ChlorateChlorate (9673)

00:05Kelbeross Sword Only! Kelbeross Sword Only! (25)Clear Stage 4 without possessing any skills25
00:22Clear Stage 5 Clear Stage 5 (10)Clear Stage 510
00:22Bloody Malth Sword Only! Bloody Malth Sword Only! (25)Clear Stage 5 without possessing any skills25
01:08I'll Save You Father I'll Save You Father (10)Stop Jaquio's plans and save your father10
01:22Evil Demon King No More! Evil Demon King No More! (10)Defeat Jaquio10
01:22Jaquio Mastered Jaquio Mastered (25)Defeat Jaquio without being damaged25
01:29The Demon Jashin Mastered The Demon Jashin Mastered (50)Defeat the demon Jashin without being damaged50
01:29My Work Here is Done! My Work Here is Done! (25)Clear Stage 6 and complete the game25
01:29Demon Slayer Demon Slayer (25)Defeat the demon Jashin25
01:58Clear Stage 1 (Master Ninja) Clear Stage 1 (Master Ninja) (10)Clear Stage 1 with a full life bar10
02:07Clear Stage 2 (Master Ninja) Clear Stage 2 (Master Ninja) (25)Clear Stage 2 with a full life bar25
02:11Clear Stage 3 (Mentor) Clear Stage 3 (Mentor) (25)Defeat Basaquer without being damaged25
02:11Clear Stage 3 (Master Ninja) Clear Stage 3 (Master Ninja) (25)Clear Stage 3 with a full life bar25
02:27Clear Stage 4 (Mentor) Clear Stage 4 (Mentor) (25)Defeat Kelbeross without being damaged25
02:27Clear Stage 4 (Master Ninja) Clear Stage 4 (Master Ninja) (25)Clear Stage 4 with a full life bar25
02:58Bloody Malth Mastered Bloody Malth Mastered (50)Defeat Bloody Malth without being damaged50
03:07Your Father is Impressed! Your Father is Impressed! (25)Defeat the mind controlling crystal without being damaged25


Total earned on 29 Apr 2016: 415 points, 17 achievements.

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