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History - 23 May 2020

MetroidMetroid (17465 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
03:58Enter Secret Garden5
04:42Enter Golder Chain5
05:22Reach 212th yard of World 1 without losing a life5
05:24Gather 10 stars2
05:27Collect 20 Stars in one life5
05:29Finish World 15
05:29Finish World 1 without losing a life10
05:33Collect 30 Stars in one life10
05:35Finish World 2 without losing a life25
05:35Finish World 210
05:36Earn 100.000 points10
05:43Finish World 310
05:43Finish World 3 without losing a life25
05:50Finish World 410
05:50Finish World 4 without losing a life25
05:58Shoot 'Em Up!1
06:07Finish World 510
06:31Gather 50 stars in World 125
06:43Nothing can stop you now... for about 3 seconds1
06:45Now you have a chance!1
06:50Finish Worlds 1-5 without losing a life50
07:00Finish World 5 without losing a life25
07:34Finish World 610
07:34Finish World 6 without losing a life25
07:48Finish World 725
07:48Finish World 7 without losing a life25
07:48Have 8 lives25
08:04Earn 500.000 points25
08:05Finish World 8 without losing a life50
08:05Finish the game50
10:31Do what Square says and finish the game50
11:00Collect a Super Speed-up5
11:00Collect the Tresbeam5
11:00Obtained Orbiting Barrier Shield5
11:04Obtained Twin Missiles5
11:04Obtained a Hi-Density Power Protector5
11:05 Acquire 4 Orbiting Barrier Shields25
11:06Reach Stage 2 with the Tresbeam10
11:06Defeated Guardian Deathface10
11:06Stack 2 Hi-Density Power Protectors25
11:07Obtained the Laser Gun5
11:16Score 50k points5
11:16Defeated Esophagus Guardian 10
11:17Full speed powerup10
11:17Collect 3 Missile Powerups25
11:20Obtained the Paradora Gun5
11:22Have full barrier, armor and missle powerup25
11:23Score 100,000 Points10
11:23Reach Stage 4 with the laser25
11:23Defeated All Seeing Guardian10
11:31Defeated Cilia Monster10
11:31Reach Stage 5 with the Paradora Gun10
11:48Score 200,000 Points25
11:49Collect the Star Beam5
11:52Defeated Guardian Commander25
11:53300,000 points50
12:02Defeated The Core25
12:03Escaped Parasitis50
13:14Get the best weapon upgrade!5
13:14Get the maximum speed of three wing-boots!5
13:15Become a well-dressed caveman by getting 50,000 points!25
13:21Beat Jungle Land without getting ANY wings!10
13:24Defeat PTERODACTYL at the end of Jungle Land.10
13:30Get a full bar of 8 hearts! In THIS game!?10
13:31Beat Desert Land without getting ANY wings!10
13:32Defeat TYRANNOSAURUS REX at the end of Desert Land.10
13:36Rack up nine lives!25
14:15Beat Swamp Land without getting ANY wings!25
14:16Defeat SPITTING COBRA at the end of Swamp Land.10
14:22Get 500,000 points. I have no idea what this is.50
14:22Defeat PTERODACTYL at the end of SUPER Jungle Land!25
14:31Defeat TYRANNOSAURUS REX at the end of SUPER Desert Land!25
14:51Defeat SPITTING COBRA at the end of SUPER Swamp Land!25
15:01Defeat MAD HORNET at the end of ULTRA Desert Land!50


Total earned on 23 May 2020: 1305 points, 74 achievements.

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