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chocolatiel 14 Sep 2022 14:04
Hello 14ausher :) gg mastering so many games, you have a very nice gaming taste imo, keep it up! :D
14ausher 17 Sep 2022 05:07
Thank you for the kind words; congrats to you as well for mastering so many games and getting so many points.
GoddessBow 12 Jan 2023 17:21
Ellow :3 couldn't help but give another Metroid head a follow โ™ก keep.it up ;3
thatoneguy1851 26 Sep 2023 04:10
Yo thanks for the follow 14ausher! You had some great Shadow the Hedgehog records. I’ve gotten all 326 endings at one point, might do the bonus set someday. Lots of masteries on here too!
14ausher 27 Sep 2023 06:41
Thank you; I've always had an odd love for the game. I started doing all the endings in numerical order but kind of got burned out, but I'll probably get back to it eventually. I'm impressed that you've done it and are willing to do it again. I've tried before but never got more than a few pages of endings; speed-up will probably make the subset better. Good luck to you with it!
thatoneguy1851 27 Sep 2023 11:42
Thanks @14ausher! How I did it a while back was get the 10 endings right away and the paths I’m taking on my page now show most of the cutscenes so they can be skipped. Then I’d get the Shadow Rifle from Last Story. Then I’d mix it up and do like 1 dark path, 1 neutral, 1 hero. But yeah, truly an under appreciated gem, in spite of cringy cutscenes and wonky controls that take some time getting used to.