ChlorateChlorate (9673)

00:00Fortune Teller Fortune Teller (5)Defeat Crystal Man and obtain Crystal Eye5
00:00Most Expensive Robot Most Expensive Robot (10)Defeat Crystal Man without taking damage10
00:09Napalm Bomber Napalm Bomber (5)Defeat Napalm Man and obtain Napalm Bomb5
00:09Weapon Enthusiast Weapon Enthusiast (10)Defeat Napalm Man without taking damage10
00:14Guts Man is Disappointed Guts Man is Disappointed (10)Defeat Stone Man without taking damage10
00:14Wall of Bricks Wall of Bricks (5)Defeat Stone Man and obtain Power Stone5
00:18Mega-Kick! Mega-Kick! (5)Defeat Charge Man and obtain Charge Kick5
00:18Here Comes the Choo-Choo Train! Here Comes the Choo-Choo Train! (10)Defeat Charge Man without taking damage10
00:19Show-off Show-off (2)Charge Slide to the next room2
00:35Loyal Bird Loyal Bird (10)Acquire Beat10
00:38Earth at Sight Earth at Sight (25)Cross the sea without taking damage in Wave Man's stage25
00:55Ambush the Base! Ambush the Base! (10)Beat all of the Robot Masters10
00:55I'm Razor Sharp I'm Razor Sharp (5)Defeat Wave Man and obtain Water Wave5
00:55Bubble Man 2.0 Bubble Man 2.0 (10)Defeat Wave Man without taking damage10
01:02Dark Prototype Dark Prototype (5)Get past Proto Man's castle stage 15
01:05Defense Over Offense Defense Over Offense (5)Get past Proto Man's castle stage 25
01:09Armcannon Fighter Armcannon Fighter (5)Get past Proto Man's castle stage 35
01:12That Was Wily All along? What a Relief... That Was Wily All along? What a Relief... (10)Get past Proto Man's castle stage 410
01:15Rock 'n Rolling Rock 'n Rolling (5)Get past the rolling wheels without using Rush Jet in Wily's Castle 15
01:17Can I Stand On You? Can I Stand On You? (5)Get past Wily's Fortress Stage 15
01:21Walking In Circles Walking In Circles (10)Get past Wily's Fortress Stage 210
01:27Garbage Crusher Garbage Crusher (10)Get past Wily's Fortress Stage 310
01:28Mega Man is Too Slow! Mega Man is Too Slow! (25)Beat the game!25


Total earned on 22 Apr 2016: 202 points, 23 achievements.

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