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History - 04 Oct 2018

wilhitewarriorwilhitewarrior (57280 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
00:23Defeat Carock without being harmed. (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
00:24Place the gem in Maze Island Palace. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:04Defeat Gooma without being harmed. (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
01:05Place the gem in the Palace on the Sea. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:13Gain all eight magic containers. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:15Acquire the Spell Spell from Kasuto. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:18Acquire the Thunder Spell from Old Kasuto. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:26Gain all eight heart containers. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:49Defeat Barba without being harmed. (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
01:50Place the gem in Three Rock Palace. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
02:11Defeat Thunderbird without being harmed. (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
02:18Defeat Shadow Link without being harmed. (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
02:18Obtain the Triforce of Courage and awaken the Princess. (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
02:18Obtain the Triforce of Courage and awaken the Princess without continuing. (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
13:01Obtain the Lamp. (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
13:04Obtain the Fighter's Sword and Shield. (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
13:19Have more then 100 rupees. (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
13:20Take the Princess to the safety of Sanctuary. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:23Acquire some bombs. (Hardcore!)4 (+4)
13:24Obtain your first bottle. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:26Obtain the Bug Catching Net. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
13:55Have more then 400 rupees. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:08Obtain the Magic Powder from Maple. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:26Defeat all the Armos Knights without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
14:26Obtain the Pendant of Courage. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:38Have 999 rupees. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
14:40Obtain the Book of Mudora. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:40Defeat all three Lanmolas without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:40Obtain the Pendant of Power. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:45Obtain the Zora's Flippers. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:46Obtain the Magical Boomerang. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:47Obtain the Red Shield. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:14Increase your maximum of bombs at 50 and arrows at 70 in the Pond of happiness. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:20Obtain the Magic Mirror. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:51Defeat Moldorm without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:51Obtain the Pendant of Wisdom. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:54Obtain the Master Sword. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
17:00Obtain the Ether Medallion. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
17:18Have Agahnim transport you to the Dark World. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
17:18Defeat Agahnim without being harmed in Hyrule Castle. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
17:50Obtain the Quake Medallion. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
18:03Obtain the Bombos Medallion. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
18:13Free the bird from the center of town. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
18:17Obtain the Cane of Byrnna. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
18:44Obtain the magic bar upgrade. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
18:48Obtain all four bottles in the game. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
18:49Obtain the Tempered Sword. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
18:54Obtain the Magic Cape. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
21:59Defeat Vitreous without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:00Free the maiden from Misery Mire. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:29Defeat Kholdstare without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:29Free the maiden from the Ice Palace. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:38Obtain the Golden Sword. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:49Defeat Blind without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:49Free the maiden from the Thieve's Hideout. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:59Defeat Mothula without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
22:59Free the maiden from the Skull Woods. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
23:11Defeat Arrghus without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
23:12Free the maiden from the Swamp Palace. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
23:42Defeat Helmasaur King without being harmed. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
23:43Free the maiden from the Dark Palace. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)


Total earned on 04 Oct 2018: 1180 points, 122 achievements.

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