Like Someone Drank Too Much ...
The Blessed Elixir
Cutting The Roots Of Evil
The Wimpy Thugling
Diamond Dust
The Lucky Clover
Li'l Cactus
Imitation Jewelry
I Don't Want To Kill You ...
Foolish Death-Seeker
Two Pearls
The Dream Guide ... (You Only Think About Money?)
All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Infinity Stones
Breaking The Fists
The Hero's Mastery
The Jewel Eater
Everything Was In Vain...
Existential Crisis
Legend Of Mana
Remember Me! Need Me! I Can Provide You With Everything!
More Than Pets ... A Family!
How Was Tale Of Heroics?
One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure
Fun To Get Lost
Room Of Fate...?
Penguin Statue
I Wanna Go Faerie World
Red Carpet...
Down To Under-World
Things For Birds
Who Likes Snowmen
How Long!
Crab Bashing?
Had To Be Dog
Hide Them Better Next Time!
I Gonna Cry...
A Place to Call Home
Gifts From The Ancients
Walking Sideways
Tuurtle... Toooortle.. Toooortleee... Da!
Flapping Wings
The Bottom Of Hell
Legend Of Hamson - Legend Of Skippie
Knight And Guardian
Hate ~ Pain ~ Pride
A New Age, Beginning And A Future
What Colors Do You Want?
My Dear Rainbow
The Color Of Your Eyes
Forever Left In Safekeeping
The Power To Cut Through Anything
What Does It Mean To Be Strong?
The Polpota Grand Prix
Die Dead Enough
Call Me Demon Slayer
Kinda Impossible Not To Hum
What Are You Fighting For?
Growing Up Beside Me
Take Care Of Florina For Me!
En Guard!
Ready For Planting
Tasty And Healthy
Glad It's In The Season
Fresh Summer Fruit Salad
Me, Myself And I
Middle Age Blacksmith
Can Lisa Equip This?
Extension Of Your Soul
Divine Disaster
Who Wants Money?
Principles Of Mysticism
Blessed Or Cursed?
Real Identity
Vitamins, Carrots, Potassium, Fiber ... Polyphenol !!!
Fashion Catalog
Today's Menu
Oh, These Are Very Useful!
Hate Speech
Making An Omelet
Distorted Space Time
Candy From Strangers
Sharp Reflexes
Zero Classic 20XX
It Was Supposed To Be Just Prototypes
Follow My Voice And You'll Be Home Again
Believe It Or Not!
Part Of My Story
I Will Never Forget
Fear Of Insects
Grasp Of The Living Dead
Sweet Poisons
Paranormal Activity
The Forest Holds Many Surprises
Stranger Things
The Power Of Change
Dragon King Of Wells And Springs
The Evil One
You Have A Warrior's Heart!
King Of The Oceans
Spread His Wings And Fly Away
The Greatest Bowman In The World!!
I Want To Polish Up On My Evilness!
It Is My Duty To Serve A Hero!
There's Blood On My Hands ...
You Look Kooky And Oozy ... I Like That!
A True Adventure!
~ Kweh!!! ~
I Will Not Be Intimidated
I don't Forget My Enemies
This Completes My Blood Diary
Different People With Different Interests
Friends, Enemies And Acquaintances
Waltz For A Night
Masked Ball
The Forbidden Tome
Monster Hunter
Martial Arts Master
The Hands That Carry Hope
Forces Of Nature
Bloody Hurricane
Making Earthquakes
Shredding On Both Sides
For My Honor!
Barbarian Invasion
Knight Of The Round
Evil Will Be Sliced!
There's Nothing I Can't Do

8% complete
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Last played 2021-09-05 00:02:40
Earned 12 of 150 achievements, 69/1144 points.
Head Crushers - Take No Prisoners!
Somebody Like You
Steps To The Future
Guess Who's Back?
Sacred Treasures Of The Kahna Kingdom
Alexander, King Of The Holy Dragons
Nobody Needs This More Than Me!
He's Silly, She's Tomboy
We Also Know How To Fight Dirty
The Downfall Of Kahna Castle
We Need to Buy Some Time
Believe In Your Senses
Opaque Memories
Hey, Don't Look At Me Like That ... Metelite Is To Blame!
Nature Is Very Important ... Just Kidding! Burn Everything!
The Legend We Dreamed Of ...
You're Kind Of Weird ...
I Still Think About What Happened To Biggs And Wedge ...
Sandcastles In The Sand
Pickled Radish - Kahna Resistance
The Green Continent Of Campbell
What's Your Wish?
The Worst Scars Are In The Mind
Full Of Regret
Nothing Is Intractable!
Like Poison For The Soul
Emperor Sauzer
The Flavor Of Chaos
I Really Would Like To Be A Navigator ...
Why Do They Hide The Loot?
An Ordinary Dream
Cruelty To Snails
Cheap Tricks Won't Work!
It's Not A Dream, Is It ...
I Think Salmando Will Like This
What Valitora Hides ...?
I'm Starting To Think About Eating These Escargots
Hit Me With Everything You've Got!
I Think No One Needs It More Than We Do
Dragon Squad Unification
Everyone Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt
The Legend Of The Holy Dragons
Guaranteeing My Dragon's Lunch
Declared emergency
Lethal Decisions - No Unnecessary Deaths
Mid-Air Dragon Battle
Dry And Wet Operation
The Reckoning
Have You No Mercy?
Mahal, The Continent Of Miracles
At The End Of The Rainbow
Curiosity Killed The Cat
These Things Are Scary ...
Celine ...
Rainbow Bridge
Lukia And Gunso Don't Care ... (I Hope)
I Wasn't Thinking About Eating You ... (Hunger)
It's Better Not To Take A Deep Breath
Chameleon Operation
I Envy Your Happiness
The Lords Of Strategy
Confessions To A Stranger ...
The Spy Operation
Genetically modified
Goodnight Moonlight
The Magic Of Godland
Maybe I Should Leave A Note
No More Dancing Alone
There Will Always Be A Place For You At Knights Of Kahna
Did You Think I Would Forget Them?
Sweeping Evil Under The Rug
When The Bird-Dragon Awakens ...
Hello Cute
Uncontrollable Itch
When Water Is Scarce Try Not To Waste Time
How Do You Know So Much About Us?
Err ... Okay ... Thanks
Deadly Silence
Showdown In The Burning Sands
I Don't Want To See My Dragons Hurt
The Holy Dragon Jormungand
And You Say That Metalite Is Authoritarian?
The Sky Is Falling
A Door To A New Era
Protect The Church Of Memories!!!
Broken Heart
The Promised Land
Not Even The Elite Can With Us
Maybe We'll Need A Bigger Ship
I Don't Know If I Understand What You Mean
Day To Be Generous!
Long Live The Queen!
Farewell, Matelite!
Byuu, The Dragon Mom
A Hopeless Future ... (I Can't Believe I Will Go Bald)
Gift From The Skies
Orelus Freedom Force
I'm A Shooting Star, Leaping Through The Sky
The System Has Failed
Ship To Wreck
The Sky Of Sadness
Your Last Order
Nobody Deserves To Feel This Agony
The Holy Dragon
I Know How You Feel Buddy ...
The Dark Side Of Me
That Was Easier Than Taking It Off From That Stone ...
The Final Battle
Wife-And-Child-Protecting Salesman
I Can't Resist A Closed Box
To Eternal Suffering
Don't Tear Your Soul Apart
Mama's Boy
Evil Erasers
Dissolving Bodies
To The Homeland ...
Do You Give Life To Others And Cannot Take Care Of Yourself?
Eternal Travelers
How Many Years Have We Waited For This ...
The Usurper King
We, Who Cannot See Into Tomorrow
My Little Friend Is Growing Up
Youth Gone Wild
Spread Your Wings To The Future
Brave As They Should Be
The Miracle Of Friendship
Darkest Wing
Anything In Excess Is Harmful
The Mystery Of The Strange
??? - Dark Metamorphosis - ???
Courage Over Fear
Loyalty And Willpower
Fury From Heaven
Always Three Steps Ahead
Unique Powers
Transcendental Nature
In God We Trust!
Hellfire Rhythm
Faithful Companions
W-What Is This Place?
Death Is A Relative Thing
Nexus Of Hate
Edge Of Insanity
Waltz Of The Dark Winds
Hard Its Me
Why Are You So Sad?
Heaven Came Down

0% complete
Marchen Adventure Cotton 100% (SNES)
Last played 2021-08-28 18:37:47
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
Youkai Buster: Ruka no Daibouken (SNES)
Last played 2021-08-27 06:15:30
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

22% complete
Super Tekkyuu Fight! (SNES)
Last played 2021-08-25 13:41:36
Earned 8 of 49 achievements, 65/600 points.
Technology Is Welcome When Used For Good
Never Forget Where You Came From
Assault On Central Area
Detachable Head
Could We Not Have Used A Teleport?
If You Play With Fire You Get Burnt
I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball
Too Fast For Love
Well-Toasted Marshmallows
Let's Make Some Snowmen?
Swimming With The Beautiful Little Fishes
Wild Nature - Things Are As They Should Be
Studying The Past For A Better Future
Rescuing Peace For All Galaxies
Counter Attack Of The Chosen Ones
Heroes Hockey League
Synchronized Swimming
Breathing Fresh Air Finally
Run Before The Ruins Collapse
Running At The Speed Of Light
Alien Steam Room
A Delicious Ice Cream
Hunting The Lost Treasure
Even Beautiful Flowers Have Sharp Thorns
Someone Light The Way
None Of These Things Seem Complicated To Us
Excitement Before The End
Ultra Fight Orb
Anti-Aircraft Mega Particle Gun
Pedan Of The 8th Galaxy
My Precious GaGa Armlet
Show Respect To The New King Of The Universe!
Every Ending Is Always A New Beginning
Flaming Heart
North Pole Battle Front
The Fury Of The Southern Seas
Deadly Battle In The Dense Wood
Learning About The Violent Past
Gravity Blessing
Formation C
Triumph Of A Heart
Justice Does Not Fall From The Sky, That's Why I'm Here
Amazing Giant Of Light
It's A Shame Emi Is Not Here
A Show For The Audience
Why Do I Always End Up Staying Out Of The Party?
Follow The Master!
Champion Of The Champions
The Dream Will Never End

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