ChlorateChlorate (9673)

21:29Phase 60 Phase 60 (25)Reach Phase 6025
21:32600k 600k (25)Score 600,000 points25
21:36Phase 70 Phase 70 (25)Reach Phase 7025
21:40700k 700k (25)Score 700,000 points25
21:45Phase 80 Phase 80 (25)Reach Phase 8025
21:49800k 800k (25)Score 800,000 points25
22:01Savior of Sewers Savior of Sewers (50)Reach Phase 9050
22:07Powerful Plumber Powerful Plumber (50)Score 990,000 points50
22:21Throwing Star Throwing Star (1)Obtain the Throwing Star skill1
22:21Spin Slash Spin Slash (1)Obtain the Spin Slash skill1
22:21The Art of the Fire Wheel The Art of the Fire Wheel (1)Obtain the Art of the Fire Wheel skill1
22:22Invincible Fire Wheels Invincible Fire Wheels (1)Obtain the Invincible Fire Wheels skill1
22:22Windmill Throwing Star Windmill Throwing Star (1)Obtain the Windmill Throwing Star skill1
22:22Clear Stage 1 Clear Stage 1 (5)Clear Stage 15
22:22Clear Stage 1 (Mentor) Clear Stage 1 (Mentor) (10)Defeat the Barbarian without being damaged10
22:26Novice Killer Novice Killer (2)Kill 50 regular enemies2
22:27Warrior Killer Warrior Killer (3)Kill 75 regular enemies3
22:34Mentor Killer Mentor Killer (5)Kill 100 regular enemies5
22:38Clear Stage 2 Clear Stage 2 (5)Clear Stage 25
22:40Super Killer Super Killer (10)Kill 150 regular enemies10
22:46Master Killer Master Killer (10)Kill 250 regular enemies10
22:49Clear Stage 3 Clear Stage 3 (5)Clear Stage 35
23:01Clear Stage 4 Clear Stage 4 (5)Clear Stage 45


Total earned on 27 Apr 2016: 315 points, 23 achievements.

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