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Just Beat It
Measured-time from game-start to Robotnik's defeat.

Created by MGNS8M on: 18 Dec, 2023 16:18
Last modified: 11 Apr, 2024 16:05

Just Beat It: Measured-time from game-start to Robotnik's defeat.
RankUserResultDate Submitted
1Alexdatadestroyer Alexdatadestroyer21:13.4321 Dec 2023, 09:02
2Nintencats73 Nintencats7327:49.8028 Jan 2024, 04:03
3MGNS8M MGNS8M28:55.9618 Dec 2023, 19:08
4Swole Swole29:20.0121 Mar 2024, 01:20
5Tabbysas Tabbysas40:37.3612 Jan 2024, 13:05
6Wimpyfox Wimpyfox1h00:44.6318 Apr 2024, 20:25
7JustSomeRetroGamer JustSomeRetroGamer1h06:06.4329 Jan 2024, 10:12
8lumitama lumitama1h10:51.9517 Mar 2024, 19:13
9tuffghost tuffghost1h11:07.0622 Dec 2023, 06:19
10Crazeuh Crazeuh1h22:38.5020 Feb 2024, 11:58
11KoopaAir KoopaAir1h58:03.9829 Mar 2024, 06:33

MGNS8M 18 Dec 2023 16:22
This is a little bit experimental, but hopefully it works right. It checks a constantly-changing address(which pauses when the player pauses, so hopefully that continues to work right) to determine how much time has passed, and seems to be fine so far.

I'm mostly just curious how long it takes people to beat the game start-to-finish; although it's not specifically blocking stage-select, for obvious reasons it should only start in Toxic Caves since you shouldn't be able to improve your time by jumping right to the end.

It should submit when you hit "Level 5" which is the ending-cutscene..
18 Dec 2023 17:14
MGNS8M edited this leaderboard.
MGNS8M 18 Dec 2023 17:20
Okay actually it won't pause during bonus-tables, but just use emulator-pause if you need to. Also hopefully no one's trying to do a run immediately like I did, I forgot lives go down to zero when you beat the game and I had that as a cancel-condition(so I lost that attempt). Now it just submits exactly when Robotnik's defeated.
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