ChlorateChlorate (9673)

17:22Unexpected Launch Unexpected Launch (25)End game A with 120000 points or more25
17:28Dragonflies Dragonflies (10)Clear B-Type Level 10 Height 410
17:31Penguins Penguins (25)Clear B-Type Level 12 Height 525
17:36Pterodactyls Pterodactyls (50)Clear B-Type Level 14 Height 450
17:43Ostriches Ostriches (25)Clear B-Type Level 16 Height 225
17:53Snowstorms Snowstorms (50)Clear B-Type Level 18 Height 350
18:40Mega Meow One Mega Meow One (10)Have 9 lives10
20:54Class Upgrade Class Upgrade (25)Receive praise and reward from King Bahamut.25


Total earned on 10 Sep 2023: 220 points, 8 achievements.

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