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Akylios (10198 points) (36340)

Member Since: 12 Feb 2020, 15:02
Last Activity: 20 Jul 2021, 23:40
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Retro Ratio: 3.56
Average Completion: 45.29%
Site Rank: 3677 / 31758 ranked users (Top 11.58%)
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Last 5 games played:

8% complete
Metroid (NES)
Last played 2021-07-20 23:07:59
Earned 1 of 25 achievements, 2/353 points.
Cross Screen
Bombing Run
Little Extra
Stay Right There
Screwin' Around
I'm Mario!
Extra Punch
More Punch
All of the Punch
Tanking Around
All the Tanks in the World
Slimeball City
The Floor is Lava
Secret Facility
Kraiding Power
Great Scott!
Brain Damage
Mission Complete
Successful Mission
It's a Girl!
Ready for the Beach
Ready for the Magazine

9% complete
Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)
Last played 2021-07-06 22:07:08
Earned 3 of 68 achievements, 7/700 points.
[DQ1] Thanks Gooman *Slurp*
[DQ1] Let the Quest begin
[DQ1] First of many
[DQ1] Puff-Puff
[DQ1] Sleep well
[DQ1] Finally! A second party member!
[DQ1] Multitasking as a bodyguard
[DQ1] Three is company [m]
[DQ1] Nose for Treasure - Mountain Cave
[DQ1] Like a Rolling Stone
[DQ1] Broken Instrument
[DQ1] Weather Report
[DQ1] Lucky!
[DQ1] What is this pile of bricks doing here?
[DQ1] Harder than stone [m]
[DQ1] Now that's a shield
[DQ1] Thank you Roto
[DQ1] Nice Small Medal!
[DQ1] Catch the Rainbow
[DQ1] Dragon Quest Builders
[DQ1] This better kill things fast!
[DQ1] King Dragon's Quest [m]
[DQ1] You were the chosen one!
[DQ1] Dragon Slayer
[DQ1] I don't need anyone's help
[DQ1] Are you a wizard?
[DQ1] I swear i'm Roto's descendant
[DQ1] A new hero was born
[DQ2] Emergency Supplies
[DQ2] The Evasive Prince
[DQ2] Poisoned reflections
[DQ2] The Cursed Princess
[DQ2] Let the Wind Blow
[DQ2] Aboat to start your adventure
[DQ2] Who needs a treasure anyway?
[DQ2] The Suit of Cups
[DQ2] The Star
[DQ2] The Moon
[DQ2] The Sun
[DQ2] The Lovers
[DQ2] This place is so charming
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Tower of the Moon
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Sea Cave
[DQ2] Trio of Danger
[DQ2] Worthless sacrifice
[DQ2] Hargone [m]
[DQ2] Shiny Key
[DQ2] Best doggo out there!
[DQ2] Weird place to find a black market...
[DQ2] I don't recall seeing anyone there
[DQ2] At least it was guarded this time
[DQ2] An actual helmet at last
[DQ2] Edgeless Sword
[DQ2] Ancient Protection
[DQ2] The Rising of the Shield Hero
[DQ2] Gacha giveth, gacha taketh away
[DQ2] King Dragon the cartographer
[DQ2] Get out of my shop!
[DQ2] This jail is so dangerous
[DQ2] Become like water, my friend
[DQ2] The Sword of Roto got old fast
[DQ2] Sweet sweet levels
[DQ2] Proving usefulness
[DQ2] Now we're ready to battle
[DQ2] Farewell, your majesty
[DQ2] Don't you think I'm cute?
[DQ2] Our bonds will give me strength!
[DQ2] A new hero was born (Part II)

166% complete
Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
Last played 2021-06-17 15:54:47
Earned 84 of 101 achievements, 549/769 points.
Patience Pays III
The Master Swordsman
Life, Crystalized
Psychic Vampires
Dragon Slayer
Complete Toolset
What is a Man?
Shielded from View
Step Aside, Gramps!
Gender Crisis
You Are Not Alone
Samurai Showdown
Alone in the Dark
Swordity Sword
Throne Retained
We're All Mad Here
Mascot Relm
Power Level I
Hold onto your butts...
Patron Auctioneer
I Work Alone
Minerva Twins
The Abominable Comrade
Avenging Vicks and Wedge
Slam Dancin'
Kuku's Treasures
Blitz Expert
Super Bouncy Doom
The Coin Toss
Edgar's 'interests'
Patience Pays II
Child Endangerment
Choose Life
Patience Pays I
The Decisive Battle
This is the End
Elixirs of Life
And Finally ... Peace
Psychic Flame
Repairing the Airship
Master Philanthropist
Chivalry is Undead
Hanging by a Pom-pom
The World is Yours
The Tempest
Pacifism in the Pit
None Shall Pass
World's Worst Stage Hand
Rat Race
Photographic Memory
Friday the 13th
Forever Rachel
Covert Strike Team
No, really! I'm not a thief!
Half-Past Many
A Lesson in Modesty
May I have this dance?
What the-?!?
Seafood Soup
River Rats
Stubborn Girl
Gotta Dash
To the Horizons
Every little thing she does is Magic
Semantic Nonsense
Custom Background
The Approach on Narshe
The Cold Embrace of Death
Goddess of Darkness
Goddess of Light
So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Double Dragoon
Beyond the Shadows I
Beyond the Shadows II
Elder Wisdom
Why so Serious?
Beastlore I
Beastlore II
Beastlore III
Power Level II

80% complete
Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)
Last played 2021-06-03 23:48:30
Earned 20 of 50 achievements, 78/713 points.
Floor 3-3
The Hidden Treasure of Doctor Schabb
Floor 3-2
Filled Lives!
Clear Floor 2
Floor 2-3
Secrets of the Grosse Brothers
Floor 2-2
Rocket Launcher!
Floor 2-1
Clear Floor 1
Hans Grosse!
Chain Gun!
Full Backpack!
Floor 1-2
Floor 1-1
Machine Gun!
It's moving!
Floor 3-1
Clear Floor 3
Floor 4-1
Floor 4-2
Floor 4-3
Floor 4-4
Clear Floor 4
Floor 5-1
Floor 5-2
Floor 5-3
Floor 5-4
Floor 5-5
Clear Floor 5
Floor 6-1
Floor 6-2
Floor 6-3
Floor 6-4
Floor 6-5
Beat the Game!
(Mastered) Hans Grosse!
Mastered the Game!
I'm Comin' to Git Chu!
Hanz With Shoulder Spikes
An Apple a Day
Two Arms Good, Four Arms Bad
It's Only a Flesh Wound
Let's Kill Hitler!
Secrets of the Mutants
The Black Knight's Armaments
Staatmeister's Secrets

0% complete
Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-05-31 19:32:03
Earned 0 of 54 achievements, 0/370 points.
Hollywood Holocaust
Red Light District
Death Row
Toxic Dump
The Abyss
Launch Facility
The Incubator
Warp Factor
Fusion Station
Ocuppied Territory
Tiberius Station
Lunar Reactor
Dark Side
Spin Cycle
Lunatic Fringe
Raw Meat
Bank Roll
Flood Zone
L.A. Rumble
Movie Set
Rabbid Transit
Hotel Hell
Tier Drops
Nightmare Zone
Trackside Tragedy
Gates Motel
Duke Royale
Alien Rendezvous
Ministry of Fear
Faces of Death
Hollywood Master
The Abyss Master
Warp Factor Master
Dark Side Master
Raw Meat Master
Movie Set Master
Freeway Master
Farenheit Master
Nightmare Zone Master
Duke Royale Master
Death Row Killer
The Incubator Killer
Lunatic Fringe Killer
Bank Roll Killer
Rabbid Transit Killer
Trackside Tragedy Killer
L.A. Meltdown
Lunar Apocalypse
Sharpnel City
Plug and Pray

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Duke Nukem Advance (Game Boy Advance)Duke Nukem Advance
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Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)Wolfenstein 3-D
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Doom (PlayStation)Doom
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Illusion of Gaia (SNES)Illusion of Gaia
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Crusader of Centy (Mega Drive)Crusader of Centy
17/59 won
Hexen (Nintendo 64)Hexen
19/66 won
Tecmo Secret of the Stars (SNES)Tecmo Secret of the Stars
9/80 won
Diablo (PlayStation)Diablo
8/80 won
Castlevania (NES)Castlevania
4/40 won
Final Fantasy II (SNES)Final Fantasy II
1/21 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue (Game Boy)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue
1/22 won
Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)Dragon Quest I & II
3/68 won
Metroid (NES)Metroid
1/25 won
Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (Game Boy Advance)Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
2/70 won
Mario's Picross (Game Boy)Mario's Picross
2/89 won

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