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Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Nintendo DS)

Developer:Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Publisher:Spike, Aksys
Genre:Adventure, Visual Novel
First released:Dec 10, 2009
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 23 achievements worth 156 (207) points.
Authors: AlmightyXor (23).

Let Our Game Begin
won by 114 (97) of 115 (99.13%)
Escape from the room you woke up in.
Upgrade from Economy
won by 67 (63) of 115 (58.26%)
Escape from the first class cabin.
Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes
won by 66 (61) of 115 (57.39%)
Escape from the casino.
Explanatory Gap
won by 59 (55) of 115 (51.30%)
Escape from the laboratory.
Onward to Treacherous Waters
won by 62 (59) of 115 (53.91%)
Escape from the wheelhouse.
Our Fearful Trip Is Done
won by 62 (59) of 115 (53.91%)
Escape from the captain's quarters.
Primum Non Nocere
won by 66 (61) of 115 (57.39%)
Escape from the operating room.
The Ancient Engine
won by 60 (55) of 115 (52.17%)
Escape from the engine room.
Taken out of Storage
won by 60 (55) of 115 (52.17%)
Escape from the cargo room.
Time for Checkout
won by 74 (66) of 115 (64.35%)
Escape from Rooms 92 and 93.
won by 70 (63) of 115 (60.87%)
Escape from the kitchen.
Next to Godliness
won by 58 (53) of 115 (50.43%)
Escape from the shower room.
Granted Parole
won by 60 (55) of 115 (52.17%)
Escape from the confinement room.
won by 60 (55) of 115 (52.17%)
Escape from the torture room.
A Ghost of the Past
won by 50 (47) of 115 (43.48%)
Escape from the library.
The Mandela Effect
won by 50 (47) of 115 (43.48%)
Escape from the study.
won by 50 (47) of 115 (43.48%)
Solve the sudoku puzzle in the incinerator.
Et Tu, Amica?
won by 57 (54) of 115 (49.57%)
Unlock the Axe Ending and save your game.
won by 58 (53) of 115 (50.43%)
Unlock the Knife Ending and save your game.
Face to Face with Futility
won by 60 (55) of 115 (52.17%)
Unlock the Submarine Ending and save your game.
Gateway to the Truth
won by 51 (48) of 115 (44.35%)
Unlock the Safe Ending and save your game.
A Corpse in the Dark
won by 54 (51) of 115 (46.96%)
Unlock the Coffin Ending and save your game.
Plaudite! Acta Est Fabula!
won by 50 (47) of 115 (43.48%)
Unlock the True Ending and save your game.
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Recent comment(s):
16 Jan 2020
Amazing game
23 Feb 2020
The achievement set for 999 has gone live. As usual, please submit a ticket if you encounter any issues.
28 Feb 2020
The game ID being the number 999 is absolute genius! Whoever did that, even though he likely had to kick the previous game from the ID (was this held free for years just for this, before even NDS coming here was a thing?), is a freaking genius!
19 Mar 2020
warning u can miss the coffin ending on accident. just trowing this out there. if u get the safe ending first u will never see the coffin one.
19 Mar 2020
No, that is false. Getting the True Ending automatically gives you the Coffin Ending, as well.
1 May 2020
So, I completed years ago on my DS and am doing it again on Steam, is there any way to earn all the achievements without having to do it again on an emulator?
1 May 2020
No. This achievement set has no relation to the achievements on the Steam version.
2 May 2020
Ok, we didn't understand each other^^I already completed this game, on my DS, but way before it had achievements here on Retroachievements. I was wondering if it existed a way for me to get the RA achievements here without having to redo everything.
2 May 2020
Ahh, I gotcha. Still, in this case, too, there's no way to do it without manual unlocks, and I'm not sure those are handed out for people who played the game before a set was finished. You'll have to ask an admin, I think.
2 May 2020
I may try then, because this is a visual novel without any difficulty, they may accept my request^^
24 May 2020
I only have one ending so far but I really like this game. It's beautiful.
20 Nov 2020
I complete this game before I know about retroachievement, I think it will be fun to add achievements for some dialogues, for example one for the Funyarinpa
25 Dec 2020
36th game that I've mastered. Loved this game when I first played it on the DS, had to get the remastered version and it's way better on PS4/Steam than it is on here.
13 Apr 2021
Still, the 999 game is pretty stellar. Dark for a Nintendo DS game.
18 May 2021
this game need more Achievements
11 Jul 2021
Mastered !

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