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Akkarien 7 Dec 2021 20:46
My Controller randomly started to work again. It probably new I was about to write a devestating amazon review. Anyways, I busted out Pokmon Pinball again and made HUGE progress. Now, I am only missing about 10 critters.
Akkarien 10 Dec 2021 16:11
The only guy missing is Lapras. I continuously get to Saffron City, having only 1 life then proceed to lose said life. Infuriating. ^_^
Akkarien 10 Dec 2021 18:26
With a flawless run to Saffron City, I finally made Lapras show it's big blue face. To make a long and aredous story short: I finally mastered my first game!! ^~^
ViperZang 10 Dec 2021 23:08
woah dude, just saw you mastered Pokemon Pinball (Game Boy Color). Congrats, you're a legend!
Akkarien 9 Jan 2022 23:29
Ty <3I have started to play Pokmon Blue, which is one of my childhood games. For my first run, I decided to do a Nuzlock challenge. - It was an absolute bloodbath, but I beat the Elite 4. Now, I am onto another, more chill run and try to commemorate those that were lost. :D
Twangdy 10 Jan 2022 02:51
Cheers bud! Err you make it sound bloody hard?!!! I should give up lol?im sort of new to all this retro goodness, and its all abit exciting and overwhelming at the same time? im not sure i fully understand how poke pinball works just yet lol.... and youve hinted that i need steel balls ive not levelled up yet lolDo you know your way around emulators and bios and that sort of tech jargon??
Twangdy 10 Jan 2022 02:59
when the hell did old games get trophies lol????? this is amazing!!! whats a good place to find or ask questions about stuff without being a noob or a nuisance to people lol.... i found alot of info thanks to retro game corp yt channel.... this retro trophy thing is genius whoever got it all to work? tons of games and formats missing though
Akkarien 6 Feb 2022 09:19
I lost my Pokemon save file while updating RetroArch ^^ Really have to swallow that one before mastering the game. Also: I have published my first achievement set. Enjoy!
Akkarien 24 Feb 2022 17:31
With what felt like an eternity, I finally managed to master Super Mario Bros. on GBA. So happy to finally be done with this game.
stfN1337 24 Feb 2022 18:13
Woah dude, just saw you mastered Super Mario Bros. GBA. Congrats, you're a legend!
Akkarien 24 Feb 2022 19:03
Thank you! ^_^
Akkarien 31 Aug 2022 19:21
Finally made it through all the achievements of the first generation of Pokémon. I took three save files and a lot of grinding. Right now I am just happy its done. Not sure what to tackle next, I kinda want to try something completely new.
Akkarien 25 Oct 2022 15:01
I have created my second achievement set! Getting really invested into the site! Looking forward to find out what lies ahead. ^_^
Akkarien 12 Feb 2023 07:52
100% Jak and Daxter finally again. Such a joy to play this game again. I like to think that this game really started my habit for going for 100% in every game.
Akkarien 16 Mar 2023 15:25
Holy moly. One more mono-Type and I am done with the mono-type challenge. Really interested in digging into the more harder challenges. Especially rip&tear scares me. ^_^
Akkarien 18 Jul 2023 16:39
Oh yesss! Finally done with all the Pokemon Regulation achievements. I feel really accomplished. According to the first achievement I obtained from the srt, I started the whole thing on the 14th October 2022. So it took me more than half a year to finish the set. Also: Most progress was done on company time while sitting on the toilette. xD
Zonlan 11 Nov 2023 12:25
gotta appreciate this fella's enthrallment with the site, wish I were this vocal with the stuff I enjoy
Akkarien 2 Dec 2023 07:53
Now the trio of Lord of the Ring GBA Games is mastered! When starting The Return of the King, I was not expecting that my play time will be 90% with Gollum! Feeling really happy with the trio being mastered! :)
voiceofautumn 5 Mar 2024 13:45
Sorry, very late reaction! The holy LOTR trinity force with you, me and Daniel :D I hope development still has your interest and you have another go at it later!
Akkarien 16 Apr 2024 10:47
Thank you so much for the kind words. :) I do enjoy achievement development, but memory digging really burns me out after a doing it for a while.