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Birthday Date
Open the Calendar App on the Pokétch. [YY:MM.DD]

Created by SporyTike on: 21 Jan, 2022 12:27
Last modified: 11 Apr, 2024 16:05

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SporyTike 21 Jan 2022 12:52
Leaderboards can't show dates so I needed to be a bit creative to show the date. The leaderboard will show your next birthday in the format YY:MM.DD.
SporyTike 21 Jan 2022 12:53
As example 22:01.21 would mean your next birthday is on 21th January 2022.
ReverieEmanon 21 Jan 2022 16:07
This is a godsend thank you.
Manufacturer 25 Dec 2022 15:48
Its the same date for all the games or only in Pokemon Platinum? I need to find out my birthday in Pokemon White too
Majorian 28 Nov 2023 22:09
Mine is 24:6.23 so my next in-game birthday is June 23rd, 2024
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