ChlorateChlorate (9728)

00:29Minimum Man Minimum Man (25)Beat the game using only Mega Buster, Super Arm, and Magnet Beam25
00:35Master of the Robot Busters (C) Master of the Robot Busters (C) (10)Finish Cutman's Stage using only the Mega Buster10
01:00Headhunter III Headhunter III (2)Pick up a 1-up on Iceman's stage2
01:06Master of the Robot Busters (I) Master of the Robot Busters (I) (10)Finish Iceman's Stage using only the Mega Buster10
01:12Master of the Robot Busters (E) Master of the Robot Busters (E) (10)Finish Elecman's Stage using only the Mega Buster10
21:04Headhunter I Headhunter I (2)Pick up a 1-up on Bombman's stage2
21:07Headhunter II Headhunter II (2)Pick up a 1-up on Gutsman's stage2
21:14Headhunter IV Headhunter IV (3)Pick up a 1-up on Dr. Wily's 2nd stage3
21:22Mega Millionaire Mega Millionaire (5)Score more than 1,000,000 points5
21:22Buster of the Robot Masters Buster of the Robot Masters (50)Beat the game without losing a life50
21:22Skilled Man Skilled Man (10)Beat the game without using a continue10
21:42Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter (5)Get the E-tank and 1-Up in Bright Man's Stage without falling down5
21:44Lights On, Action! Lights On, Action! (10)Get to Bright Man without turning the lights off10
21:4810 Million Watts 10 Million Watts (25)Beat Bright Man without taking damage25
22:11Chakrams Chakrams (10)Beat Ring Man without taking damage10
22:16Sanitation Sanitation (10)Beat Dust Man without taking damage10
22:19Horror Movie Wannabe Horror Movie Wannabe (10)Beat Skull Man without taking damage10
22:23Submarine with AI Submarine with AI (10)Beat Dive Man without taking damage10
22:35Solid Rock Grinder Solid Rock Grinder (10)Beat Drill Man without taking damage10
22:38Unavoidable Flush Unavoidable Flush (5)Beat Toad Man without taking damage5
22:49Scientists resources Scientists resources (2)Get the E-tank in Cossack's Stage 32
22:54Oh Kalinka! Oh Kalinka! (10)Beat Cossack Catcher without taking damage10
23:22Pharaoh the robot I Pharaoh the robot I (10)Beat Pharaoh Man without taking damage10


Total earned on 20 Apr 2016: 246 points, 23 achievements.

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