ChlorateChlorate (9728)

00:25Perfect Bonus 3! Perfect Bonus 3! (10)Get a Perfect in a Red Balloons Bonus Stage.10
00:29Trip Pop Kid Trip Pop Kid (3)Break 10 Balloons in Balloon Trip.3
00:36Trip Pop Pro Trip Pop Pro (5)Break 50 Balloons in Balloon Trip.5
00:36Trip Top Pop! Trip Top Pop! (5)Beat the Top Score of 25,000 in Balloon Trip.5
01:02Trip Pop Master! Trip Pop Master! (10)Break 100 Balloons in Balloon Trip.10
04:03Trip Tip Top Pop! Trip Tip Top Pop! (10)Reach 50,000 Score in Balloon Trip.10
21:26Practice Madness Practice Madness (5)Finish the Practice Race5
21:28Beginner Madness Beginner Madness (10)Finish the Beginner Race10
21:28Intermediate Madness Intermediate Madness (10)Finish the Intermediate Race10
21:30Raging Roller Raging Roller (5)Defeat the Black Steelie in the Beginner Race5
21:36Aerial Madness Aerial Madness (10)Finish the Aerial Race10
21:37Unmerciful Madness Unmerciful Madness (10)Squash all of the mini enemies in the Silly Race10
21:37Silly Madness Silly Madness (25)Finish the Silly Race25
21:56Immaculate Madness Immaculate Madness (10)Finish the Beginner Race without losing your marble10
22:08Rapid Roller Rapid Roller (25)Have 85 seconds or more on the clock25
22:13Racing Roaming Roller Racing Roaming Roller (10)Finish Practice Race with more than 10k points (including bonus)10
22:19Ultimate Madness Ultimate Madness (25)Finish the Ultimate Race25
22:19Macho Madness Macho Madness (25)Get a Final Score of 70k or more25
22:19I Created Madness! I Created Madness! (50)Get a Final Score of 80k or more50
22:19High Roller High Roller (10)Beat 52,500 to knock Sweep off the top spot!10
22:26Screen Scroller Roller Screen Scroller Roller (10)Finish Practice Race with 54 seconds or higher on the clock10


Total earned on 01 May 2016: 283 points, 21 achievements.

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