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History - 30 Jul 2020

GatorboxGatorbox (3176 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
00:25Find and Collect a Mushroom Power-up1
00:25Collect the hidden 1-up on Stage 1-12
00:25Find and Collect a Fire Flower1
00:25Find and collect a Starman Power-up in the game1
00:25Finish a level to lots of fireworks3
00:26Get 4 lives2
00:26Collect the hidden 1-up on Stage 1-2 2
00:27Take Mario to the top of the screen in World 1-22
00:27Discover a Secret on World 1-22
00:27Collect all coins on Stage 1-3 and collect the hidden 1-up on Stage 2-110
00:28Ascend to the Clouds3
00:28Collect 50 Coins1
00:29Earn a 5000 Point Bonus by touching the top of the flagpole3
00:29Enter a Water Level2
00:35Get to the top of the beanstalk and dance for awhile2
00:36Knock out 15 enemies in a row using the effect of Super Star5
00:38Obtain 1000 points for breaking a scale lift2
00:38Defeat "Bowser" on World 3-4 with fireballs5
00:41Enter Warp Zone on surface of World 4-23
00:47Complete World 6 while not losing a life10
00:48Make a Hammer Bro to leave his default position and chase you3
00:57Solve the Maze in World 7-44
00:58Collect all coins on Stage 7-3 and collect the hidden 1-up on Stage 8-110
01:00Collect the hidden 1-up on Stage 8-23
01:08Solve the Maze in World 8-44
01:08Rescue the Princess!10
01:13Complete World 1-1 without pressing 'Left'!2
01:15Defeat "Bowser" on World 1-4 with fireballs5
01:15Find Out Where The Princess is in World 1-43
01:15Complete World 1 while not losing a life10
01:29Complete World 1 without collecting any coins10
01:34Become Parasol Kirby1
01:35Become Beam Kirby1
01:35Become Spark Kirby1
01:35Become Fire Kirby1
01:35Get U.F.O in the secret area of stage 1-15
01:35Become UFO Kirby1
01:37Enter HAL Room in 1-24
01:38Become Cutter Kirby1
01:38Become Crash Kirby1
01:39Become Sword Kirby1
01:39Get 1UP in Hi-Jump Mini-Game5
01:40Become Fireball Kirby1
01:42Become Freeze Kirby1
01:42Become Needle Kirby1
01:42Eat Invincibility Candy3
01:44Beat Whispy Woods without powerups and taking damage10
01:44Defeat Whispy Woods5
01:46Become Tornado Kirby1
01:46Suck 2 enemies at once!1
01:49Become Wheel Kirby1
01:54Become Stone Kirby1
01:54Become Mike Kirby1
01:55Become Laser Kirby1
02:09Become Sleep Kirby1
02:10Become Hi-Jump Kirby1
02:13Beat Paint Roller without powerups and taking damage10
02:13Defeat Paint Roller5
02:14Press your first secret button5
02:15Beat Grand Wheelie without powerups and taking damage in World 3 Arena5
02:18Become Ice Kirby1
02:19Become Back Drop Kirby1
02:24Become Hammer Kirby1
02:26Become Light Kirby1
02:28Defeat Mr.Shine and Mr.Bright5
02:29Become Ball Kirby1
02:40Get 1-UP in Level 4-4 10
02:40Become Throw Kirby1
02:48Defeat Kracko5
02:56Have 500.000 Points5
03:16Beat Heavy Mole with full health and without powerups10
03:16Defeat Heavy Mole5
03:38Defeat Meta Knight5
03:43Enter secret live room in 7-210
03:55Clear stage 7-2 without taking damage and powerups on normal path!25
04:21Be fired from the cannon in level 7-510
04:26Defeat King Dedede5
04:29Beat the game!25
04:33Beat the Normal Mode on 100% and enter Extra Game25


Total earned on 30 Jul 2020: 353 points, 79 achievements.

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