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History - 26 May 2019

VinzVinz (27900 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
09:30Get over 100,000,000 points on the Ruby table (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
09:32Buy an extra ball from the MART (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:07Find the Bronze Medal in Tropical Treetops. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
10:12Initiate a boost at the start of a race (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
10:19Earn the Gold Trophy on Tiny's Temple (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:24Defeat Krunk in a race (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
10:31Earn the Gold Trophy on Meteor Gorge (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:42Earn the Gold Trophy on Barin Ruins (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:52Earn the Gold Trophy on Deep Sea Driving (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:36Initiate a 3 boost chain using only the power slide (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
13:39Defeat Nash in a race (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:47Earn the Blue CNK Token on Inferno Island (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:53Earn the Red CNK Token on Tiny's Temple (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:56Earn the Green CNK Token on Jungle Boogie (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:00Earn the Purple CNK Token on Temple Turmoil (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:12Earn the Green CNK Token on Meteor Gorge (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:17Earn the Red CNK Token on Deep Sea Driving (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:20Earn the Blue CNK Token on Barin Ruins (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:36Bounce back from the springboard at top speed! (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:39Get 500 Points (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
14:41Get 1000 Points (Hardcore!)6 (+6)
14:41Clean the board for the first time. (Hardcore!)3 (+3)
14:46Reach on Max Level with the Bombs (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:48Reach on Max Level with Fire Power (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:51Complete Area 1-5 on Mode A (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:55Learn How to Use the Whip (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:06Drop max amount of bombs in a Stage (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:21Click top left counter to set more than 900. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:31One more, please. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:33Get one more ball without losing any! (Hardcore!)10 (+10)


Total earned on 26 May 2019: 366 points, 60 achievements.

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